I’ll Be Home After I Fuck This Guy, Sweetheart!

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I’d been married for about 15 years, dropped a couple of kids and was living the nice quiet life in a non-descript suburb of a non-descript city. The height of excitement for me was getting 30% off a couple of bent cans of corn at the local grocery store. Sex was okay. Nothing was bent but it was definitely 30% off of what it once was. We were your average twice-a-month couple. I mostly had an orgasm, but if I didn’t, I’d rub one out the next morning. Once the kids were off to school, I often liked spending a little quality time between my legs. As I say, it wasn’t the kind of life worth writing a lengthy autobiography about but it was pleasant enough.

Then, for no apparent reason, Jimmy – that’s my husband – starts to making these offhanded comments about cuckolding. For those not in the know – and I certainly wasn’t – it’s this thing where fellas get their rocks off by encouraging their wives to have all kinds of sex with other men!

Well, I laughed it off at first but the subject just kept coming up like bits of shipwreck victims. Mostly at bedtime. And I began to notice that Mr. Hubby’s penis would get larger and larger, the more he talked about it.

Could Jimmy really be wanting me to go and do such a thing? Well, it’s something that started to cross my mind. Finally, on the 20th time it came up, while he was coming up, I flat out asked him.
”Is this something you want me to do?” I blurted out. Not in a negative way. I wanted to get and honest answer out of him.

“Well, if you wanted to give it a try,” he answered. “Might help mix things up for us.”

“I’ll give it some thought,” I replied, trying to shock him with my brazenness but he almost seemed pleased.

The very next night, Jim asked me if I’d been giving it any thought. Jesus! He was really serious about this.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to put Tinder on my phone and start looking for hunks,” I told him.

Again. No shock. What goes through a man’s mind? Fucked if I know.

The next morning, he made me breakfast in bed and put together the kids’ lunches. Hey, if he was going to start doing some of the housework, I’d date guys every day of the week!

That night, he eagerly looked over my shoulder as I was swiping through the pictures. Sometimes, he looked relieved and sometimes disappointed as I rejected a long list of faces. And then I swiped one the other way.

“Why did you pick him?” he asked.

“Nice eyes, I suppose.”

“They were nice. Good choice.”

Who was this gentleman laying next to me in bed? Well, he was laying next to me for about the next five seconds. And then Jimmy jumped on top of me and gave me one of those mega-fucks where you’re sure he’s thinking about another woman. Only he wasn’t. Jim was thinking about another man doing exactly the same thing to me that he was doing. It was the kind of screwing I wouldn’t have minded four times a month!

Sure enough, David – that was his name, contacted me.  Jimmy almost pissed himself with excitement. That’s when I laid down the rules to old Jim. He couldn’t come with me. I was going to decide what I was willing to do on this “date.”

More breakfast in bed and the kids’ lunches made. Plus he vacuumed the living room. 

The night of the date, I was a mess.  Jimmy helped me pick out a dress. Nothing too slutty but it did show off my finer body parts to advantage. He asked me if I wanted him to drop me off at the restaurant, in case I decided not to come home.

“Jesus Christ. Settle down. I didn’t fuck you our first date.”

Dinner was very pleasant – even as nervous as I was. It was so nice to have that attention a man gives you when he really, really wants you to give him some of your lap candy. I have to say, I felt a level of attractive and sexy, like I hadn’t done in years. After the meal, I let David walk me to my car. It felt absolutely sinful and I hadn’t even done anything… yet! That changed quickly. I thanked him for a lovely time and open mouth kissed him. Wow! What a trollop! The intensity of his tongue probing inside my head took me by surprise. And then he started feeling me up. Having another man besides Jimmy place his hands on my breasts! That hadn’t happened in 20 odd years and it was pretty darn great. I reached down and pulled on his ass so I could feel his erection pressing against my skirt. David didn’t disappoint. He rubbed his woody against my pelvis. Things were getting a tad too hot for my first time out in the wild so I thanked him for a lovely evening, gave his penis a polite squeeze and escaped into my car.

When I got home, I climbed on top of my husband and told him every last detail of my night out with another man as I pumped his cock to a womb-shattering orgasm.

Who knew I had this sort of thing in me. Or wanted that sort of the thing in me. Blush.

My next date was with Jason. I hadn’t made lunches in a week and now Jimmy was doing the laundry!

Jason was super nice and listened to every word I said. He wasn’t too forward, and that was important to me. I wanted to call the shots. These nights were all about me and I was going to exploit that to the hilt. After dinner, I let him walk me back to the car. This time, I asked if he’d like to get in and talk for awhile. Well, we were all over each other. My left tit was out of my bra in seconds. As he was licking my nipple, I reached down and felt between his legs. Yep, there was a fairly nice cock inside those Dockers. Time to move on to the next stage of my strumpet development. I pushed him back against the passenger car door and smiled.

Was I really doing this? I upzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard knob. Wow! I couldn’t even remember the last time I had a penis in my hand that wasn’t my husband’s. And then I went down on him, feeling the smooth, swollen head against the back of my throat. And I liked it. Sex was fun again.  Not only was I thinking, “Oh my God, I’ve got a stranger’s cock in my mouth,” I was also imagining Jimmy sitting at home in bed alone while I gave some stranger a blowjob. I played with his nuts, and gave him a better hummer than Jim had received in years. When Jason finally popped his cork and the gooey jizz was spurting into my mouth, I suddenly wished I had a small container, so I could take some of it home to show my hubby. But, that was for another time. I proudly showed Jason his handy work and swallowed it all.

When I got home, I fucked the life out of Jimmy as I told him in great detail about Jason’s cock and exactly what his spunk tasted like. I came like a sailor that night.

My third date was Billy. He was an absolute doll. About halfway through the meal, I decided this was the guy. After desert, we drove back to my place. I told Jimmy that I was going to be spending the night at Bill’s house and I just wanted to kiss the kid’s goodnight before we headed over there. And then I left my husband and the guy who was about to fuck me alone in the living room to chat. I grabbed a few things out of the bedroom and headed back downstairs. The two guys were just staring at each other, not quite sure what to say. I kissed Jimmy and told him that Billy would drop me back off before the kids headed out to school and then we left.

It was a weird awkward moment but I was so turned on I was dizzy. I let him play with my snatch all the way back to his place.

Wow. Walking into a man’s house for the first time, knowing you were about to do the dirty. Strange but wonderful times. He offered me a drink, but I was pretty anxious to get down to business. I gave him a big soul kiss and unzipped his pants. He grabbed himself a generous helping of my tits and we were off to the races. Clothes were jettisoned in every direction. Wedding vows were violated at a head-spinning pace. Now it was the time to find out what his bed was like.

We flopped down onto the mattress in a big pile of flesh and horniness. Legs and tongues intertwined like vines on a trestle. I had one hand on his cock and one on his balls. He had three fingers in my vagina and his other paw stuffed up my ass crack. I couldn’t wait to tell Jimmy about Bill’s cock. It was nicely sized and beautifully shaped. His pre-cum tasted like honey. I was so glad I decided to give up my married virginity to Billy. As I lay on my back, he gently spread my legs open and gazed at my wide open pussy. Here was a man I’d know for 3 hours, staring up inside me! It felt glorious. But not as glorious as when he started to lick my labia like they were made out of Scandinavian ice cream. His tongue slowly slid up each inner lip and then circled round my clitoris and slid right back down. I played with his hair as he tongue fucked me. A far better head of hair than Jimmy had and Billy’s tongue technique was revelatory. Those few minutes on cunnilingual ministrations were absolute bliss. By the time he decided climbed on top of me, I was more than ready for a good schtupping and, boys and girls, that’s just what he gave me. Bill slowly pushed that beautiful cock of his inside me and I welcomed every lovely inch.  Looking up at his handsome face as his penis began to slide in and out had placed my pussy firmly on the fuck-me, fuck-me tracks and steaming towards Cumtown. I wrapped my legs around him and counter-humped his thrusts like a woman possessed. That first climax was a Fourth of July fireworks display in my vagina. I let out a scream that would have deafened a bat. Streams of cum-a-licious bolts of depraved delight shot through my torso. Gripping his ass like it was gold-covered chocolate, I roughly pulled Billy into me, forcing him to ejeculate deep within my fuck tunnel. I wanted all of his man goo swimming its way up into my fallopian tubes and beyond. I’d earned those little squigglers!

After he slid out of me, I lay in his arms and played with his cock until I fell asleep. I did tell him that if he made me breakfast, I would let him fuck me before he drop me home. And that’s just what he did.

During our second round of rumpy-pumpy, I made sure to grab a small sample of Billy’s sperm to take home to my man. During steamy story time, when I arrived at the point where Bill cumming inside me, I pulled out the little container and told him to taste it. Jim was not that enthusiastic about my demand, so I pushed the container against his lips and repeated my demand. Slowly, and unhappily, he opened his mouth and I poured Billy’s salty sludge onto my husband’s tongue. His face made it look like he was tasting borax. I tapped his cheek and told him he was a good boy, once he swallowed it.

Since I’d already had enough sex to suit me, I told Jimmy he could masterbate in front of me. While he pumped on his cock, I told him all about Billy’s cock again. The shape and the hardness and the size. The way it felt banging against my tonsils. Judging by the amount of mung that poured out of him, he seems to have been more than happy our new routine.

I sleep over at another man’s house a couple of times a week now. Billy gets to fuck me a couple of times a month, but I don’t want anyone getting too comfortable with the arrangement. And Jimmy has tasted the spunk each and everyone of them. I enjoy the attention of going out on dates and having sex when I want to and with whom I want. The best part is knowing I don’t have to worry about my husband getting being jealous. I just have to watch him jack off while I tell him about it.

If you have a choice girls, don’t become a hot wife. That’s all about hubby getting his rocks off while you do all the work. If you want a threesome, just find two other guys, believe me, it’s not hard. Then it allll about yooou.  

The End

Copyright Lauren McAllister 2020

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