Peeping Toms

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Jarred Cross was just a mail boy in an office that was essentially all women. The twenty-year-old came in for a lot of good-natured ribbing but he didn’t mind as they often covered up for him when he made mistakes.

The fact is he was a bit of a day dreamer and got involved with many unusual ventures like – learning Esperanto, collecting worthless antique share certificates and his latest pursuit – hypnotism.

“I bet you couldn’t hypnotize me into going to bed with you,” laughed Patty Walters, a secretary who’s plunging neckline almost met the slit in her short skirt.

“I probably could but I wouldn’t do that to you, of course, it wouldn’t be ethical.”

“Excuses, excuses – you’re just saying that because you know you can’t do it.” she teased.

After a number of similar verbal exchanges Jarred agreed to go over to Patty’s apartment that evening and attempt to put her in a romantic mood, although he was very nervous about the whole thing. He would have been even more nervous had he known what she was planning.

Patty had a little clique of friends at the office, Dani, Caroline and Pippa and she arranged for them to also be there – but concealed. Her last boy friend had set up a camera in the bedroom so he could record their sexual exploits and this would enable the girls to sit in the den and watch Jarred on a monitor as he attempted to get into Patty’s pants.

They gathered a little earlier to drink some wine and then about ten minutes before he was due to arrive they hid themselves in the den tingling with excitement. Pippa was the only one who had some misgivings.

“I’m not sure it’s fair to take advantage of him this way,” she said. But Dani and Caroline said it was just a bit of fun and “who knows – he might get lucky.”

Jarred arrived spot on time and Patty led him by the hand into the bedroom, where she sat on the corner of the bed, dressed seductively and awaited his instructions.

“Look at him – he’s swinging a medallion in front of her face like they do in the movies,” said Dani, as they crowded around the screen in the den, “Patty’s just playing along with him, look at the way she’s moving her eyes from side to side.”

“I wish there was some fucking sound on this thing so we could hear what’s being said,” commented Caroline, drawing her chair a little close to the screen.

“Holy shit, she’s unzipping his pants,” cried, Dani, “I think she’s going to suck his cock.”

The three woman shook there heads in amazement as Patty slipped onto her knees and took the young man’s cock right into her mouth. Jarred had his back to them but they were willing to bet that he had a big smile on his face.

“She’s not really hypnotized,” said Caroline, “But I didn’t think she’d go this far for a joke.”

A little while later Patty had cum all over her face and was dipping her finger in it and sucking it. Now the women were beginning to wonder – did this little prick know what he was doing or was she looking for a sly fuck and it was all a setup.

When Jarred began to strip Patty naked and then take off all of his clothes the faces of the three onlookers were all frozen as if they were in a state of shock. They hadn’t seen their colleague’s enormous tits before and now the kid from the mail room was sucking them for all he was worth.

When he’d finished chewing on her nipples he moved down the bed and dragging Patty to the end he knelt on the rug, opened her legs, toand buried his face in her pussy. Patty seemed to be calling out, possibly moaning and groaning but they couldn’t hear so they were as frustrated as hell.

Sometimes he seemed to be licking her slit and fingering it at the same time and Patty’s body was squirming all over the place as if she was in ecstasy. It was getting a bitoo much for Dani and she was beginning to rub her own tits as the performance got hotter and hotter.

Jarred kept his tongue and fingers playing with that pussy until they saw Patty’s body begin to jerk up and down and it looked as if she was screaming. It got too much for Dani and she put her hand up her own short skirt, moved her thong to one side and started to finger herself. When Caroline saw what she was doing she began to do the same.

When the young mail room assistant, still standing, lifted Patty’s legs up and drove his dick into her the excitement in the den was reaching its climax, Pippa was now fingering Dani, while she fondled her tits. It was absolute chaos with groans and moans and fuck and “Oh shit,” being called out every second.

Caroline who’s finger was working overtime zipping up and down her wet groove couldn’t believe the speed that Jarred was ramming it into her friend. Even though there was no sound on the monitor they could hear the bed banging against the wall.

When Jarred shot his load Patty appeared to be almost in agony while Dani and Caroline had massive orgasms themselves. Pippa was still dying to get into the act and when Patty got off the bed and took Jarred’s dick into her mouth again, she soon made contact with mister finger. It seemed as though her friend was determined to suck his balls dry and the sight of it made her masturbate furiously until her hot wet pussy went into ecstatic contractions and left her babbling like someone possessed.

When it was all over, Jarred clicked his fingers, Patty blinked and with a smug look on his face he made his exit. The three voyeurs were exhausted and hadn’t got the strength to go and see how their friend was doing. They waited, red-faced, sprawled in their chairs until she opened the door.

“Holy fuck,” Dani greeted her, “I didn’t think that kid could really hypnotize people.”

“He can’t,” replied Patty, “I just thought it would be nice to have someone ten years younger than me pounding my pussy – I haven’t had a fuck since Lance took off six months ago.”

“So you were just pretending,” said, Pippa, removing her wet finger from her snatch and trying to look as if nothing had happened.

“Yes I was pretending – and if we can organize it I think we could make use of this little fucker on a regular basis. It will be a boost for his esteem and it will do wonders for his prostrate. Who’s in?

Three hands were raised enthusiastically.


Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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