Lube Your Neighbor

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Eve and Matthew Spencer were in their thirties, regular churchgoers and pillars of their community. However, in spite of appearing like a happily married couple their sex life was the absolute pits. Like many women, Eve didn’t have orgasms and consequently looked on intercourse as a duty rather than something to be enjoyed.

When they did have their bi-weekly bang it was always the missionary position with very little foreplay. Eve thought sucking dick was not something she would care to do and as for Matthew eating out her vagina – well that seemed just a bit over the top.

Neither of them swore around the house, they didn’t smoke or drink or undress with the light on. They were both convinced that their behavior would guarantee them a place in heaven for all eternity. Perhaps the only vice they had was sharing a box of chocolates every Saturday night as they watched Public Television.

This somewhat dull lifestyle changed rather suddenly when Eve accidentally entered an internet porn channel one day. Her first reaction was to switch it off immediately but she thought that just for a few minutes she might look, purely for educational purposes. It proved to be rather more interesting than she ever imagined and she had to admit to herself that watching the naked participant’s cock sucking, pussy eating and fucking each other looked like a lot of fun.

Eve, who was a traditional housewife stayed at home all day whilst her husband worked in the city. He, of course, had no clue what his wife was doing while he was gawking at the girls in his office, whose attire often allowed him to study their anatomy in great detail.

He wasn’t entirely unhappy with his sex life but a few times he had strayed mentally and imagined himself fucking one of his busty colleagues as she leaned over the water cooler. Such meanderings did seem to make his own stabs at intimacy a little tame. However, this was about to change.

Over three or four weeks Eve had developed an insatiable appetite for internet porn and decided that she must unleash her new found knowledge on Matthew. It was on a Wednesday, which was their usually night for fooling around and it began with her suggesting they left the light on.

He had hardly ever seen Eve naked and although he wondered what had come over her he certainly wasn’t going to object. After she’d taken a shower she entered the bedroom wearing her robe as usual but then she just dropped it to the floor in the front of him. He just stood there for a few seconds with his mouth open, his wife of seven years was absolutely beautiful. Her tits were perky, her skin was blemishless and – she’d actually shaved her pussy revealing its delightful shape.

“Well, aren’t you going to take your PJs off?” she inquired, seeing his dick, which had become extremely hard, peeking out of his flies. Hesitantly he dropped his pants and Eve dropped to her knees at the same time and took it into her mouth.

Poor Matthew was in a state of shock. He’d often imagined the girls at work doing that for him but never Eve. However, he was not about to complain because it felt extremely good and his wife seemed to be really enjoying the experience of working her fingers around his balls as she plunged it into her mouth.

When he felt himself cumming he leaned on the dressing table for support and began to warn Eve about the load that was about to be shot into her mouth but she kept on going. Matthew was in a complete state of ecstasy – and this was only the beginning.

As he stood there breathing heavy Eve told him to lie on the bed, which he did. She then proceeded to work on his balls in an effort to raise up his dick again – which she did. She then went into a reverse cowboy and rode him like a bucking bronco with her tits bouncing all over the place.

She didn’t let him cum this time because she had another surprise in store for him. When she climbed off of his dick she knocked three times on the wall that separated them from their neighbor, a 23-year-old divorcee named Penny Nystrom. Before he could ask her what the knocking was about she sat on his face with her wet groove covering his mouth, which rather stifled his efforts to converse.

Although it was not that easy to breathe he started to lick her out while reaching his arms around her to fondle her tits. This really turned her on and as she was screaming, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” the door to the bedroom opened and in walked their shapely next door neighbor absolutely naked.

With her body still trembling she explained to her dumbfounded spouse that she and Penny had been experimenting with each other.

“We’ve enjoyed fucking each other but thought it would be nice to bring you in on the action and have a threesome.”

Matthew had often lusted over his neighbor, who wore tight short skirts and revealing necklines, and now here she was standing with her shaved pussy beside his bed. Although he thought his wife had suffered a serious mental breakdown he had no plans to take her for therapy at that time. He thought he would just humor her and go along with her crazy sexual behavior, even though he knew their pastor would be shocked by it all.

Penny didn’t say anything, she just walked up to his wife and the pair started kissing and fondling each other’s tits. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and they bugged out even further when Penny bent over and took his hot rod into her mouth as far as it would go.

She was even a better sucker than his wife and she moved her tongue around his dick in the most tantalizing way. And while she was bringing him up to the boil Eve bent over him from the side of the bed and dangled her tits in his face. Her nipples were as hard as rocks and he began to suck them enthusiastically.

After almost making him cum in her mouth Penny decided she wanted to feel his prick inside of her and she straddled his body and guided it in with her hand. She held down his arms and began to grind on his dick while Eve rubbed her slit furiously ending with her, Penny and Matthew cumming at the same time.

When the two women’s urges had been satisfied they all lay on the bed, Matthew in the middle and they began to chat over his body.
“That was a really good fuck,” said Penny, “Thank you Matthew.”

Before he could reply Eve suggested that they had some refreshments and then do some role play. Matthew diddled his dick around in an effort to get it up again before the women returned with sandwiches and a bottle of wine.

As they sat on the bed chewing their sandwiches the two women kept looking at him as if he was the next course but there were preparations to be made before they got down to business. They eventually disappeared into the en-suite bathroom and reappeared dressed in military style caps with holsters hanging from their naked waistlines and jack boots. Eve was carrying a riding crop that had a large knob on the handle.

Matthew smiled as if he found it humorous but when they produced four sets of handcuffs and secured his hands and feet to the bed he was less sure of himself. Eve spoke first trying to use a foreign accent.

“Now – you chauvinist pig you will tell us what we want to know.” And she flicked his thigh with her whip just inches from his scrotum.
Matthew smiled weakly and pulled on his restraints as is he would like to stop this game proceeding any further.

“Soon you’ll be laughing on the other side of your face.” yelled Penny, grabbing his balls and giving them a painful squeeze, ”Tell us what we want to know or we ejaculate you to death,” she said trying not to laugh at her own stupid dialogue.

“Have you ever fucked any other woman but me,” asked Eve, putting her mouth over his semi erect dick.

“No – no I haven’t,” he replied.

“Have you ever fucked a man?” asked Penny, once again having a problem to keep a straight face.

“Have you ever fucked a dog?” Eve asked before he answered the last question.

As they continued to interrogate him the women took turns at sucking his dick and then Eve eased him onto his side, greased the handle of her crop and shoved it up his ass.

Poor Matthew screamed out loud and begged for mercy. He was scared where their role play was going. She twiddled the knob around a few times and then slowly withdrew it from his rectum, it made a noise like the cork popping out of a cheap bottle of champagne. Giving him three quick slashes across the cheeks of his bare bum, to remind him who was in charge, she started to pour a sweet smelling lubricant all over his chest.

The trauma of having his ass stretched had taken the starch out of his cock somewhat but when Penny began to skate her tits all over his lubricated chest it quickly recovered its upright status. As those nipples continued to glide across his hairy chest his wife began to suck on his dick, after a few sucks, her partner in crime took over. They kept this tag team action going, only pausing occasionally to kiss each other.

Poor Matthew’s balls were on the boil and he sobbed pitifully, “Please make me cum – please.”

The girls nodded to each other as if to say why not and Eve straddled him and forced his dick into her warm and very wet pussy. Matthew squirmed around wanting her to move her ass but she waited a while before riding him at a steady gallop.

As she bounced up and down with her tits swinging from side to side Penny grabbed a glass dildo from the bedside drawer and began to fuck herself, rubbing her tits with her free hand.

Matthew, who would normally have closed his eyes, watched her performance as his wife drove her cunt up and down on his throbbing shaft. His heart was beating a mile a minute and his nerve endings were exploding as he shot his load, yelling obscenities and forcing his ass up and down in time with hers. When she climbed off of her mount Penny leaned forward and sucked the last drops off the end.

Freed from his restraints, Matthew sat up, as his formerly prim and proper wife suggested that they should have a session like this at least once a week, and Penny said her younger sister might be interested in participating once in a while.

As they chattered away poor Matthew, thoroughly shagged out, actually fell asleep and Penny took a red ribbon that was holding her long blonde hair back and tied it around his dick. “I think he deserves first prize don’t you,” she laughed. THE END

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