Love in a Tub

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by Cristiano Caffieri

by Cristiano Caffieri

Andrew Wittier was thirty, single and struggling to make it as a writer. His commissions so far had been writing technical material but he was anxious to make it into the world of fiction. That’s how he meant Zara Crofts.

To further his ambitions he’d decided to attend a fiction writers gathering in San Diego and Zara was one of the guest speakers. After her excellent presentation, he was lucky enough to bump into her in the elevator going up to his room. She seemed quite impressed with what he said regarding her views on new authors breaking into the market and she suggested that they continue their conversation in her suite.

Andrew was delighted to accept her invitation because not only was she an icon in the erotic novel market but she was a hell of a very nice looking woman. Tall and slender with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes she brought the song “The Girl from Ipanema” to mind.

A rather attractive maid let them into her luxurious suite and she asked her to pour Andrew a drink while she changed into something more comfortable. When she re-appeared she was dressed in a sheer flowing robe that showed off her lovely tits and he even felt he could see the faint outline of her pubic hair, which meant she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Rolanda, the maid, handed her a drink and Zara joined him on the sofa to discuss his prospects for becoming an erotic novelist himself.

“Did you know I develop the plots for my books,” she smiled, raising her glass as she took the first sip. “Using role play.

“Role play?”

“Yes – for example, I met you in a hotel elevator coming up to my suite – there could be a story worth pursuing there. I might decide to make you a Count – let’s say and Italian Count – yes Count Folanari.”

He smiled, looking down at his attire, “I’m not sure I look like a count.”

“Well you don’t look like a cunt either,” she laughed, not being able to resist making the pun.

“So how will you fit the Count into your story.”

“Well he’s not really a Count – he’s a fraud – a trickster trying to seduce a poor working girl – let’s say that this is his suite – well your suite and your maid has just poured me a drink and you’re going to sweet talk me into going to bed with you. Go ahead suite talk me as if you are dying to fuck me.”

Andrew, a little overwhelmed, struggled to find the words to say, all he come up with was, “You look very beautiful my dear,” in a phony Italian accent.

Zara, not being particularly impressed with his performance, told him that maybe they should switch roles, she could be a Countess and he could be a handsome hotel waiter. He shrugged saying that was OK with him and she proceeded to put her hand on his leg.

“You must have had a very rough day waiting on all those obnoxious tourists,” she said, moving her hand further towards his crotch.

“It’s a tough job,” he replied, getting into the swing of things, “But I have to work – I have my sick mother to support.”

“Why don’t you come and work for me – I could use a butler – I can afford to pay you well and there will be many fringe benefits.”

Andrew hesitated for dramatic effect, “I’ve never been a butler – what would be my duties?”

“Things like pouring my bath.”

“I think I could do that.”

“Well go and do it,” she purred, “Right now!”

Realizing that this was serious role play he asked where the bathroom was and when she pointed it out he went like an obedient servant and found this enormous tub that he proceeded to fill. At the request of Zara, Rolanda the maid came in half way through and show him how to add the various ingredients including the bubbles.

When she leaned over the tub he couldn’t help noticing her big beautiful tits that were almost hanging out of her low-cut dress and on standing up he found he could also see up her short skirt and the fact that she was wearing a white thong.

“Now you have to go back to the drawing room, bow and tell the Countess her bath is ready,” Rolanda told him.

Realizing that she must often get into these role play situations he did as she said and Zara walked seductively across the room towards him.

“Thank you, Andrew, perhaps you could help me off with my negligee.”
Now things were really getting steamy. As he gently removed the sheer negligee, revealing her beautiful shoulders, and then her nicely rounded bum, he felt his dick shoot up and press hard against his pants. It got even harder when Zara leaned over the bath, with her tits tangling freely.

Before she climb in she knocked the bar of soap sitting on the rim into the tub.
“Oh dear, I think you will have to get into the tub and find that for me,” she cried as if it were a terrible tragedy.

Andrew was a bit confused and rolling up his sleeves he was about to attempt to lean over and search for it when she interrupted the process.

“Take your clothes off and get in the tub,” she commanded in the most arrogant Countess-like manner.

Hesitantly he began to undress while the Countess sighed impatiently and grumbled that if he took any longer the water would get cold. Even though his dick was sticking right up in the air when he removed his pants, he pretended not to notice, although he did catch a glimpse of a wry smile.

He put his leg over the side of the tub, climbed in and began to search the bottom for the soap. When he found it he placed it in the dish and then the Countess bid him to help her into the tub.

As she lowered herself into the water she commanded him to sit behind her and sponge her back. By now Andrew wasn’t sure if this was going to be a part of a plot for a book or it was just a ploy to fuck him. His dick was now in contact with her warm body and he was certainly ready if that was her intent.

He began to sponge her back and then she quickly turned around and told him to do the same with her front. Andrew soaped her tits very slowly and very gently. She closed her eyes and seemed to enjoy every moment of it. After that, she stood up, open her legs and required him to do the same to her tight little flower.

When he finished washing every nick and cranny she said that he could meet her in the bedroom but first he must be spotless. However, instead of sponging him down herself, as he expected, she rang a bell and in came Rolanda with a large white towel.

Zara stepped out of the tub and into the towel and then she walked out the bathroom with her nose in the air, her bum moving provocatively as she did so. When she’d gone Rolanda began to take off her clothes and stepped into the tub with Andrew. She also had a body to die for and as she slipped underneath the bubbles his dick came out of the water like a periscope.

Facing him in the water she informed him that if the Countess was going to put his dick in her mouth she would insist on it being clean, and with this, her fingers took hold of it and moved his foreskin up and down.

“I think we have a problem here, ” she said, with a serious look on her face, “If you’re this hard when you join the Countess you’ll probably ejaculate far too quickly. The Countesses won’t like that.”

Then she really blew Andrew’s mind, “Sit on the side of the tub,” she invited,”And I’ll give you a blow job.”

Andrews’ legs had gone a little week but he struggled out of the water and sat on the side of the tub. First Rolanda took he voluptuous boobs that were covered in lather and clasped them around his dick. She rubbed them up and down it a few times before suddenly diving onto it with her mouth. He almost fell backward off the tub as she began to gulp it down as if she was swallowing Oysters.

With one hand around his bum and the other massaging his balls she went up and down, until he could feel his load heading upwards. He warned her that he was cumming but she took no notice and took it all into her mouth.

“Wow,” that was terrific,” he told her, but she ignored his comment and simply got him to wipe him down with a towel and then furnished a robe for him.

“The Countess’s bedroom is to the right,” she said as if nothing had happened between them.

When he entered the room Zara (the Countess) was lying on a large white circular bed completely naked. She was absolutely gorgeous. Her tits were like the ones you see in classical paintings, her pussy was lightly shaved and her long legs seemed to go on and on and on.

Although his dick was not what you might call semi-soft it did show signs of recent activity. The Countess wanted to rectify that and invited him to stand by the bed while she re-positioned herself to place her lips on it. She didn’t take it into her mouth right away she simply toyed with it until it was as hard as a rock, then she slipped it in as Andrew’s legs turned to jelly.

The Countess knew how to suck cock but she didn’t over do it as she was needing some stimulation herself. She lay back after a while and invited him to suck her raised hard nipples.

“Can you just suck them gently Andrew,” she pleaded, “Just suck them gently.”

He was only too pleased to oblige her and he just circled them with his tongue then ever so gently he nuzzled then with his lips. She arched her back and moaned and this urged him to make a more aggressive approach and he took as much as he could get into his mouth and sucked for all he was worth.

She moaned and ran her fingers through his hair and then whispered in his ear for him to lick her pussy.

“I want it licked gently Andrew,” she pleaded, “Ever so gently.”

He slipped his face down between her legs, parted the lips of her pussy with his fingers and just very faintly touched the sides with his tongue. She gasped and moved her ass around as he poked his tongue deeper into her groove.

The Countess was getting very excited and as he kept licking and fingering her. He could feel her body trembling and her pussy vibrating as she went into a long intense orgasm.

By this time Andrew’s dick was getting a little impatient and so he stepped off of the bed, drew her open legs towards him and rammed it in from a standing position.

“You bastard,” she cried out, “You fucking bastard – I didn’t tell you to that yet.”

“Do you want me to take it out,” he asked, ramming it a bit further in.

“No you bastard – fuck me – and fuck me hard.”

Andrew did exactly that, he tugged her body towards him, held onto her thighs and pumped away until he could feel his veins bursting with sperm and he shot the lot into her.

The Countess sobbed with pleasure and reaching up she pulled him until he was on top of her. She grabbed him around the neck and forced her tongue into his mouth. After a few minutes of tongue wrestling, the maid came in, still naked, and told them afternoon tea was served.

Andrew stayed at the apartment all night sleeping between Rolanda and Countess Zara, sucking and fucking them in turn as part of his benefits package. When he left the next morning Zara thanked him for helping her with the plot for her new novel and to call round anytime he was suffering from writer’s block.

“It happens quite often with new writers,” she smiled, “So do drop in and let me blow the cobwebs away for you.”

He knew what she wanted to blow and he intended to take her up on the offer. THE END

Copyright 2013 Cristiano Caffieri

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