May I Borrow your Wife?

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Truman and Vanessa Ashmore seemed to have the perfect marriage, whereas their friends Hugh and Lisa Kellemann had recently split up. The break not only put Mr. K in a bad financial situation, it also threatened his career.

The two guys worked at the same company but Truman was not as ambitious as his friend, who seemed to be destined for better things. However, Edward Trouten, the CEO, was a born again Christian, who didn’t employ any divorced men or women, believing they should stick it out no matter how much they hated each other.

Unfortunately, the recently divorced Hugh was up for promotion and due to go for an interview with the self-righteous chief executive at the company’s head office in Houston. The big snag was – he had to take his wife along, and they were to spend a week-end socializing with the boss and his wife. However, when he asked his best friend if he could take his spouse along as a substitute he was shocked.

“Of course I trust you Hugh, but I think it’s just too much to ask, I mean flying all the way to Texas and then staying at a hotel with my wife seems a little over the top.”

That evening Truman mentioned the conversation to Vanessa and although she agreed it was a most unusual request she didn’t think they could let their friend down.

“After all, he’s been through hell with his divorce,” she said.

He mulled it over all the next day and then rang Hugh and told him it was OK.

When the pair set off for the airport the husband, who was effectively a bachelor for the next three days, waved goodbye with a lot of misgiving. His wife, on the other hand, was just as happy as could be. She hadn’t been on a trip of any kind for a couple of years and she was looking forward to it immensely. Her brand new luggage contained a number of outfits she’d bought for the occasion, she’d had her hair done and her nails manicured.

The journey was uneventful and as Hugh had booked two separate rooms at the hotel – so was that. However, after his initial lunch meeting with his boss, to which she was not invited, complications set in. They were both asked to stay the next night at the Trouten’s palatial home just outside of the city.

“My god, we’re going to have to sleep in the same room,” she gasped.

“Don’t worry, I can sleep on the floor,” he assured her, and although she was scared in case Truman found out about it, she reluctantly agreed.
Edward Trouten, who insisted she called him Ed, was a middle-aged but well-preserved man, and his wife, who was obviously around the same age, had employed someone’s surgical skills to make her look the early thirties. Her tits, that protruded from her Diane von Furstenberg dress looked even younger.

They arrived at the house in the morning and played tennis on the grass court for a while and then went for a swim. Fortunately, Vanessa had brought along her bikini and Ed couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, it made her quite uncomfortable.

After a wonderful lunch, the two men went into the study to discuss the terms of the new position and the women went shopping at Neiman Marcus. They came back loaded down with bags, even though Vanessa had only bought a bar of soap. It was all she could afford.

In the evening they wined and dined and Mr. Trouten asked her lots of questions, obviously trying to ascertain how she would fit in with her faux husband’s new position. He said that he rarely got up to the Seattle office, which pleased her because she didn’t want this substitute wife thing to become a regular habit.

As the men smoked their cigars and sipped on a brandy, Vanessa slipped back to the room to freshen up. While she was there Hugh walked in.

“Now this is going to be a bit of a shock to you,” he began, “But if you go along with it the job is as good as mine and all my financial worries will be over.”

She didn’t know what he was going to say but she had a feeling of foreboding and sat down on the bed to hear the rest of it.

He hesitated and swallowed hard before he continued, “The Troutman’s are into wife swapping and he wants us to swap tonight.”

Vanessa was stunned. She couldn’t speak for a few moments, but when she did she used every cuss word she could come up with and told him she should not have agreed to this ridiculous arrangement in the first place.

“I only did it because I was sorry for you,” she sniffled, now look at the situation we’re in.”

“Look – I know it’s a big thing to ask you to fuck another guy like this – but it’s just for the one night and then it will be all over. “

“But what about all this Christian stuff, I thought he didn’t even believe in divorce.”

“He explained that to me,” said Hugh, looking a little embarrassed. “Apparently Solomon had dozens of wives and that was fine with God.”

He looked so pathetic and she was so confused she gave a deep sigh and mumbled, ”OK.”

When he left the room she took a shower, put on a negligee and sat there trembling with anxiety. Ed just tapped lightly on the door before entering the room naked, and as he moved towards her, with a sinister leer on his face, he started to gush about beautiful she looked. He was no lover by a long chalk, he grabbed hold of her quite roughly, opened up the top of her nightie and started to suck furiously on her tits.

He got so carried away they both lost their balance and landed on the bed. Two seconds later he’d pried he legs apart and rammed his dick into her. As he fucked her like a deranged rabbit he babbled on about how warm and wet her cunt was and when he’d blown his load he turned her over and fucked her ass. After that, he even wanted to face fuck her but she said she had a cold sore and he left the room disappointed.

Hugh was doing much better, Maris was giving him a thorough going over. She first took his dick into her mouth and sucked it tantalizingly slow, while she gently fingered his balls. He was desperate to cum and expected her to let him cum in her mouth – but she didn’t. Instead, she reached for a bottle, oiled up her voluptuous tits and slid his cock in-between them. She pressed them together and then skilfully moved them around until he let out a shout and shot his goo all over her chest. After rubbing it in with her hands, like as if it was an expensive moisturizer, she lay out on the bed and opened her legs in anticipation of a good tongue lashing.

Soon he had his face nuzzled in her hairy snatch and his pussy flicker was doing overtime up and down her moist, sweet lips. As he licked and sucked he reached up and gently touched the base of her tits with his fingers.

Maris took a deep breath and then her body began to vibrate as she went into a massive orgasm

“Fuck me,” she yelled, “I want to feel your cock inside of me.”

Hugh repositioned himself so that he could pound her pussy while watching those great tits bounce around. She spread her arms out on the bed, closed her eyes and whimpered softly as he thrust it in and out of her wet crack until he filled it up with his cream. They fucked several times that night, while Ed, who’s fling with Vanessa and come to an early conclusion, spied on them through a hole in the wall.

When they arrived back home Truman asked her if she’d had a good time and she replied, “It was horrible.” He hated to admit it but that was the answer he wanted.

A few weeks later he came home from work with some astounding news, “Guess what,” he cried, “That sly bastard Hugh has run off with Maris, the bosses wife, they’re going to live in Costa Rica together.”

Vanessa shook her head in disbelief, as her husband, beaming all over his face, went on to tell her that he might have a chance of taking over his buddy’s job.

“You’d better dust off those suit cases,” he said, “Because we could soon be heading for Houston.” THE END

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