Into Stella’s Space

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Manfred Wolf was a young handsome professor from Germany working in the astrophysics department of a large American University. He specialized in Quantum Mechanics with a special interest in String Theory and had published quite a number of impressive papers on the subject.

One day in the cafeteria a gorgeous young woman came to sit his table and introduced herself as Doctor Stella Middleton.

“I work in the space lab,” she said. “We’re testing out a new configuration for our spacecraft crew quarters to make it suitable for astronauts traveling long distances in space – to Mars for example. Well – the fact is I need a serious minded person with a scientific background to help me with some experiments. Would you be interested?”

“I’m interested in anything that might further our knowledge of space travel,” he smiled. “What does it entail?”

“Well, to begin with, it means spending several hours with me in a very confined space,” she replied. “And that would mean having sex – after all, we can’t expect men and women to travel for months on end without satisfying their basic desires – can we?”

He nodded thoughtfully, checking out her physical attributes as he did so. She was pretty, slim, looked as if she had nice tits but he was in a relationship and wasn’t sure if this would be the right thing to do. However, realizing that he had a duty to science he agreed to her request.

The living quarters she described were very small with two narrow bunk beds, a tiny toilette/shower combination, and cupboard for keeping clothes and personal possessions in. It was almost claustrophobic.

Stella showed him how the top bunk folded back so that the bottom one became a sofa and they sat together chatting for a while. All the time, Manfred was wondering what else was due to happen. After a few minutes, she said that they should undress and put their clothes in the cupboard to see how that worked out. By standing at each end of the cabin, they managed to take off their sweaters without punching each other in the face and they just kept stripping until they were completely naked!

He felt, when he first saw, her that she had a nice body but out of her lab coat she was model material. Manfred had thought her tits were nice – and boy, were they – plump, firm and perfectly shaped. He was dying to grope them.

“Now, if you were going to have sex in here,” she began, looking down at his dick that was occupying more than its fair share of cabin space, “What position do you think would be most convenient?”

Manfred was beginning to regret accepting this challenge. It was so clinical. Basically, he just wanted to do what came naturally and he told her so.

“So, you’d like to just start the ball rolling with something like this,” she said, and moving up to him she pressed her soft warm tits against his chest and started to kiss him. He couldn’t answer because he had her tongue in his mouth.

The regrets slowly faded away as he cupped his palms around her bare bum and felt his throbbing dick pressing against her thigh. When his hands moved upwards to feel her tits, she gave out a little moan. He wet his finger with her saliva and circled it around her hardened nipples. Stella closed her eyes and just stood there motionless as he explored her slim form with his hands and then with his tongue.

Laying her down on the narrow bunk, with barely enough room to straddle her body, he leaned over and began to suck on those soft and inviting mammaries. The moaning got louder and louder and when he spread her legs open wide and began to probe her groove with his tongue, she became almost hysterical.

Manfred very lightly licked the edges of her pussy lips, exploring them with his fingers at the same time. The once reserved scientist began to twist and contort her body as if it was getting too much for her. Suddenly, she screamed and shoved her ass in the air almost causing them to fall off the bunk.

Stella seemed to be totally possessed by massive cum waves for a good two minutes. She kept rubbing her tits and gasping for breath as the climactic spasms continued unabated. When her exploding clitoris finally began to calm down, she slid her body underneath his and started to give his balls a thorough tongue lashing. The pretend astronaut grabbed onto his thighs and maneuvered him so that his cock could slide into her hungry mouth. She couldn’t really suck his schlong effectively in that position and so he began to fuck her face. Stella tightened her lips and moved her tongue around the head of his dick as he plunged it in and out. On the verge of a stupendous orgasm, he quickly withdrew and splattered huge dollops of cum all over her.

She laughed as she wiped his semen off her cheeks and nose and scooped the creamy gathering into her mouth as if it were Jello Pudding.

“You could have left it in,” she said, it tastes really good.

Manfred laughed as she kept on licking it from her fingers, but now he had to change his position so that he could get his dick, which was quickly hardening up again, between those gorgeous legs and deep into her groove. They both struggled in the confined space to attain congress and Stella was getting a little agitated. She really wanted that big thick cock of his to penetrate her and stretch the sides of her pussy to bursting.

When he delivered that first primal thrust, she just screamed out “Oh fuck!” and held onto him tightly as he began to ram it in and out of her sopping wet groove.

“Oh god – I want you to fuck me,” she cried out. “Please, please fuck me, fuck me hard.”

Manfred didn’t need really any encouragement. He just kept sliding it in and out, crashing his balls against the lips of her cunt until she was weeping with joy. As he shot his load into her, the once demure professor moved her ass up and down in time with his and called out a long string of obscenities.

The bed was too narrow to accommodate them side by side and so he slipped onto the floor but reached up so that he could continue to stroke her pussy. They watched some porn on a little TV screen for around an hour and then went at it again and continued that pattern for the entire eight-hour shift.

In the end, they dressed, she thanked him for his co-operation and said she couldn’t wait to view the video that had been made of their experiment. After he’d left, her assistant Emily, who’d been watching the action on a monitor, said it seemed to go very well.

“Who are you going to choose,” Stella asked, looking over her shoulder as she browsed through photos of the faculty on her computer.

“I rather like the look of him,” Emily replied, pointing to a young professor who lectured on human sexual behavior, “he should know a thing or two.”

“I’m going to fuck him next,” said Stella, hovering her finger over the photograph of a distinguished looking man, “I’ve never done it with anyone older before.”

The two women started to laugh. The idea to build that bogus cabin, so that they could fuck who they wanted had been a great idea…and their many victims who took that giant step for mankind had no reason to complain either. THE END

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