Marty The Vet Gets His Patients Wet

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Marty Bank is a young vet with an insatiable appetite for sex. He’s quite good looking, well built and when he wants to he can turn on really the charm. In college, surrounded by scads of scrumptious girls, he had no problem in satisfying his needs. However, when he went into practice, Marty was mostly surrounded by rabbits and gerbils and it became much more difficult to find willing partners.

There were some very attractive clients of course but they were, frustratingly, more concerned about the health of their beloved pets than having a piece of tail on his examination table. This unfortunate downturn in his social life was obviously not going to fix itself. Marty was going to have to put a lot of effort into turning his love life around. It was going to take a lot of planning and most of all, psychology. His first target d’amour was an attractive lady around thirty named Sonia Parkinson. She had a little horrible little Terrier that Sonia was overly fond of and she was sure that it was down in the dumps.

Marty immediately began to explain that little Benji might be suffering from “Sympathetic Depression.”  He apologized for being so blunt but he informed Sonia that if she wasn’t getting enough sex from her husband, for example, the dog might sense it, and that concern for her well being would begin to affect its health.

Sonia was shocked that he would talk about such scandalous things, particularly in front of young Benji. She even covered the dog’s ears. Marty said he realized his diagnosis was a somewhat embarrassing topic but he was just quoting from a recent article he’d read by a Professor T. Bagg, an eminent dog psychiatrist.

Sonia went a little red in the face but did admit that her love life wasn’t as fulfilling as it was in years gone by. Her husband, she explained, worked out of town a lot. Marty said that he’d helped several women with this very same problem.

“It’s a tad embarrassing for me,” he sighed, bowing his head slightly, “but I’m sworn to help my animal patients no matter what personal sacrifices I’m force to make.”

“What kind of sacrifices do you make, Doctor?” she inquired, somewhat anxiously.

“Well Mrs. Parkinson, I’ve actually been obliged to perform various sex acts with a dog owner, right here, in front of their pet.”

“Oh, my word!” she shrieked, “That’s horrendous.”

“Yes. Yes it was, but the only thing that mattered in the end was that it worked,” he stoically declared. “Her dog’s the happiest little fella on the block now and they come in once a month to give him a refresher.”

Mrs. Parkinson was conflicted, to say the least. It seemed like an absolutely unpardonable, shameful thing to do but, on the other hand, she just couldn’t continue to watch little Benji suffer like this if there was something she could do to alleviate his untold distress. Sonia then put herself in the doctor’s hands, figuratively and literally, and asked what he wanted her to do.

“Well I believe it would be better for us to remove all our clothes. That way he’ll latch onto the pheromones we release.”

Marty started the ball rolling by slipping off his white smock and Sonia hesitantly pulled her dress up over her head. She was just wearing panties and bra underneath. She shivered from the coolness of the examination room. “That’s an excellent start,” he smiled reassuringly. “You’re doing wonderful, curative work here. Let me help you with your underwear.” As soon Marty unhooked that bra, he was off to the randy races and sucking on her nipples as though he had been starving himself.

After a couple of minutes of expert and concentrated breast manipulation, Sonia’s nervousness began to abate and a small moan escaped from her throat. Benji also let out a little noise.

“Look,” smiled Marty, “the little fellow is wagging his tail.”

As she gazed over at her happy little pooch, Marty slid her Tommy John’s to the floor and pressed his skillful fingers into the hot, wet epicenter or her womanhood. This instantly turned her mood from reserved to ravenous. Sonia roughly shoved him backwards, towards the examination table, tearing off his shirt and pants and pressing the wholeness of her body against his.

Marty felt her small, feminine hand tighten around his penis, as she rapaciously bit into his earlobe. He suggested that they should begin by doing it doggie style, as this would make it easier for Benji to grasp the concept. This kindhearted pooch-proposal met with no resistance. The amorous vet quickly bent her over the examination table, spread her long, supple legs apart and guided his throbbing, hungry cock deep into her honey-dappled womb so that if might feast upon her sex.

The cold metal rubbing against her tits in conjunction with Marty slamming his hips into the roundness of her downy buttocks had Sonia seeing stars. The dog began to yap and jump up and down but Ms. Parkinson wasn’t really that concerned about Benji’s well-being at this juncture in the treatment. All that mattered now was that big rigid monster sliding in and out of her, the engorged and pulsating head grinding against the walls of her vaginal canal. As Marty pulled at her hair, raising her head up, she could feel her pussy begin to tighten. The harder he plunged his meat stick into her molten mound, the tighter and tighter she became until the first incendiary orgasmic charge blasted up inside her. A seemingly endless spray of mini-cum-bullets tore through her torso and exploded like Pop Rocks. Over and over she rapidly clenched and released, the violent climactic contractions intensifying to the point where she feared that she might faint. And just as it was all about to mercifully subside, Marty jammed his thumb up virgin her ass, setting off a whole new round of sensual spasms throughout her abdomen.

What dog?

As soon as Marty had removed his dripping member from her swollen, satiated quim, she greedily dropped to her knees and consumed it. Sonia could feel the smooth head of his manhood rubbing against the roof of her mouth as she tickled and tugged at his sweaty balls. This was wedding-night sucking and far, far superior to birthday sucking or the obligatory Christmas blowjob. His knees began to tremble as Sonia pumped hard on his plump, ripe glans. Marty’s mouth hung open and his eyes slammed shut as his entire body prepared for the impending detonation. Before the good doctor knew what was happening, all hedonistic hell broke loose and he was coating her tonsils with rich salty streams of swirling goo. Martin firmly held the back of her head to ensure every molecule was tasted and swallowed.

“Hmm, maybe time for a nap,” Marty thought.

But that wasn’t to be. There was still more work to be done because Sonia was revved and ready for sBut alas, that wasn’t to be. There was still more work to be done because Sonia was revved up and ready for seconds.

She bounced onto the examination table, opened up her crack wide and demanded, “Fuck me again doctor and fuck me hard.”

After what had just transpired, Marty was a little concerned about his ability to rise to the occasion. Luckily, he needn’t have worried. The sight of her dewy slit glistening under his office lighting easily rAfter what had just transpired, Marty was a little concerned about his ability to rise to the occasion. Luckily, he needn’t have worried. The sight of her dewy slit glistening under his office lighting easily rekindled his ardor. Her gorgeous tits and perfect nipples had him fully loaded and ready for battle in no time. He grabbed hold of his shaft and slowly dragged the head of his cock up and down her labia, cruelly teasing her love hole before suddenly driving it in to the hilt. Sonia let out a piteous gamic gasp as she felt her delicate and tender pussy being stretched and plundered.

She had spent most of her life as a prim and proper wife but right now Sonia wanted to be Marty’s dirty little girl. She bucked and writhed and moaned under the manic, incessant pounding of her pud. All that she possessed between her legs was his for the taking. Her heels dug deep into Marty’s calves. There would be no escape until she hand emptied him. He was humping the fuck out of her and Sonia couldn’t get enough. They climaxed within seconds of one another, both let out deafening, guttural sounds of concupiscent release. It was only when the last few rivulets of erogenic pleasure had receded from their strained and battered fuck tools that they realize how sore they were.

Sonia lay in his arms on the table for a couple of minutes. She was thinking that she’d never felt so utterly sSonia lay in his arms on the table for a couple of minutes. She was thinking that she’d never felt so utterly satisfied. Marty was just hoping that she wasn’t going to ask for a third round. As Sonia stroked the chest of her sweaty vetty she looked down at Benji and immediately noticed a difference in her little canine companion.

“That’s amazing,” she said, “Does it work for Cats?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Well my best friend, Nora Ormely, is having trouble with hers. It hardly moves – just lies around all day.”

“Do you mean Nora Ormely who won the local beauty pageant?”

“That’s her.”

“Well – I think we have to approach these cutting edge treatments with a good deal of discretion, but I think I could have her pussy purring in no time.”

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