It’s all in the Bush

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by Cristiano Caffieri

John Madeley was in charge of a rather special garden commemorating the founders of the city where he lived. He was the recipient of numerous awards and people traveled from miles around to see his flower beds.

There was one problem – he had to work alone as the city budget just wouldn’t stretch to hiring anymore help. Consequently, he put in lots of extra hours for no extra pay and he was a little fed up with the situation.

The city naturally didn’t want to lose him and so they made a compromise, during the summer they’d hire a university student to assist him. It wasn’t a perfect solution but it was better than nothing.
When Vikki Roberts reported for the first day at work he was impressed. Not only with her qualifications, which were excellent, but with her looks. She was black and she was beautiful. He was so overwhelmed when she held out her hand to introduce herself he forgot to let go of it.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I’m just a little surprised.”

“Because I’m black?”

“No, because you’re so beautiful, I guess I was expecting someone more muscular.”

“And you’re disappointed?”

“Oh no I’m delighted,” he stammered, feeling he might be saying all the wrong things, “I love beautiful things – like flowers.”

“Which flower do you think I look like?” she teased.

Deciding he had to calm himself down he took a deep breath and then began to think, “The Rose,” he said at length, “It would have to be a Rose.”

“I love Roses too,” she smiled, “But shouldn’t we get on with some work?”

Vikki turned out to be a first-class colleague, she knew what she was doing and she worked hard. In addition, she was great to talk to and during their lunch break they sat in the greenhouse and chatted about everything under the sun but about flowers in particular. One plant in the greenhouse caught her eye and she commented on it,

“What is that?” she asked pointing to a scrawny looking Rose in a pot.

“All I know is – it’s a Rose,” he laughed. “I’ve no idea of the variety. An old lady who used to come to the park almost every day gave it to me, she died not long after and so I’ve never had the heart to dump it.”

“It’s never flowered?”

“No – never had so much as a bud on it, if you promise not to laugh I’ll tell you what she said.”

“Promise and cross my heart,” she smiled.

“Well, she told me it would bloom when I found my true love.”

“Sounds as if she was a witch.”

“You’re laughing inside.”

“No I’m not – it’s a very sweet story and I’m glad you’ve decided to keep it – perhaps you should keep it in your apartment and when you take the right girl back there maybe it will flower.”

He felt sure she was making fun of him but the idea of keeping at home did appeal to him, he had just the spot and the pot for it.
“I’ll take it tonight if you will come over, I can grab a pizza and I can show you my Phalaenopsis.”

She laughed, “My gosh – we’ve only known each other half a day and already you want to show me your Phalaenopsis.”

Nolan blushed, “It’s my Moth Orchid.”

“I know what it is,” she said, being more serious in case she was upsetting him with her banter.

As they went up in the elevator to his apartment that evening she was carrying the plant and he the pizza and a bag of groceries.

“Isn’t that strange Nolan?”

“What’s strange,” he asked as the elevator ground to a halt and they stepped out into the corridor.

“The Rose – it’s so much healthier than when we started out.”

“You’re taking the piss again.”

“No I’m not – look at the foliage – it’s thicker and shinier.”

He looked but in the dim light of the corridor, he couldn’t really see the difference. When they entered the apartment Vikki was still staring at it. He put his stuff in the kitchen and returned to the living area to take the pot from her. As he put his hands on it, he found himself staring into her eyes but she wasn’t looking into his, she was looking at a tiny single Rose that had mysteriously appeared among the leaves.

When it caught his attention he gasped, “My God – that’s amazing.”

Vikki lowered the plant pot and looked directly back at him, he moved his lips towards hers, and she hers towards him. With one hand he relieved her of the Rose and placed it on the table beside them, and then he pulled her close and kissed her passionately.

She was no less enthusiastic and she put her arms around his neck and held on tight as their tongues engaged. The kissing went on for a long time before Nolan, who was not particular experienced, ventured to put his hand on her breast. She raised no objection, in fact, it seemed to intensify her passion.

His dick was getting very hard and she felt it pressing against her leg. It was quite unlike her to think about sex with someone she’d only just met but she was actually feeling quite horny and couldn’t resist the temptation to slip her hand down to touch it. For Nolan it was if he’d been struck by lightning, his whole body began to tremble and he took a risk quite equal to hers when he started to unbutton her top. Vikki didn’t say anything – in fact, she followed his lead and soon his shirt dropped to the floor on top of her garments that were accumulating there.

When they were both completely naked he did something he’s only seen in the movies – he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

“Where are we going?” she laughed.

“I just want to show you where I sleep,” he replied.

“But I’m not feeling tired,” she teased.

“Neither am I,” he said, as he laid her down on the bed.

For a few seconds, he seemed in a daze as he just stood there and looked down at her beautiful body. She stretched out her hand, grabbed his wrist and pulled him down beside her. Nolan immediately made for her erect nipples rubbing his lips gently across them before taking one into his mouth to suck it.

Her body gave a little jerk and she stroked his shoulders as he fondled, licked and sucked her gorgeous tits. After a while, he moved his hand down her belly heading towards her neatly trimmed pussy but she stopped him and slipped further down the bed so that she could lightly kiss the end of his dick.

Holding it in one hand and using the other to stroke his balls she nibbled at the end of it and slowly pulled the skin back. Nolan held his breath, expecting at any moment that she would take it into her mouth. When she did, she did it slowly. His body shook and he moved his ass around as he was so anxious for her to take it in deeper – and she didn’t disappoint him.

“Fuck,” he cried out as his shaft almost disappeared down her throat.

She stopped and withdrew it. “Are you OK?” she asked.

“Couldn’t be better,” he gasped, just dying for it to go back in again.

As her lips slipped up and down his throbbing cock he thought he was going to explode. Her fingers continued to explore his balls as she went up and down – up and down. When he felt his cum surging upward he yelled out to warn her but she didn’t stop, in fact, she quickened the pace and didn’t move away from it until the very last second. She then worked it with her hand as the great gobs of goo shot out and landed on her tits and on her face.

“Oh shit, that was so good,” he murmured, lying back seemingly exhausted.

“Now it’s your turn,” she smiled, and straddling his body she moved up until the lips of her cunt were resting over his mouth.

He reached up and grabbed her tits as his tongue went into action licking her wet crack from her ass to her clit. Vikki began to moan and groan and gyrate her hips.

Breathlessly she cried out “Oh my god, that feels so good,” as he continued to work up and down her crack with his pussy fluffer.

When she came she screamed and raised her ass up as if her cunt was so sensitive she couldn’t stand it anymore. She kissed his head, face, and lips before moving her body down and slipping her anxious slit onto his cock. As it sank in all the way in he just blew out a big gob of air. He’d never felt anything quite like it.

Vikki took his fingers and entwined them in hers then she proceeded to ride up and down on him. Her well-lubricated love tunnel sucked on his dick very much like her mouth did. It was a mind blowing experience.

When he was about to cum he moved his ass up and down to increase the pace. And when he blew his load he held on to her fingers tighter and tighter as she, with her eyes closed and her face tensed up screamed out loud.

The two of them lay there holding hands for a few minutes and then Nolan said, what he thought was the craziest thing he’d ever said in his entire life.



“I think I’m falling love with you.”

She didn’t say anything because it didn’t make any sense after knowing each other for just one day. However, she kissed him affectionately on the lips, got up and went into the living room to retrieve her clothes. Ten seconds later she let out another loud scream. Nolan jumped off the bed and charged through the door to find her standing there frozen – staring at the rose bush which was twice as big and covered in bright red blooms. THE END

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Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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