Making the Maids

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by Cristiano Caffieri

When Joel Masters was hired by the Vanderkirk Mansion he was really happy, the pay was good and the room he was given was a lot better than the one he had at home. It was only a trial period, but he was hoping it would become permanent to allow him to save some money for college. His parents had some financial problems and just couldn’t help to further his education, so at 18 he was destined to clean shoes, shine up the silver and take care of the Master’s six Irish Hounds.

The mansion was dripping with staff, including two pretty maids, Rhonda and Theodora, and a smartly dressed young woman named Marie, who he assumed was Mr. Vanderkirk’s personal assistant. The maids had a large room next to his and when he heard them giggling and goofing around at night he couldn’t help but jerk himself off. On the third night of his residence, he was in the process of fisting his mister when there came a tap on the door. He quickly threw on his robe and when he opened it Marie stood there in a see-through nightie. Her tits were up to her chin and her long legs seemed to be heading for the same destination.

“We’ve got a bottle of wine next door and wondered if you’d like to join us for a nightcap?”

He swallowed hard and nodded his head before managing to mumble. “great.”

As he followed her to the maid’s room he was half expecting them to be wearing similar attire and his dick was growing hard in anticipation. However, when he stepped inside the other two were completely naked. Rhonda was jumping down on the bed with her gorgeous tits jiggling and Theodora was sitting on a chair with her legs wide open diddling her crack.

He was invited to sit down and Marie grabbed the bottle and poured him a drink.

“We’re glad Mr. Vanderkirk hired you,” she said, sitting beside him, “the last guy who had your job was a drag.”

“He wasn’t as cute as you either,” added Theodora.

He felt a bit embarrassed but he sipped on his wine and did his best not look directly at their tits or their hairy muffs.

“Is it OK for me to be here?” he asked, feeling that his boss might not approve of him fraternizing.

“Of course it is,” said Rhonda, “Mr. Vanderkirk wants us to be happy.”

“Do you want us to be happy?” inquired, Theodora with a giggle.

“Oh yes – of course, it’s nice to be happy,” he stammered, not quite sure where the conversation was heading.

“Do you like fucking,” Marie asked him, putting her hand on the back of his neck and stroking hit gently.

“Well, I do make love to my girl friend.”

“Oh we’re not talking about love Joel, we’re talking about fucking. We like it hard and we like it rough, don’t we girls?”

The other two chorused their agreement.

“The fact of the matter is – we’d like you to fuck us,” said Rhonda, “We hope you’re willing to do that because Mr. Vanderkirk wants us to be happy when we’re happy, he’s happy.”

“But I have a girl friend,” he spluttered, never having faced a dilemma like this before.

“Oh fuck your girlfriend,” cried, Marie, “She’s not here and we are and we need you,” and she felt down to his thigh and grabbed his cock.

“Wow – that feels hard.”

“Just how I like it,” laughed Rhonda, and then the three descended upon him and started to take off his clothes.

He didn’t want to struggle as if he was a wuss, but at the same time, he was thinking of what his girlfriend would say. When they threw him onto the bed and Marie opened up his legs and took his dick in her mouth it didn’t seem to matter anymore, he was in sudden ecstasy. The other two held on to his arms but it was unnecessary, he wasn’t planning to make a break for it.

As her soft lips slipped up and down his throbbing cock Theodora leaned over and kissed him, poking her tongue into his mouth and rubbing his nipples with her hand. Rhonda moved her position and fondled his balls as Marie continued to suck him off.

Joel’s body was beginning to feel as though it was on fire as the three beautiful seducers continued to work on him, and then, in spite of having his lips locked with Theodora’s, he began to groan and soon his cum was oozing into Marie’s mouth. She worked what remained with her hand and the others both bent over for a taste.

His body was twitching for some time and his delightful colleagues let him rest for a few minutes and even poured him another glass of wine. Then came the big test of the night.

“We want you to chase the three of us around the room, we’re going to try and escape your grasp, and if you do catch hold of one of us, we’re going to struggle and so you might get hurt,” announced, Rhonda, “Now whoever you manage to subdue you have to fuck.”

Joel had certainly enjoyed the blow job and in spite of the danger of getting slugged by one of the temptresses, he was up for the challenge. Without anyone saying the word go he grabbed onto Marie, who was closest to him, but then the other two piled on him and she broke loose.

Now it was a cat and mouse game, the girls jumped from bed to bed and he found himself punched, shoved and generally humiliated. Theodora was the first one to make a false move and he managed to grip her ankles and bring her crashing to the floor. She was lying on her belly and so he slipped his hands under her and holding onto her tits he tried to turn her over.

Obviously, the other two stood clear, observing the Marquis of Queensbury rules, but they did urge her on and she fought like a wild cat. Eventually, he managed to hold her down, prise open her legs and ram his dick into her. As soon as he did that she lay still, looked up with her beautiful blue eyes and smiled at him.

Now he was in control and so he didn’t just bang away, he slipped it in and out of her wet warm crack slowly. She closed her eyes, gripped onto his arms and whimpered a little. Looking down at her gorgeous tits swinging like two ripe fruit drove him to increase the pace and soon he was pounding her pussy in a frenzied effort to fill her cunt with his goo.

When he shot his load he yelled and she gripped tighter and tighter on to his arms, moving her ass up and down to milk any remaining residue from his balls. The other two applauded and after another glass of wine, he retired to his room thinking he’d possibly landed the best job in the world.

The next morning he was eating breakfast in the kitchen with his three sexy colleagues when Mr. Vanderkirk walked in. Joel started to sweat thinking maybe he knew what was going on, but he took four fifty dollar bills from his pocket and handed one to each.

“Great work,” he smiled, and patting Joel on the shoulder he said, “Keep it up, my boy.”

“What’s going on?” he asked after the boss had left.

“He watched our performance last night on camera and obviously liked what he saw,” Rhonda replied.

“What do you mean camera?”

“There are several concealed cameras in our room,” Theodora explained, giggling like a school girl, “You see – Mr. Vanderkirk enjoys watching us do things.”

“And in return, we get little bonuses,” Rhonda interjected, waving her fifty dollars in the air.

“Holy fuck, what does Mrs. Vanderkirk think about all this?”

“Oh I don’t mind,” said Marie, “I knew what he was like when I married him.” THE END

Copyright 2016 Cristiano Caffieri

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