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by Cristiano Caffieri

Rhea Ricci’s only assets were her looks, that was until she became Mrs. Bradley Thomas, then she had everything. Although she liked him and enjoyed the way he catered to her every wish, she only married a man 30 years older because she thought he wouldn’t last long and she would inherit a palatial 5th Avenue penthouse apartment, a house in the Hamptons, two Mercedes and stacks of stocks, shares, and cash. He actually lasted four whole years and then died during one of their sexual encounters.

His lawyers had insisted on a prenuptial agreement but it seemed only a manner of form as he had no close relatives and so everything would automatically go to her. It was obviously a shock when the lawyer told her that her husband had fathered two boys with a woman in Texas and had been providing for them for years. He told her the whole thing might have to be settled in the courts and meantime the two boys would be entitled to move into the apartment with her. A hotel suite had been suggested to the pair but they seemed to be keen on spending a little time where their Daddy had lived.

Rhea had been in charge of redecorating the apartment and it was full of mementos of their travels and she didn’t want to lose it but she had no option to go along with the plan. In the end, she left the lawyers office dragging her feet in bitter disappointment and dreading the moment her two steps sons would arrive to stake their claim.

Josh and Simon turned out to be quite different from what she’d expected. The lawyer had said their mother lived in a small rural town and consequently, she thought they would look like a couple of Hillbillies. Instead, they were two handsome, quite well-dressed guys with big smiles and even bigger handshakes.

“Daddy did send us a picture or two and we were just staggered by your good looks,” said Simon.

“He was sure a lucky dude,” chimed in Josh.

“Well thank you,” she responded fluttering her eyelids like a Southern Belle.

“The whole reason we came up here was to see you, we never got an invite to the wedding or anything so this sad occasion has offered us the first opportunity to make your acquaintance.”

Now although Rhea was flattered by the compliments and a little turned on by their southern drawls, she still didn’t want to share the proceeds of the will with them if she could help it. While she thought up a scheme to get them to sign some sort of a waiver she decided she must be hospitable. She got the cook to lay on a sumptuous meal that evening and she played up to their continuous flow of compliments, even wore an extremely short skirt and plunging neckline to dinner.

Later in the evening, when they sat watching some videos of her travels with their dad, she crushed herself between the two of them on the sofa, even though were two other sofas empty. Josh and Simon feeling the warmth of her body and seeing her long legs stretched next to theirs began to perspire. Even though she was their step-mother they couldn’t help feeling horny.

“I suppose you guys lay lots of pretty girls down there in Texas,” she smiled, switching off the TV and grabbing onto both their thighs.

“No ma’am, our mother’s pretty strict about that, even though we’re both over eighteen she keeps a sharp eye on us,” said Simon.

“Then again in our town, there ain’t no girls as pretty as you stepmother,” grumbled Josh, shaking his head from side to side.

“I’d give up everything I own for someone as beautiful as you,” sighed Simon.

“I don’t suppose you would give up the proceeds of your father’s will, though.”

“We’d do it in a minute ma’am, do it in a minute,” Simon repeated, with a stinging slap on her thigh.”

“Well I’m not actually related to you by blood am I – so if we had a little fun together it wouldn’t be sinful would it?.”

“You mean you’d do the F thing with us?” asked Josh, with his eyes almost bugging out of his head.

“Well your daddy isn’t here to satisfy my needs anymore and I know he wouldn’t want me to be sad.”

“We sure wouldn’t want you to be sad either, chorused the two.

Rhea walked over to the writing desk and took a couple of blank sheets of paper,

“This is just a formality but I’d like you to sign these sheets to say that you will leave me to administer the proceeds of the will, I’ll fill in the details later.”

The two guys looked at each other for a second, nodded and said OK. After they’d scribbled their signatures as fast as they could she quickly took the sheets and deposited them back in the writing desk drawer.

“Now I’m going to the master bedroom and I want you to give me twenty minutes to get ready -.and then you,” she pauses seductively, pointing at the pair of them, “You can come and get your treat.”

The both nodded so enthusiastically she thought their heads might fall off, and then they watched her gorgeous bum move from side to side as she made her way to the hall that led to the bedrooms. Twenty minutes later she’d finished her shower and was standing in the nude brushing her hair when there was a faint tap on the door.

“Come right in,” she cried, and the two guys entered naked, except for holding their Stetsons in front of their dicks.

Rhea found that they were so naive she had to go through everything steps by step. Lying on the bed with her legs open she invited Simon to lick her cunt while instructed Josh to kneel behind her and suck her tits.

Having Simon lick the folds of her wet crack was like getting a St. Bernard dog to lick it. He held onto the cheeks of her bum and did big swipes with his tongue. She couldn’t believe how good it was, and Josh, who she thought had probably never sucked a tit before, almost swallowed them whole in his mouth. It wasn’t long before she came and she screamed so loud it scared the hell out of them.

She wasn’t sure whether she should suck both their cocks but as there were millions of dollars involved and so she thought – “what the fuck?”

Their stepmother went down on Josh first fondling his balls and sliding up and down his sizable shaft as he sat on the edge of the bed. His brother was running his hand gently up and down his own boner as he watched, but he avoided gripping it too tight ‘cos he sure didn’t want it to cum – yet!.

When Josh blew his load in her mouth he just turned into a wild man, and grabbing her face in his big hands he face fucked her for a further thirty seconds or so. Poor Simon couldn’t wait to have her sensuous lips around his knob and he sat on the bed immediately next to Josh eagerly bouncing his ass up and down on the mattress. However, Rhea wanted to do it a little different and so she instructed him to lie on the bed while she straddled him backward with her hairy muff just inches away from his face.

When she began to plunge his cock into her mouth he struggled to flick his tongue along her pussy lips. The faster he went, the faster she went and they both came about the same time but couldn’t yell as they both had their mouths full.

With the foreplay over, she lay on the bed sideways instructed Josh to stick his in her cunt and Simon to slip it up her ass. With those big strong hands groping her all over her body and two monster cocks penetrating both her orifices, her nerve endings were on fire. When the two guys, felt their cum working upwards and shooting inside of her they just yelled like a couple of deranged buffalo.

The two well-hung step sons fucked her a couple more times and then they all fell asleep in the big king sized bed. Early the next morning the two decided they should get back to their real mother and after big hugs and kisses they climbed into a taxi and were on their way.

Rhea chuckled as she walked over to the writing desk to retrieve the two papers. She couldn’t wait to fill in the details, deliver them to the lawyer and screw those two hicks out of their share. However, when she saw the signatures she screamed so loud it rattled the crystal chandelier – one was signed Oscar Meyers and the other Wile E Coyote. THE END

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