Large-Scale Penetration

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Marlis Holmes was a forty-something freelance artist that lived on a barge on the River Thames not far from London. Divorced and rarely seeing her children, who were both at university, she sometimes got a little depressed and so she could empathize with people who occasionally jumped off a nearby bridge into the river. In the three years she’d been moored there she’d fished no less than four people out of the water. After a heart to heart conversation over some hot cocoa, she sent them on their way feeling much more positive about their lives.

It was actually unlikely the people she’d rescued really wanted to do away with themselves, the bridge wasn’t really very high and the fact she was moored close by almost guaranteed they would be rescued. In the case of jumper number five she wasn’t so sure, Michael had actually tied weights to his feet and that made it quite difficult to drag him on board.

“You’re looking much better now,” she said encouragingly as he sat there naked, except for a blanket wrapped around him. He sipped on his cocoa and nodded. “Would you like to tell me what’s troubling you.”

“Girls,” he said, taking another sip.


“Yes, I don’t have any luck with them.”

“How come – you’re a very handsome young man.”

“The problem is I come on too strong.”

“Too strong?”

“Yes – I sometimes tell a girl that I love her on the first date and then I have this erection problem.”

“Do you mean you can’t get it up.”

“No, I can’t get it down most of the time – I get so easily aroused and that makes me come on a little too strong sexually.” He shook his head, “I’ve even got a hard and now and you’re old enough to be my mother.”

Marlis found him rather sweet, he certainly had emotional problems but she thought he was simply just a little immature.

“Are you saying you’d like to fuck me,” she asked, looking at him quizzically with her head to one side.

“Absolutely – I think you’re very attractive.”

“Well let’s have a look at what you have to offer, a woman of my age and experience just doesn’t open her legs for just anybody,” she teased.

Marlis hadn’t felt a dick up inside of her for several years and fingering herself was beginning to lose its appeal. “What the hell,” she thought, “I saved the guy’s life, why shouldn’t I get a little reward.”

When he removed the blanket the word little was most inappropriate. His dick was so big and thick and she thought the girls he’d been with, and who had later dumped him, had probably done so because they’d had to have stitches.

However, she figured her quim, that had stretched wide enough to pass two nine pound children through, could probably accommodate him. Having made this decision she began to slowly take off her clothes as Michael sat there drooling. She just hoped that his dick wouldn’t get any bigger at the sight of her trim body and remarkably perky tits, and it didn’t, but it did change its angle until it was almost sticking straight up in the air.

Marlis wasn’t sure if she could get it into her mouth but knowing that most men liked to have it sucked she thought she’d give it a go. She knelt before him and began by just pressing her lips on the end. Although his foreskin had gone back on its own she still took her hand and drew it back further.

Michael was breathing heavy and his eyes were shut tight but they suddenly sprung open when she took as much of it in her mouth as she could possibly get. Massaging his balls with her left hand she started to go slowly up and down his shaft. Her cheeks bulged and she almost gagged as she continued to go up and down, up and down. He was getting really anxious to cum and so he put his hands in her hair and started to move her head backward and forwards in the hope of making her go faster – but she didn’t – she kept going slowly – up and down, up and down. He was beginning to get shooting pains in his balls as the action continued and then he started to yell – “Fucking holy shit,” as his goo shot into her mouth and she kept pumping and pumping to give him the blowjob of his life.

When she backed off of his dripping dick he stuck his hands down and grabbed on to her tits. She wasn’t looking for a bit of rough and told him he had to be gentle.

Taking him by the hand she led him into the bedroom and flung herself onto the bed. He quickly straddled her legs and made for her erect nipples sucking and licking them while one hand stroked underneath her tits. Marlis was amazed that this innocent looking young man could create the sense of excitement she was feeling. It was driving her crazy and she was dying for him to finger her cunt hoping for a big long lasting orgasm.

Her wish came true when he inserted two fingers in between her pussy lips and slid them in and out as if he was fucking her with them. It felt great, but it felt even better when he shoved his face between her legs and started to lick her pink petals with his tongue. Every nerve in her body seemed to burst into flames as he worked his pussy fluffer up and down the sides of her wet crack and occasional blobbed it inside of her cavity.

When her body started to tremble he increased the pace and soon she was flinging her arms around, cursing and swearing as she did so. It was like the moment of the Big Bang when she came, her cunt was vibrating and she was gasping for breath.

For Michael, this seemed like the perfect moment to insert his enormous cock into her love canal. He did it slowly and she took little breaths as it edged its way further and further inside of her. When it was firmly embedded he began to move in and out slowly but once again the excitement got the better of him and he started to ram it in as though he was late for his next appointment.

Marlis was feeling ecstasy and pain at the same time as he drove it forcefully into her hole. She held onto his arms as he went faster and faster and then he began to cry out, “I’m cumming – I’m cumming,” and he shot his load. She wrapped her legs around him, held him tight and groaned as she came for a second time.

“Oh my God,” that was out of this world Michael,” she said and began kissing his face all over.

He was just about to say, “I love you,” when she put her finger to his lips.

“I’m much too old for you Michael, you need to keep looking for the right girl and forget about me – OK?.”

As it was late at night she let him stay but in the morning she reluctantly waved him goodbye and threw him a kiss.

Two days after his departure Marlis was cooking supper in the galley when she heard the familiar splash of someone jumping off of the bridge. She rushed onto the deck, grabbed to pole she used to haul out the unfortunate jumpers, and with a lot of grunting she managed to drag him towards the boat.

When she bent over, about to pull him onto the deck, she was shocked at what she saw, “What the fuck are you doing back here,” she cried as Michael’s algae splattered face popped up out of the water.

“I love you,” he said, “I want to stay here with you.”

She couldn’t decide whether to drop in back in the water or not, but in the end, she just smiled, “OK but you’re going to have to learn to swab decks, pump out the bilge and all the nautical stuff – do you understand?”

He nodded, she pulled onto the deck and as she gave him a hug she distinctly felt something very big and very hard pressing against her leg.


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