Magic Tricks

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Kai Vanhaiden’s wife Katrina was into auctions and their house was cluttered with glassware, books, antique furniture and pictures. The problem was she couldn’t keep her hand down when the auctioneer looked in her direction. It was if she felt obligated to help him get rid of all that junk.

Kai tried his best to keep her from going but while he was at work she’d browse the papers looking for that magic word “auction.” Regardless of distance or weather conditions, she’d hop into her hatchback and off she’d go.

One particular Thursday there was an afternoon event in her hometown that she thought she couldn’t miss, they were selling off of the assets of a locally renowned magician who billed himself as the Great Rollo. Unfortunately, Rollo was unable to get out of his straight jacket in time to miss the chainsaw moving towards him, and that was his last performance. It was a very messy business, particularly for his wife, who was holding the chainsaw at the time.

As soon as they lowered him into the ground, and assuming there was no way he could escape, she decided to get rid of all his magic paraphernalia and personal effects. Katrina was thrilled when she won a magic bed, on which the maestro would shackle his wife, then turn it over and back to reveal she had disappeared.

She also won several boxes of oddments that went for a few Euros each and her husband was not a happy man when he returned from his late shift at the sewage works. The middle of his living room looked like a stage set. Katrina was still sorting through the stuff when he walked through the door.

“Look at this Kai,” she said, holding up a package she’d taken from one of the bargain boxes.

“What is it?” he replied impatiently, not at all pleased that there was bric-a-brac all over the floor and no supper ready.

“It’s a sex toy, it’s a battery driven oral sex massager, see these little tongues they go round and round to give you an orgasm.”

“I wouldn’t fancy putting my cock in that thing,” he grimaced.

“It’s not for men silly – it’s for women, but you could work it into my vagina for me if you like, I’d like to see if it really works.”

“So you’re not satisfied with me fucking you, you want a machine to do it,” he snapped, walking into the kitchen and taking a beer from the fridge.

“Looks as though who ever had that stuff was a pervert,” he called out, as he plonked his fat bum in a chair.

“It belonged to the Great Rollo, you remember him, we went to see him a couple of years ago,” she called back.

Kai had picked up the paper and was now ignoring her except for grumbling every few minutes about his supper not being ready. However, when she found a three speed, almost new drill in one box, and wiggled it under his nose he suddenly became interested in what she had to say.

“That’s a nice looking drill,” he said, reaching out for it.

She quickly moved it out of his reach, “This is my drill,” she smiled, “I paid for it, but I’ll tell you what I’ll do.”

He pretended that he wasn’t interested in any propositions and went back to reading his paper.

“What I was going to say,” she continued pulling the paper down from his face,

“You know how you always want to stick your dick up my ass, I’ll let you do that tonight and I’ll throw in the drill if you’ll do what I want.”

Kai furrowed his brow as if it was a big decision but then said OK. She quickly rustled up his supper, cleared the living room floor and then struggled to set up the Great Rollo’s magic bed.

When he’d finished filling his face Kai walked into the room and shook his head,

“What the fuck are you up to?”

“I want you to shackle me to the bed, naked of course and use that massager on me.”

Afraid he might change his mind she said she’d not only let him ram his cock up her ass she’d give him a blow job. Kai felt like a real negotiator, he’d got an electric drill, the promise of anal and a blow job, what more could a man ask for.

Katrina quickly stripped off her clothes and made him do the same. Then she lay on the bed while he attached the shackles to her hands and feet. He may have been reluctant to become involved in what he regarded as kinky sex, but looking at her body stretched out with her pointy tits and neatly trimmed bush, really turned him on.

He wouldn’t have minded fucking her there and then but a deal was a deal and so he took the hand held massaging wheel with its ten little ultra soft silicone tongues, lubed it up and moved it up between her legs. She jumped as soon as it touched the lips of her cunt, even though he’d only put it on the slow speed, it made her want to cum almost immediately. When he knelt beside, increased the speed and rubbed her tits with his free hand her nerve endings felt as though they were about to burst into flames.

Kai was getting very excited himself and as soon as she went into an orgasm he just leaped on the top of her and rammed his cock into her wet crack. She was taken by surprise but it felt good and she urged him to give it to her hard and fast. He didn’t really need much encouragement, with her stretched out on and tied to the bed he felt more dominant than he’d ever felt in his life. He was in charge and he was going to give it to her fast and furious. When he blew his load he let out a primeval howl and she screamed at the top of her lungs.

After a short rest, he relieved her from her bonds, said he’d take a rain check on the anal but he wanted his blow job and he wanted to cum in her mouth.

“I will if you agree to be shackled to the bed,” she said.

Grumbling under his breath he climbed onto the bed and she secured his hands and feet. She was quite prepared to give him fellatio but she wanted to tease him a little, make him suffer for all the times he gave her the wham-bam-thank-you-mam treatment.

There was a lever on the bottom of the bed, the lever that the Great Rollo used to pull with such panache when he’d turn the bed over with his wife on it. As Kai was getting restless and wiggling his half limp dick around she decided to pull the lever, just for a laugh. The bed turned completely upside down. He let out a cry as he spun around but then there was silence.

“Holy fuck, maybe I’ve killed him,” she cried, quickly pulling on the lever to bring the topside back up. But when it turned over he wasn’t there. She got down on her knees to look underneath, searched for a secret compartment but he was nowhere to be found. He had completely disappeared.

She sat around moping for a few days worried about what she’d done but then she saw an advertisement for an auction and she soon perked up. Now she can go to as many auctions as she wants, and when she gets lonely she pulls out the oral sex massager from the bedside drawer and lets those little tongues lick her into a state of ecstasy.

It’s hard to know if her husband will ever re-appear as she sold the bed on eBay to a magician who entertained on cruise ships. She has to smile sometimes because Kai was such a poor sailor. THE END

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