Jiggling in the Gym

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Eddie Johnson had a great job selling gym equipment to schools. He traveled all over North America and met a lot of gorgeous gym teachers on the way.

Over the years he’d worked out a routine that not only sold parallel bars and vaulting horses but tested the water to see if these limber ladies were looking for a good fuck. It was amazing how many of these teachers had ended up with him feeling their muscles.

Usually, it took place in a storage room on a pile of floor mats and a couple of times on the desk in their office but he was about to have a new experience while traveling through Alberta, Canada. In this particular school, there were a couple of women he could only describe as drop dead gorgeous.

Kelly was around 30, blonde, with an incredible figure and Marie, who appeared to be her assistant, was about 23 with tits that a porn star would have given their right arm for. When he walked into the gym to meet them after hours, he knew they liked the look of him from their expressions.

They sat on some equipment and looked through his catalogs but it wasn’t long before he managed to steer the conversation around to sex. He started by talking about the younger generation and got around to saying how regular sex was really good for your overall health.

Both the women giggled at this statement and Kelly said that he must be getting quite a lot because he looked so very healthy.

“Do you think it’s good to be adventurous when you’re having sex,” she asked with a wry smile.

“Love adventure,” he replied, feeling confident that something good was going to develop from this conversation.

“Marie and I were only talking yesterday about how you could combine sex with exercise by using gym equipment.”

Eddie’s heart began to race, “I think there are all kinds of possibilities there,” he mused, having a job to sit straight with his dick pressing against his pants.

“Of course we’ve never tried it,” Marie said, “We’ve not really found the right man to try it with, most of the men here have a job getting in and out of their chairs.”

“I’m always available to further the cause of higher education,” he smiled, now having to stand to relieve the pressure on his boner.
“Maybe we should all take our clothes off and try a few moves – maybe we can prove whether it offers improved health benefits,” she grinned.

The women were only wearing tank tops and sweatpants and they slipped out of them while Eddie was still trying to get his shoes off. Impatient to get things moving the two women soon started to assist him to remove his clothes and both stood back when he, completely naked, showed off his rather long stiff cock.

“I like your equipment, said Kelly, “And I don’t mean the stuff in your catalog.”

Marie laughed and asked if he guaranteed satisfaction.

Eddie was beginning to think he was the luckiest guy alive as the two women started to move their hands all over his body as if he was a god or something. It was Marie who first ran her fingers through his pubic hair and stopped with a smile when she grasped his dick. However, before things went any further Kelly suggested that they all took a shower.

“If we’re all going to start to lick each other’s bodies,” she said, “We should make sure they’re clean.”

He was in total agreement and Kelly led the way to the showers and they all shared a cabinet. They ended up like a group of big kids, throwing lather around and occasionally groping each other.

Eddie couldn’t wait to get hold of Marie’s tits and as an excuse, he washed them thoroughly for her. She leaned back on the tiled wall as he circled them with his strong hands rubbing her nipples with his palms. Then Kelly not wanting to be cut out of the fun came up behind and put her arms around him pressing her tits against his back.

Marie seemed to be getting very excited as the palming of her tits continued and she suddenly turned, put her hands against the wall and stuck out her bum inviting him to stick his throbbing red shaft up her ass. As he did so Kelly slipped her hands between his legs and gently lathered his balls.

While he pounded Marie’s ass he slipped his arms around her and grabbed hold of her tits, massaging them in time with his powerful thrusts. It wasn’t long before she screamed out,

“I’m cumming – I’m cumming,” and for some reason, Kelly got all excited and started to finger his balls with increased enthusiasm. When he shot his load he let out a few Bull Moose mating calls, ramming it into her cunt repeatedly with considerable force. As soon as he withdrew it Kelly was down on her knees sucking it for all it was worth.

Marie, still trembling from her orgasm, came up from behind and started to gently pull back on his ball bag. His foreskin was back as far as it would go and Kelly was plunging it in and out of her mouth as if she was determined for him to cum again. It didn’t take long and then both of the women knelt down and licked the dripping end together.

Eddie didn’t want to admit it but he was feeling exhausted and his legs had gone jelly-like. However, the women were only just starting. Soon they were towing him out to the gym and they actually physically lifted him on to the padded top of a vaulting table. As he lay there not knowing what to expect next Kelly used the springboard to leap on the top of him. Fortunately, she managed to land straddling his legs and not on the family jewels.

She lowered herself onto his resurrected projectile just as if she was doing an Olympic event and then started to swing her legs to and fro. It was a strange feeling as he was way deep inside of her and as she made the movements, the muscles inside her moist groove were contracting and creating sort of a sucking motion on his dick. With his head almost hanging over the table Marie came around and started to insert her tongue into his mouth and then she pulled herself gracefully above his face with her legs spread apart. She lowered herself onto his moist lips so that he could munch on her quivering quim and he ate her out with relish.

All three were groaning and moaning and Eddie balls were feeling tight and intense. He thought he was going to cum any minute but Kelly and Marie jumped off of the table together and both grabbed his arms and lead him over to the parallel bars. It was almost like a rehearsed routine.

The poor guy was a little frustrated because his balls were aching like hell as he was anxious to shoot yet another big blob of cum. However, the girls wanted to make the whole thing last and to try as much as the equipment as possible.

Marie launched herself onto the parallel bars in such a way that her pink tacho was in a direct line with his dick. Kelly took over the role of coach and directed him from the side. Responding to her commands he held onto the bars and swung into Marie’s waiting cunt. It felt great and he took several swings, once again expecting to shoot his load but the girls had one more piece of equipment to try.

They literally carried Eddie over the gym and dumped onto the trampoline. Kelly climbed on top of him and lowered herself once more onto his dick. He sank it in her hot wet crack all the way up to his scrotum and then took a very deep breath awaiting her next move.

Marie climbed onto the end of the apparatus and began to jump. Her beautiful big tits bounced every which way as she got higher and higher. The vibration was jolting Kelly up and down on his cock which resulted in it going in and out at variable speeds which made it very frustrating.

Marie kept on pounding the canvas and as she did her lithe figure appeared over Kelly’s head each time she leaped into the air. The combination of watching her tits jiggling and plunging in and out of a well-lubricated vagina soon brought him to the boil. When he called out he was cumming Marie increased her pace and Kelly leaned back tightening her cunt around his battered schlong. When he blew his load they still continued to mangle his manhood and poor Eddie was flinging arms around almost begging for mercy.

When it was all over, and they had put their clothes back on, Eddie, still gasping for breath, and looking very pale, asked them what they thought of the gym equipment he’d showed them in the catalog.

“Oh we’re not teachers,” said Kelly, “We’re just a couple of PTA members, we come here one evening a week to get some exercise. Miss Rogers, who was due to meet you here, won’t be able to make until seven. Maybe we should hang around and make it a foursome. THE END

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Copyright 2013 Cristiano Caffieri

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