Licked Out by a Very Long Tongue

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Shaun Bates was born with a tongue that was slightly longer than average. When he was ten his mother took him to see a lady doctor whose only comment was, “Come back and see me when you’re 18.”

He was made fun of at school and in his late teens girls would make sexual innuendos but none of them wanted to try it out; it was just a big joke to them. At age 19 he joined an agency that recruited background extras for the movies and that’s where he caught the attention of Beula Leacroft. She was starring in a TV movie about crooked lawyers and he was playing a non-speaking role as a legal clerk.

It was during a crew break that Beula came and sat next to him, some stars did that to prove they weren’t snobs, but in her case she was interested in Shaun and in his tongue which, during the hours of waiting around doing nothing he popped out a couple of times just because he was bored.

Miss Leacroft had been married a couple of times and her name had been associated with numerous male actors and a few businessmen. Everyone who’d slept with her knew that being eaten out was more important that having a dick up her cunt. That’s was why she was reputed to be bisexual.

Although she said very little to him during the break, after the shoot Kia, her PA, came over and said that Miss Leacroft would like to see him in her trailer. He thought that maybe she’d seen some hidden talent in him and wanted to introduce him to a producer or something, the fact that she was interested in his tongue didn’t occur to him.

When he entered the opulent trailer Beula was dressed in the sheerest of negligees and he could see her delicious looking tits complete with protruding nipples.

“Usually I go straight home after the shoot,” she purred, “But tonight I want to stay here in my trailer for a while and have dinner brought in. I hate to eat alone so I thought you might agree to keep me company.”

Wow – Shaun was only too pleased to accept her invitation and after a brief conversation during which she asked him a few questions about his job, his girlfriends etc, the PA arrived with a waiter from one of the best restaurants in town with a wonderful meal and a bottle of wine. During dinner she delivered a surprise, “I’m looking for someone to give Kia a hand, she has a lot to do and she could use some help – I wondered if you’d be interested?”

Shaun almost choked on his Filet Mignon, “Oh yes I would be – absolutely.”

“I must warn you – I have some very special needs and I would expect you to fulfill them – without question.”

“No problem,” he replied, his wineglass shaking in his hand with excitement.

“Have you heard the expression cunnilingus?”

Shaun thought it was possibly the Irish airline his Aunt Carey flew on when she went to Dublin but Beula put him straight,

“It’s when you eat a girl out – you know lick her cunt.”

The glass almost fell out of his hand, “Are you asking me to…?”

Before he could finish his sentence she nodded with a smile, “Are you up to it.”

It was Shaun’s turned to nod, after all, who wouldn’t want to fuck one of the most glamorous actresses in the world.”

“I’d like it now,” she sighed, “So go through that door and have a shower and clean your cock well because if I’m pleased with your performance I might suck it for you.”

The stunned young man went into the shower and was so excited at the prospect that lay before him he almost shot his load while he was cleaning his dick for a possible excursion into Beula’s mouth. When he re-appeared wearing a towel he found the famous star sitting on the sofa naked beckoning him with her middle finger. Shaun dropped to his knees, gently parted her legs and headed for her shaved pussy.

He used his fingertips to open up her delicate pink folds and slowly slipped his long tongue into her tunnel of love. Her body jerked upwards as he penetrated deep inside and then he began to lick her wet crack from bottom to top using the tip of one finger to stretch it gently downward.

Beula started to shake and writhe like someone going into a fit, she cried out, “Holy shit, Holy fucking shit,” several times as his extraordinary organ moved up and down, up and down. When as she felt herself cumming she grabbed on to his hair forcing his face deeper and firmer into her well-lubricated vajayjay.

With a hot flush permeating her entire body she let out a piercing scream and began to shake uncontrollably. Releasing his head she leaned back hyperventilating and in-between taking deep breaths she murmured, “That was great Shaun – really great.”

He just sat there on the floor stroking the inside of her thighs until she told him to stand up, “You deserve a reward,” she smiled, “I’m going to suck your cock.”

Shaun quickly responded to her request and Beula leaned forward taking his dick in one hand and his balls in the other. “Now I’m going to suck you dry,” she said, in an almost vindictive manner. The next thing he knew she was plunging his throbbing shaft into her mouth working up and down it as if she couldn’t wait for a mouth full of cum.

If this had been any female it would have felt fucking good but here he was been sucked off by a famous movie star – it seemed to add a completely new dimension to the experience. When he felt his goop moving up from his balls he called out “I cumming – I’m cumming,” and when he did explode inside her mouth it escalated to “I’M CUMMING!!!”

Beula not only swallowed the lot she continued to lick the end of his dick so none of it would drip onto the carpet. Shaun’s legs had turned to rubber and so he plumped down beside her on the sofa and took a few deep breaths. She began to run her long finger nails up and down his chest,

“I think I’m going to like having you around,” she whispered, “And Kia is going to like it too.”


“Yes Kia has been watching us, and probably diddling her twat, in the other room,” she laughed, and then called out, “You can come in now.”

The sliding door opened and the young PA stepped out completely naked. She was gorgeous.

“Now we’ve got this little game we play,” Beula smiled, moving him from the sofa and pulling it out into a bed, “You can fuck my lovely assistant here while she licks my cunt. She’s only got a tiny tongue but she can flick it twenty times a second.”

Shaun didn’t say anything because now that tongue was now flicking inside his mouth, as Kia crushed her lips against his, and rubbed her firm pointy tits on his bare chest. He almost felt like pinching himself just to see if he was dreaming but there wasn’t time for that as the Beula had positioned herself on the bed with her long legs wide open ready for a good tongue lashing.

Kia bent over the trembling movie star slipping her face between those shapely thighs and then stuck her ass up in the air so that he could ram it in from behind. He shoved his dick in as far as he could and leaned forward to hang on to her tits. It felt good, and even better when he began to slide it in and out of her warm lubricated crack. Beula was starting to groan out loud as her PA’s tongue sped up and down her pussy lips and he found that very exciting. Soon he was bouncing off her ass at a mile a minute and he could feel the cum moving up his throbbing cock.

When he shot his load Kia let out a muffled cry, the award-winning actress screamed and they all ended up as a pile of naked bodies on the bed, kissing and groping each other all over. Later, over a well-deserved brandy, his new boss babbled on about how his life with her would be one of continuous sexual adventures.

“My friends are going to love you,” she said. with a roguish smile, “I’ll introduce you at our next ‘Cunt Munch,’ next Thursday.” She looked thoughtful for a moment and then started to list those she thought might attend. “Now let’s see, they’ll be Theda Medina, she’s the TV chef, Maxine Curtis – you probably know her from the movie Swamp Fever, and there’s Nicolle Pittman married to Davis Pittman the billionaire lumber baron, and possibly Theresa McCurdy-Fae and Janis Woo, they pop in occasionally.” She continued to rattle off more names but stopped suddenly when he knelt down in front of her and started to lap her snatch like a big faithful Hound dog. THE END

Footnote: Shaun now has his own house in Beverly Hills, he drives a Mercedes-Benz SLS and his tongue is insured for three million dollars.


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