Massaging Her Vajayjay

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Meredith Miller was fuming and marching up and down the room cursing and swearing like a sailor.

“How could a stupid fucking rental company lease the same apartment to two people,” she cried banging her fist on the wall. The agent didn’t quite know what to say it was just that two different agents had worked on the deals and somehow there was a cock-up.

“I’ve talked to Mr. Rhodes and he’s naturally as upset as you are, he’s coming over in half an hour to talk it over with you – he seems a reasonable sort of chap – unfortunately I have an appointment to show another property so I won’t be able to stay.” with this he made a very quick exit with Meredith calling, “Dirty rotten fucking coward,” after him.

It wasn’t a great day for her, she’d pulled a muscle in her leg and it was throbbing all the time and she’d learned that her bank balance was not quite as healthy as she thought.

The apartment was furnished and so she was able to sit back in rather a comfortable chair and wait impatiently for Mr. Rhodes. When he arrived she was shocked, this guy was a real looker, handsome as fuck and a great body to boot.

He introduced himself politely as David Rhodes and was just about to start discussions on their situation when Meredith cried out in pain and grasped her leg. She apologized for the outburst and explained her problem.

“I happen to be a massage therapist,” he said, “If you’d allow me to look at it maybe I can help.”

She was not keen on the idea but when he explained that he worked for a local sports team and seemed to know what he was talking about, she agreed to go into the bedroom for an examination. Lying face down on the bed she felt his powerful hands begin to manipulate the calf of her leg. At first, it hurt like hell but gradually it started to improve and she sighed with relief.

Now Meredith was wearing rather a short skirt and so he did get a good view right up between her legs, consequently, he was developing quite a hard on and she noticed this when she turned over.

“A friend of mine says that the exercise you get during sex tones up your muscles, she never has any problems so I guess she could be right.”

David looked a little embarrassed but in spite of this he was summing up her attributes which included a great set of tits that were protruding out of the top of her dress.

“I’ve never actually never heard that but it would interesting to test the theory.”

The way he’d worked his way up and down her leg had made her feel just a little bit horny and so she thought with some encouragement maybe she could get him to test out the theory. She held out her hand and asked him if he’d help her up from the bed and she accidentally fell into his arms. Their eyes gazed at each other for a fleeting moment and then their lips met.

With their tongues entwined they exchanged saliva until he “accidentally” gave her a little push and she fell back onto the bed and him on the top of her. She could feel his dick sticking into her through his pants and as they continued kissing she imagined it stretching the sides of her pussy.

David now, acting like a true researcher, started to undo the button at the top of her dress and as she was wearing no bra he managed to bring them out into the open. When his mouth descended on them her body went into shock. His tongue was like a magic wand dancing over her nipples, she could feel her vajayjay getting wet and she was dying to feel his dick deep inside of her.

The therapist didn’t rush things, he slowly moved up the hem of her skirt and slipped her panties down her legs. Opening up her thighs and using both hands he began to manipulate the lips of her pussy with his fingers. It was very, very wet and so his finger endings slid over the surfaces so gently it sent her into a state of complete ecstasy, and as she softly whimpered tears began to roll down her cheeks.

She wanted to cum but not before he’d eaten her out and he didn’t disappoint her in that regard. Kneeling down on the floor David pulled her open legs towards him until his head was firmly in between and his tongue licking the inside of her thighs before finally flicking the edges of her cunt like a feather on a windy day.

It did not take long before she arched her back, began to shake all over and yell “O fuck – don’t stop doing it – don’t stop.”

He continued for a while as she squirmed her ass this way and that way. She seemed to be cumming endlessly. David, whose dick was trying to bust a hole through his pants quickly whipped off all of his clothes and stood over her for a couple of seconds before drawing her wet crack up towards his throbbing cock and plunging it in. Meredith gasped and stretching her arms out on the bed she moaned and whimpered as he drove it into her cunt fast and furious.

It wasn’t long before David felt his cum moving up his cock and then it shot deep inside of her sending her into hysterics and him bellowing like a Klingon funeral bearer. He took out his dripping dick and lay beside her and she bent over and gently sucked it for him.

After a bit more cuddling and petting Meredith actually fell asleep and when she awoke there was David, still naked but carrying a tray with coffee and cookies.

“My God, where did you find the groceries?”

“I slipped out to the store while you were asleep.”


“Oh no,” he laughed, “I wrapped a towel around me.”

Of course, she didn’t believe him – she figured he intended to fuck her all over again and once they’d had their light refreshment he proved her assumption to be correct.

In the end, neither of them would agree to give up the right to the apartment and so they stubbornly shared everything, including the bed, and in exchange for having her cunt massaged regularly she sucked his dick and so, as you would expect, they lived happily ever after. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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