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by Cristiano Caffieri

Having a common name like Smith can sometimes be a problem and when it’s John Smith even more so. The John Smith of our story had been hassled by debt collectors mistaking him for one of his namesakes and was once even picked up by the police as a suspect in a jewelry heist. However, those events were nothing compared to what happened to him when he attended his company’s annual sales seminar at a Los Angeles hotel.

It was always a rowdy, drunken affair and was never complete without the occasional fight and some property damage. This was his 10th seminar, and as he was not keen to continue making an ass of himself he retired straight to his room with no desire to come out except to attend the dinners and training sessions.

He’d just unpacked a few things and was switching on the TV when there came a knock on the door. Half expecting to find “the guys” down there urging him to come out and join the fun, he moved towards the door sighing and shaking his head. But standing there when he opened it was a beautiful young lady.

“Are you Mr. Smith… Mr. John Smith?” she inquired.

“Yes. That’s me.”

“Sorry I’m late but I had a problem finding somewhere to park,” she said, squeezing past him into the room and commencing to unpack and set up some camera equipment.

“My name’s Twiggy,” she said, looking up from her gear. “It’s rather opportune that you should phone for an audition as we’ve got some new projects coming up and we’re looking for good-looking mature men like you. I haven’t got a lot of time so if you could strip off right away, it would help me out.”

“Do you mean strip all my clothes off?” he asked, rather shocked by the request.

“Well, you certainly can’t fuck me in your clothes! That wouldn’t give us much of an idea what you can do, would it?”

He was about to protest that there must be another John Smith in the hotel but she had slipped off her top, releasing an absolutely beautiful pair of perky tits, and then started to wiggle out of her miniskirt and panties. No sane middle-aged man could miss an opportunity like this; she was 23 at the most and fucking gorgeous.

John ripped off his duds and flung them to the four corners of the room. As one would expect under the circumstances, his dick was hard and pointing right at her. She looked it over for a few moments and then asked if he’d mind if she measured it. He nodded and tried to smile but found his mouth had gone dry with the prospect of embedding it into her tiny tight quim.

She fumbled in her bag for a moment and produced a tape measure, then shoved the nib against his nut sack and very carefully strung it out. The mere touch of her fingers caused his legs to tremble and she noticed it, giving him a quizzical look.

She jotted the measurement down without telling him what it was and then realigned the camera so it pointed directly at the bed.

“Now, I do this all of the time,” she said when she seemed to have the camera angle just right, “but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to enjoy it, so I expect you to send me into a state of complete ecstasy. Can you do that?”

John nodded meekly and waited for further instructions.

“I’m going to lie on the bed with my legs open and I want you to start by licking my feet, work your way up between my legs, lick my pussy and move your tongue up to my tits. Then I want you to suck my nipples and poke your finger in my crack and move it around.”

By now the over-enthusiastic John couldn’t wait to get into action and she had to tell him to slow down and be gentle. Then he wanted to linger when he got to her shaved cunt but after a few licks she hurried him on to the next stage.

Her nipples were quite long and quite hard. He first licked them, cupping her tits with his hands, then started sucking hard, then dropped his hand down and searched with his finger until he found the entrance to her vajayjay. It felt wonderfully wet and warm; he moved his finger gently around, withdrew it, stroked it along the full length of her crack and then slipped it back in again.

She was loving every moment and was making noises like she’d never had it this good. John’s dick was rubbing up against the inside of her thigh as he worked his middle-aged magic; she arched her back and angled so that the head of it touched the lips of her cunt. He then took his dick in hand and rubbed it up and down her slit. She began to gasp for breath and it didn’t take long before her body started to shake, quite violently, “Holy fuck, I’m cumming,” she screamed, digging her long nails into his shoulders until they fetched blood.

Twiggy settled down in short order and slid beneath him so she could take his throbbing cock into her mouth. He let out a yell as she absorbed most of it and then she grabbed onto his balls, pulling and squeezed them. It was a little painful but with her soft lips sliding slowly up and down his shaft it didn’t seem to matter. John was dying to cum and prayed she’d let him come in her mouth; nobody had ever let him do that before.

Tightening her grip around the base of his dick, she quickened the pace until he could feel his hot sperm racing upwards, and although he gallantly warned when he was about to ejaculate she soldiered on and swallowed the lot. Even after pulling his dick out of her mouth she kept licking the dripping end, making sure all the while it was captured on camera.

John was breathing heavy and starting to perspire but Twiggy was not about to let him slack off.

“Lick me out and lick me out good,” she commanded, spreading her legs to give him easy access. With his face between her thighs, he separated the lips of her tight pussy with his fingers and then began to give her a thorough tongue lashing.

John had always prided himself on his eating-out ability, and he sailed his king-sized tongue up and down her crack until she cried out, “Oh my God, oh my God,” and then seemed to lose her mind as she had the biggest fucking orgasm she’d ever had.

Even though her body hadn’t finished shaking, she yelled for him to shove it in and fuck her. John knelt on the bed, drew her quivering quim towards him and rammed it in up to the hilt.

She was gulping for air and flailing her arms as he pulled on her thighs and impaled her. Sparks seemed to course throughout his body as he pounded her pussy. Her tits were bouncing every which way and she was biting hard on her lip as he made the last final thrusts. There seemed no end to his semen; as it kept flowing and flowing she gripped harder onto his ass, pulling him further and further into her.

But like all good things it had to come to an end and when at last it did, he gave a little wave to the camera.

“I’m sorry to tell you,” she said, slipping back into her clothes, “but this was all a joke.”

“A joke?”

“Yes, your fellow delegates chipped in a thousand dollars for me to do this so they can put it up on the screen at the banquet on Sunday night.”

“Holy shit! This is a new low even for them!”

“Well, to be fair I was only supposed to go as far measuring your dick and then say it was too small and pack up and leave.”

“So why didn’t you?” he asked, as he picked up his scattered clothing.

“I fancied you,” she smiled, “And I really enjoyed it, although Alan’s going to flip his nut when he sees the footage.”

“Alan Shanks, the Chairman’s son? Why would he object? He’s the biggest practical joker of them all.”

“Yes, but unfortunately he’s also my husband,” she said.


Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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