Laws of Nature

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Miss May Pritchard, who passed away at 75, had no heirs and so she left the proceeds from the sale of her house, furnishings and other belongings to several charities. Curt Mallin, an articled clerk with the law firm handling the estate, was recruited to help Jennifer Kerr, one of the partners, to sort and catalog it all.

She was a very attractive woman around 35 and a well respected attorney. It was a bit beneath her to take on such a job but she was involved with one of the charities benefiting, and thought she should do her part.

She drove Curt over to the old rambling house that May had occupied for over forty years and once the door was open she instructed him to see if he could find the coffee maker.

“I can’t function without coffee,” she said, “The old lady must have a percolator or something we can brew in.

Jennifer had brought a bag full of sandwiches and various other goodies as she wanted to get stuck into the job and didn’t want to go out for lunch as it would take up too much time.

With the pot bubbling on the stove the two started in the living room, which was pretty straight forward, in fact they got all the downstairs done by lunchtime. As soon as their little break was over they went upstairs. She led the way, giving Curt a wonderful look of her long shapely legs. At the very top she bent over to pick up a vase that was lying on the step, he stopped dead in his tracks and took a deep breath as her brief white panties where less than two feet from his face.

He’d always admired Jennifer but he’d never thought about her in a sexual way but now he was actually feeling horny. Once in the main bedroom he began to think how nice it would be to fuck her, but of course he thought there was little chance of that.

“Miss Prtitchard was a bit of a swinger you know,” she laughed, holding up some frilly underwear you’d hardly expect a 75 year old lady to be wearing, “She is reputed to have had a bevy of male friends although she never chose to marry any of them.”

Curt didn’t say much he was busy listing all the items of furniture, but when he opened up a small cupboard and peered inside, he gasped at what he saw. Jennifer quickly came up behind him to see what had attracted his attention,

“O my god,” she exclaimed, as she saw a collection of sex toys that could have given an orgasm to the whole of Ohio, “this is a treasure trove, I’ve always wanted to buy stuff like this but my husband thinks I’m perverted.”

“That seems a bit harsh,” said Curt, thinking she might decide to give one or two of them a try and include him in the process.

“Would you mind checking out the other bedroom and giving me a little privacy,” she asked.

He shrugged and left, feeling somewhat disappointed that he was not going to be included in whatever she had planned. As he checked the furniture in the other room he could here little squeaks and whimpers coming from Jennifer and it was giving him a big hard on.

When he’d finished taking inventory he returned to the other room and there was the normally sedate lawyer lying naked on the bed with a sizable dildo up her twat, and puffing and blowing in a state of complete ecstasy. When she looked over and realized he was in the room she was a little embarrassed at been caught out but then she threw caution to the wind and asked him if he’d whip her gently with a bright red cat of nine tails that lay beside the bed.

She turned over and he proceeded to delivered a few strokes to her gorgeous tight little ass. Jennifer was rolling all over the bed and rubbing her crack as he kept flicking her delicate white skin.

After a while she asked him to use the sets of pink handcuffs and secure her to the bed. He cuffed her wrists to the bed rail and the top and did the same with her ankles at the bottom.

“Now take off your clothes and you can do whatever you want with me.” she cried, straining at her bonds like a maiden in distress.

He quickly got out of his shirt and pants and looked at some of the toys which she had scattered all over the floor. Sorting through he found a set of nipple clamps. He’d once read about them in a sex magazine, although he’d never tried to attach them to anyone himself.

When she saw him rise from the floor flicking those clamps she started to struggle but it was all an act. He clamped them just behind her nipples, as prescribed by the article he’d read. She responded to them tightening on her tits by arching her back and moaning with pleasure. Now he turned his attention to the dildos, he chose one shaped like a real cock. It was long and it was thick and it had ridges up the sides for extra sensation. When he started to drive it in and out of her she went crazy.

As her legs and arms were firmly secure, and she did say he could do anything he wanted, he climbed up on the bed and started to rub his dick across her ruby lips, then he lay sideways across her face and forced it into her mouth. He was not sure if she was expecting that but she started to move her tongue around it as he fucked her face.

When Curt came inside her mouth she swallowed the lot and continued to lick her lips as he moved down the bed, parted her pink petals and began to lick up and down her wet groove. Every so often he would tug on the chains attached to the nipple clamps and she’d gasp each time he did it.

It wasn’t long before the pussy fluffing and the nipple pulling began to take effect and her body started to shake violently and she yelled “fuck” at the top of her lungs. Now, with her legs wide open and his dick as hard as a rock he lowered himself down and plunged it into her.

The way she screamed was like as if she’d been stabbed. Once more she tugged at her tethers as he began to pound her pussy, and the old iron bed squeaked and bounced against the wall as he rammed it into her.

Soon Curt’s balls felt as if they were going to explode and his cum started to stream into her hairy cunt in a seemingly endless stream. He’d never heard Jennifer swear in the office but now she was bouncing her ass up and down calling out “fuck, fuck, fucking, fuck.”

When he removed the clams from her tits it hurt a bit but she didn’t seem to mind. As soon as he’d freed her from her cuffs she suggested that they took a bath together as they were both quite sweaty. Of course, once they started to sponge each other down they got horny again. Facing him Jennifer put her arms around his neck, crushed her breasts against his chest, and lowered herself onto his cock.

The bathroom was swimming in water by the time his goo shot into her crack once again. They climbed out and wiped each other down and she politely thanked her assistant for the good time.

Curt thought this was going to be a one off deal but he was wrong, Jennifer ended up buying the property and it became their regular love nest. Every Wednesday evening, leaving her briefs at the office, she meets him there and lets him habeas her corpus. THE END

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