Is it a Sin to Slip it in?

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by Cristiano Caffieri

There’s no denying that Eva Doyle was a delightful creature and her attributes were not lost on the local vicar. However, having been involved with a prostitute in his last parish he couldn’t afford to put a foot wrong in his new one. Although in all honesty he didn’t really have a foot but could boast a good eight inches.

His 26 years old choir mistress did pose somewhat of a problem for him. With a perfect set of tits, long slender legs and an ass that moved in the most provocative way it was difficult for him to keep his cock from bursting out of his flies every time she passed.

During choir practice the horny young vicar often had to sneak behind the pulpit and thrust his hand down his pants in order to adjust his throbbing knob, hoping that he could make the bulge less noticeable. He thought his actions were unobserved but a mirror on the organ allowed Eva a good view of his shenanigans and watching him made her quite wet.

The Reverend Dowler was certainly not your average fuddy-duddy preacher. He looked more like a movie star and as she watched him forcefully deliver his sermons she’d often sit there fingering herself. A couple of times when she came she let out a little “ooooh”, which echoed around the church and all eyes turned towards her. To cover up her masturbatory indiscretions she’d fake a sneeze, which would solicit a smile and a nod from her hero and that would encourage her to start the procedure all over again.

Eva did wear rather revealing clothes for a choir mistress and although the church council had requested that he speak to her about it but he was loath to deprive himself the view of her swinging tits or the thrill of seeing her thong when she sat across from him. She was quite aware that he found her attractive and, anxious for him to penetrate her tunnel of love, she baited him constantly. One of her favorite teases was to drop her music when she was walking in front of him. When she bent down to pick up the scattered sheets the poor man’s testicles had a power surge and his thoughts quickly switched from Solomon to Sodomy.

It did cross the Reverend Dowling mind that she was leading him on but he was determined to fight temptation and clear his mind of unclean thoughts. However, even when she pulled the knobs on the pipe organ he couldn’t help wishing it was his knob she was pulling.

One very hot day Eva decided to go completely naked under her choir robes. She thought that not only would she be cooler but it would give her easy access to her wet crack. She sucked on a menthol cough candy throughout the services and tried to imagine what his cum would taste like in her mouth. Later in the vestry, she asked the poor unsuspecting man to help her with the zip, which she pretended was stuck.

When he released it the whole thing fell to the floor revealing her naked body. At that very same moment she dropped her music and as she bent to retrieve it she felt a short sharp stab in the ass and a pair of hands reaching around to hang onto her tits.

The young vicar began to ram it in at a frenzied pace as she called out “Holy fuck,” which seemed to be appropriate given the location. By the time he shot his load, he’d moved her half was across the tiled floor and her head hung so low she could see his balls bouncing around as he made the last final thrusts.

When he’d given her all that he’d got she sat on the floor and sucked on his cock. He closed his eyes and made funny little noises as it began to get hard again. Taking it deep into her mouth she worked it with her lips and her tongue as she fondled his balls. When his love lava began to flow he called out “I’m cumming,” but she ignored his warning and swallowed the lot. It tasted far nicer than the menthol cough candy!

Rather than getting exhausted after cumming twice in succession, he seemed to become more exhilarated. He literally tore off his remaining clothes, then picking her up from the carpet he lifted her onto a table, parting her legs and kneeled down before her. At first, he played with the lips of her cunt fingering then very gently and then he began to lick the inside of her thighs which sent bolts of lightning through her whole body.

Eva let out a gasp as his face pressed against her muff and his tongue licked up and down her crack. It felt quite wonderful.

“Oh my God,” she cried as his hands reached up to fondle her tits and his pussy fluffer worked magic on her pink petals. A few seconds later her body began to jerk all over the place and she screamed at the top of her voice as she came.

She was still shaking when he stood up, lifted her off the table and laid her on the carpet again. Eva looked up as he stood over her, with his enormous cock pointing to the ceiling. Opening her legs wide she could hardly wait for him to fill up her hole.

He slowly lowered himself down and after kissing her gently on the lips he rammed it in. It was so thick it stretched the sides of her vajajay. She grasped hold of his upper arms and moved her ass upwards, anxious for him to start driving it in and out. When he did he went into a frenzy crashing his balls against her ass and calling out “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck,” over and over again.

As for Eva, she was almost hysterical. Her whole body seemed to be on fire and when he shot his load she screamed once again and wrapped her legs around him, squeezing every drop of goo from his streaming dick.

When it was all over they just sat on the floor and looked at each other.

“We shouldn’t be doing this kind of thing – it’s a sin,” he said, shaking his head as though he was ashamed of his behavior.

“When do you want to sin again?” she asked, slipping her long slender fingers around his cock.

“We could do it Wednesday after choir practice, he said, his voice faltering as she pulled his foreskin right back, “then again I’m not very busy on Thursday and Friday either,” he continued, “and as for the weekend I’m completely free if you are.” THE END

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Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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