Don’t Tell Our Husbands! (Part Two)

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By Lauren McAllister

I had never had better or more sex in all my born days. Debra and I were all over each other all the time. Well, all the time when our husbands weren’t around. My hubby Jack was also making out pretty well because when Deb wasn’t available to me I was balling him and thinking about her. It was a win-win that left me with a grin.

After a month or so covert canoodling, Debra and decided to head off on a “Girl’s Weekend” so we could further explore the countless joys of cunnilingus. It’s hard to believe that I’d spent 37 years on this here planet and had never placed my face between another woman’s legs. What a revelation! The vagina is such an amazing, delicate, beautiful creation, why the hell should only men get to bask in the warm tender garden of a woman’s sex?

Poor Deb. Once I got down inside her butter boat, I would eat her out for an hour or more. Licking, sucking and nibbling on her delectable labia and tongue-fucking her honey-hole like it was full of chocolate sauce. Sticking fingers into her bottom and girlie cleft. Washing my nose and cheeks in the sweet, viscid mead of her mound. Who wouldn’t want to get themselves lost in this veritable fun-house of female flesh? After about 5 or 6 scorching climaxes, she’d eventually beg me to stop and we’d go eat ice cream.

So, we were sitting around by the lake one afternoon, after a particularly nummy session of anilingus (who knew all the things that ended in “lingus” would be so enjoyable), Deb said we needed to devise a plan.

“What kind of plan?”

“A plan where we can have sex anytime we want.”
”I don’t want to leave Jack.”

“And I don’t want to leave Doug but if we get the husbands to think it’s their idea, then we will be able diddle each other non-stop. But it will require some sacrifice.”

I was a little confused. I couldn’t imagine what she was thinking. “Sacrifice?”

“Well, for all this to work… “ She paused and braced herself for my reaction. ”You would have to boink Doug and let me fuck Jack.”


“I’m talking about wife swapping. If you look at the videos online – and I can guarantee you that those two old horny assholes have – the women spend the first half hour demonstrating the various Sapphic arts, then the guys get in for ten minutes of hard other-guy’s-wife bangin’, and then the women go back at it for as long as they want.”

I wasn’t so sure I fancied getting beaver bashed by Doug but I was somewhat intrigued. “Do you think they’d go for it?”

Deb looked me up and down. “Well, I can tell you that Doug would fuck you in a New York minute.”

Despite my multiple reservations about Dougie getting to check my oil, I said I’d give it a shot. Deb said the key was to get the men to believe it was their idea. Well, what woman hasn’t pulled out that old chestnut?

A couple of days later I was having dinner with the aforementioned Jack and I released the first trial balloon. “So, I heard that David and Lorraine are into wife swapping.”

Jack stopped chewing. “Really?”

“They’re not out there porking anything that moves, they just found another couple they super hit it off with of and one thing led to another… Apparently… That’s what I heard.” I casually went back to eating while stealthily peering over at Frank to see if I could detect any envy.

Meanwhile, Deb was casting out the very the same bait over at her house. It was simple; we would introduce the subject, get the guys talking about it and see if any interest was sparked.

It didn’t take long.

The next night at dinner, Frank took a sip of wine and very offhandedly revisited our previous discussion. “Doug, apparently, heard the same thing from Deb… about Dave and Lorraine.”

“Huh. Well, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. All kinds of people are doing it.”

“They are?”

Deb told me the trick was to not reel him in too quickly. It seemed fairly obvious that he was more than willing to be pulled into the boat but I had to slow walk it. Wait ‘til he was practically begging me to do what I wanted to do all along. Aren’t relationships great?

Over the next couple of days the topic reappeared at both our houses. Each time, we didn’t express a desire to participate in a genital similar free-for-all but we importantly didn’t react negatively to the concept either. In a man’s mind, that leaves the door wide open.

A few days later the rubber hit the road.

Frank told me he’d been talking to Doug and they thought the four of us should get together for a wine tasting.

Number one: the guys never, ever organize any of our get-togethers. Number two: every time we have a wine tasting, we all get silly drunk.

These two lunkheads had a devious plan. They just didn’t know it was our plan.

About a bottle-and-a-half of vino into the festivities, the initial salvo was subtly fired.

“I wonder what David and Lorraine are doing tonight,” Jack pretended to think out loud.

“A lot more than drinking wine,” Doug faux joked.

“Well I say, whatever floats your boat,” Deb interjected. “If they’re having a good time and no one gets hurt… “

Another perceived door-opening by the boys brigade.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against wife swapping. I’m surprised more people don’t do it,” my husband clumsily added.

Slow down Jack, you’ve got three more bottles of wine to go before you have to yell, “Hey, let’s fuck each other’s wife!”

“It’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to have the perfect other couple, or it turns into a disaster,” says me. Notice how I disagreed with him on specifics but left a big fat clue about how to get to where he wanted to go? We women are amazing.

“Absolutely,” Deb interjected, “you’d need to know that other couple a long, long time to build the kind of deep trust necessary to make that sort of thing work.”
”We’ve known each other a long time.”
Jesus Christ Frank, slow the fuck down!

“We haven’t heard much from you, Dougie,” said Deb, trying to save the evening. “What do you think?”

“Ah… ”

“So, you’re saying that you’d need to initiate it with a “What happens in Las Vegas” night?”

“A what?” queried my hairier half.

“Dougie’s saying that you designate a single night. A night like this one for instance, where you make a pact. Basically, agree go the whole hog. Have the wives play with each other to get the husbands charged up and then turn the nearest bed into a fuck and suck circus.”

I looked at the male contingent, as Deb was explaining what her husband was trying to say. They weren’t drinking, they weren’t moving. Frank and Doug were hanging on her every syllable, hoping that it they would lead them to the Promised Land.

“And,” Deb continued her disingenuous speech into the breathless silence, “If jealousy or hurt feelings crop it, the entire night never happened and it’s never mentioned again.”

“Wow, Doug,” I helped out, “You’ve really thought this out in incredible detail.”

“Well, you have to look into these things very carefully.”

“So, are we going to do it?”

I think you all know by now that that was Frank speaking. He obviously couldn’t wait to get himself a slice of Debbie’s pussy. I guess that made two of us and at least I got to enjoy my helping first.

“I guess, if you two men are really serious about trying this, it would be very unsupportive of Cindy and myself to not go along.”


Two minutes later we were up in the bedroom but I was as conflicted as ever. The first part would be easy and exciting but the second act? I still had some serious doubts about the Dougie dick denouement. 

Everyone took off their clothes and Deb and I went at it. Having the men stare at us and rub their boners was an extra turn on. I’m always trying to get Frank to masturbate for me but he was always too embarrassed. Not now though.

Deb and I started necking and shamelessly groping each other. We hadn’t had sex in a couple of days so I was really the mood. After some passionate breast fondling and crotch manipulation, I went down for dinner. The boys were completely quiet as we went about our homoerotic business. I can only imagine what Frank was thinking when he witnessed me joyously licking and fingering the woman that lived next door. She came and then I came and then the moment of truth came. It was time to pay the piper and that would require me sucking his pipe.

I gotta say, I like Doug and he’s been a good enough neighbor but having his cock hanging in front of my face took a little getting used to. There was nothing more to do at this point though, so I opened up my lips and let him in.

Dear Frank already had his head tipped back in ecstasy from Deb’s expert bobbin’ on his knobbin. We could definitely count of him to want a foursome rematch. The trick now was giving Dougie the best fuck of his life, so he’d want a repeat of my meat and make him forget the fact that his wife was getting boned by his best friend in the same room.

So, I generously slobbered all over his whang, I nibbled the underside of his shaft and I literally gagged myself with the head of his cock. I half-hoped that Frank wasn’t watching because this was by far the best blowjob I’d given in years… maybe ever. A very excited Dougie grabbed the back of my head and jammed rod down past my esophagus. Shit! How was I going to be able to look this guy in the eye tomorrow?

Deb had both of Frank’s nuts pushing out her cheeks and was finger-fucking his asshole. Wow! I know this wasn’t a competition but I was going to have to seriously up my gamic game. Time to get down and dirty.

I balanced Dougie’s hairy nards on my forehead as I licked his scrotum and circled my tongue around his pucker hole. Even I was stunned at some of the “sexual acts” that I was performing on a guy I considered to be a bit of a schlubb.

Luckily, men are somewhat impatient about getting to the precious fruition of their ardor. You’d think only getting one squirt per session, they’d want to slow things down and savor it a little, but not guys! Perhaps they’re in a rush to finish so that can go talk about how they got laid with their friends. Who knows what those bozos think. Anyway, after a couple more minutes of sucking on his pant trout, it came the time to assume “the position.”

I lay on my back next to Deb and spread my legs. Frank was already inside her and pumping away like he had a train to catch. I liked the way her tits jiggled back and forth with each thrust. Doug rubbed his cock against my hole a few times but with his wife already getting the shit fucked out of her three inches away, masculine pride demanded that he mount me immediately. His penis wasn’t enormous but it was at least as big as Frank’s. The initial stretch of my opening was pleasant enough. Hubby was already beginning to grunt and his forehead sweat was dripping down onto her nipples. Never my favorite segment of marital coitus. Doug slid his dick easily into my vaginal canal and I responded with a sexually charged sigh. I didn’t mean all of it but some of it wasn’t acting. My neighbor turned out to be a pretty nice screw. As he began to hump me, I raised my hips to meet him, making him feel like Superman inside Louis Lane. Surprisingly, the more I pretended to enjoy it, the more I actually did enjoy it. My clit began to swell and harden as he manhandled my tits – always a favorite. I reached over and held Deb’s hand as we both looked up at our husbands ardently schtupping another women. Suddenly, I felt a clench in my lower regions that I in no way expected. Was I actually going to cum?

At that moment, Frank grunted like a wounded pig and shot his entire load up into Deb’s cervix. How embarrassing. Unlike my best friend, I was determined not to have my vagina left in the lurch. Wrapping my legs around his, I poured every ounce of concentration into what was going on in my ever-tightening pussy. I hungrily swallowed his thrusts, using the resentment of my husband’s poor Posturepedic performance as a catalyst for my own climax. I had a finger from each hand up Doug’s asshole, stretching out his sphincter and reaching in to rub his prostate. The feel of Debra’s upper thigh against mine as I was being righteously rogered sent me straight to the launching pad. I gripped my secret – now not so secret – lover’s hand even harder as the dynamite went off my cunt. Holy shitting fuck, it was like having a howitzer tearing holes through my abdomen, causing seizures that bent me in half and then threw me back onto the mattress. My frenzied, maniacal writhing was only magnified by Doug’s increased smashing and crashing inside me. The walls of my quim were practically glowing from the heated ramming of his joint all the way up into my ovaries. Just as my orgasm was cresting, I could feel the massive wads of Doug’s molten mung being splattered all over my uterus. It felt so good to please another man’s winky, and he certainly sounded like it was pleased. This monogamy shit is way overrated. After Dougie had stopped convulsing, I gently removed my fingertips from his anus and stroked his lower back while he lay limp on top of me and made odd, disquieting noises in my ear. After about a minute, he sprang back to life, kissed me deeply and then carefully removed his hog from my heavily pounded mound.

Typically, it wasn’t very long before both men were sound asleep but that was more than fine by us ladies. As the last masculine eyelid slammed shut, I journeyed on over to clean my husband’s snake sludge out of Debra’s snatch. We then enjoyed three or four more cums between us before taking our own ride on the wings Morpheus.

In the morning, we raved about how much fun we’d had and who knew how lucky we girls were to have two such virile fuck-bunnies. Of course, they bought every last ounce of our way-over-the-top approbation. The four of us now have a totally interconnected relationship. Doug is constantly tripping over here to throw one into me and Frank can’t seem keep his cock away from Debbie for more than five minutes. The men must always be accompanied by their wives on these booty calls however, so our doors and legs are always open for visitors. Deb says Frank has even slowed down to the point where she gets to cum every now and then. What a happy ending.

All we have to do now is come up with a reason why we’re always trying on new clothes with the woman from our favorite coffee shop.

The End

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