I Fucked My Husband’s Boss Up The Ass!

By Lauren McAllister

I just want to say, right off the top, that James and I are mostly blameless for the story you’re about to here. Bad luck can happen to anyone, and I fully realized that before, during and after it was rained down on us like drunken trapeze artists. We had honestly  and sincerely readied ourselves for that proverbial rainy day. We just didn’t expect it to be a category 5 hurricane with its eye crammed to burstin’ with shit. By the time the poop-filled waters had receded, we were up to my tasty tits in debt.

There was only one possible way to even semi-right our ship of fools.  Jimmy was up for a promotion and we desperately needed him to get it. More than desperately than desperate. Going to live in his mother’s basement, desperate.  A joy right up there with polishing live grenades for a living.  But was Jimmy going to get this life-and-mother-in-law-saving raise? I mean, I love the guy but he’s not the most dedicated of workers. Or the nattiest of dressers. Or very punctual. He’s just a sweet lovable lunk who has absolutely no head for business. But, he gives head like nobody’s business. Hey, a girl can’t have everything.

Nope, unless Jimmy and I wanted to sleep under that wrinkled witch’s rec room ping pong table, it was going to be up to me to do the thinking for the both of us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about going out and getting a job. By the time I’d paid for transportation and childcare, we’d be making less money than if I stayed unemployed.

The Evil Plan:

Norman had always had the hots for me. That’s Jimmy’s boss. He wasn’t a total perv about it or stalking me or anything, but a girl knows the signs and Normy had more signs than a freeway off ramp. He wasn’t much of a looker but he sure was a good eater. Norm had packed on some pretty unattractive pounds in his 48 years on this all-you-can-eat Earth. Plus, he was exactly twice my age. And it didn’t have to be much above about 70 degrees before the sweat patches started to pop up like New Zealand mud bubbles. I’m not trying to body shame the guy but every girl has certain male physical attributes that will get her clit lit and Norman didn’t have any of them.

I dropped by the office one day when I knew Jimmy was out on an errand and pretended to be surprised when Norm told me that I’d just missed him. He was being typically and awkwardly nice to me. Asked me if I wanted a coffee or a ride home. I just pouted and said that I was hoping to be taken to lunch. “Oh well…“

And I waited. I may have flirted and waited. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t want to swear on a stack of bibles, under penalty of law that I didn’t let loose a few “come hither” vibes. 

And Normy couldn’t wait to come hither.

“Hey, I’m always in the mood for lunch. Why don’t I take you?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to put you out. You’re such a busy and important man.” I continued to slather on the butt butter all the way to his car.

Normy, wasn’t cheap, I’ll give him that. A very upscale restaurant and a very tasty bottle of wine. I’ll admit that I drank the majority of it, but this was no ordinary mission I was on.

What was that mission? Well, I wasn’t exactly sure. All I knew was, I had to get Jimmy that raise no matter what it took and I was pretty sure it was going to require the ultimate sacrifice.

When we got back into his car, I put my hand on his leg and thanked him for a lovely meal and the pleasant company. Then, I leaned over and kissed his cheek. That’s all it took. Before I knew what was happening, he had his tongue in my mouth and his hand on my tit.

This next part had to be handled carefully. I let him rummage around my nipples and tonsils for about half-a-minute before pushing him away. Too soon and he’d think I was offended. If I let him go at it too long, he’d become too sure of himself.

“No Normy, I shouldn’t,” I managed to almost say as he was tasting the roof of my mouth. “Yes, I’m attracted to you. Well, what girl wouldn’t be?” God, I was so ashamed of myself for saying that, but he was a man, so he bought it all like a five-dollar Ferrari. “But, I can’t make a fool of Jimmy behind his back.”

Norman’s jowly face dropped like the Flying Wallendas. I decided that drawing it out a little longer and then pulling him in was the best approach.

“I’m Jimmy’s wife, Normy,” I pouted and lightly rubbed my hand over his crotch. It was as hard as his arteries and he was sweating again.

“I know. But, surely it would be wrong to deny these feelings we have for one another.”

“I’m ashamed to say this, but mine are only physical. I could never leave him.”

This was like handing the horny galoot a no-strings pussy pass. He tried to appear disappointed in my answer but he looked like he might spontaneously combust from trying to hide his joy.

“No,” I shook my head sadly. “You would be availing yourself of his wife’s most intimate femininity. It would be only fair that you gave Jimmy something back in return, but I have no idea what that could be.”

I looked away and waited. His sweat patch grew even larger as the brain whirled around in his skull, trying to think of the shittiest thing he could give Jim in return for shoving a cock into his wife’s snatch.

“Do you think he’d like some new business cards?” Norm asked.

I almost shit. “Is that all you think I’m worth,” I almost sobbed.

“No. No, of course not. Ah… “

If his next answer was a new stapler, bankruptcy be damned, I was going to jam the cigarette lighter up into his nuts.

“I would give him that promotion, but I already promised it to Eddy.”

“And I promised to love, honour and obey Jimmy.” My face sprang a smile. “You’re right, that would be the perfect thing. We’d both be going back on our solemn word so we could be together.”

Norman thought long and hard. I leaned over and stuck my tongue in his mouth and massaged his nuts through his pants and then pulled away. “You’re right, perhaps it’s too big a sacrifice for both of us.”

“I’ll do it!” he screamed in my ear and stuck his hand straight up my skirt. Again, I let him forage around my labia – I didn’t wear any panties, just in case – for about thirty seconds and pretended to moan with untold desire. And then, I dragged his big mitt back out into the daylight.

“We have to wait, Norm,” I sighed and licked my vaginal honey off his fingers. “As much as we both want the same thing. Until it’s official with Jimmy, I can’t give myself to you.”

“Yeah. Yeah,” he sweated.

Mr. Horndog was so hyped up, I thought he was going to kill us both on the way back to the office. Norm had barely sat down at his desk when he called Eddy in and fired him. I felt terrible. That was in no way my intention. Though, Eddy was a really bright, capable guy and he’d get another job – a better job – in no time.

So, Jimmy got his promotion and it was now time to fulfill my end of the dastardly bargain. Norman has a wife, of course, so we couldn’t meet there and I certainly wasn’t going to let him bone me at my house.

“Do you really think we’re going to fulfill all our sexual desires, crammed into the back seat of your car?” I queried his first suggestion.

“But, I can’t use my credit card on a hotel.”

He had a point.

“So why don’t you fuck me at the office. Then you can think of your cock sliding in and out of me, every time you look at your desk.”

That did the trick.

So, on Thursday evening, I told Jimmy I was heading out for a girls’ night and he’d have to take care of the kids. He seemed a little put out but I would have given almost anything to trade places with him.

Norman was already at the office by the time I got there. Of course. He had a bottle of champagne on ice and was wearing a cravat. Apparently, his idea of the sexy man beast came from a movie he saw in 1953. Irregardless of his sartorial faux pas, I smiled like I was pleased to see him. He popped open the champagne and poured me a glass. The alcohol certainly helped but I wasn’t really in the mood for a lot of pleasantries and foreplay. I just wanted him to cum as fast as possible so I could go home.

Was that the wrong attitude?

After a couple of sips, I forced myself to kiss him. He wasn’t quite as desperate or aggressive with his tongue this time so it was a lot more pleasant. In fact, Normy wasn’t a bad kisser. We French necked awhile and he helped himself to my tits. Again, he wasn’t trying to rip them off my chest this time. This was a nice, relaxed mauling of my mammaries.  His nipple work was also well above average.

I reached down and unzipped his fly, hoping to find he was sporting something of size. When I felt around inside his pants though, he wasn’t even hard. Oh fuck! I was terrified he was one of the “Softie” guys that you have to suck and suck on before they get even halfway hard. I could already feel the oncoming ache in my jaw.

He yanked my top off and unhooked my bra. My nipples shot up like Pershing missiles. It was only then I realized how cold it was in the office. Normy had cranked up the air conditioning to frenzy to cut down on his perspiration. Perhaps this wasn’t going to be as completely gross as I thought.

I let him suck on my tits for a few minutes while I tried to rub some life into his dick. So far, not much was stirring. Time to bring out the big erectile guns. I said a little prayer before dropping down to my knees and relieving him of his slacks and Fruit of the Looms. I had him lean back on the desk, so his stomach wouldn’t be pressing down on my head as I was sucking his cock. This gave me a little more room to work on his knob and it looked like it needed a lot or work. It was odd having such a floppity and relatively small piece of flesh in my mouth. It felt like I had an unborn rat sitting on my tongue. I don’t want to brag but, if I’m sucking on your joint? You better believe it’s at least at half mast, no matter how bad your blood flow is.  It was so soft I had his nuts and all in my mouth. Normy was thrusting his pelvis into my face, trying to make some sort of masculine show out of it but I could tell that we were getting nowhere. After another couple of minutes of bouncing his wrinkly flesh lump around on my tongue, it was time to switch strategies.

I quickly turned him around and bent him over the desk, pried open his butt cheeks and started to lick his asshole while also massaging his nuts. I didn’t do this sort of thing for Jimmy!

This is a prime example of what it’s like to be a woman, folks. Here was a guy I was dreading having sex with and now I’m sticking my tongue up into his colon in the vain hope that I can raise and erection. Luckily, I’d gotten into some pretty odd porn videos lately and had one more trick up my sleeve. I grabbed the lube out of my purse and drenched my ring and index finger in K.Y.

Then I slapped his ass. “The problem with you, big boy, is you want to be fucked just like the bitch you are.” And I shoved those fingers up into his pucker hole.
He grunted and I slapped his ass again. “Now, you’re going to be my little girlie man, do you understand?”

“Yes Miss,” he replied, as I started to rotate the flat of my fingers over his prostate. He was hard in seconds. Not that it was enormous, but at least his penis had regained consciousness. I began to be a little rougher with his nutsack, smacking it every once-in-a-while as I rubbed on his little ass nub.

The sweat was back. It didn’t matter how meat-locker freezing it was in that room. But things were starting to really click. Normy was making these asthmatic wheezes as he approached lift off.
”Come on, girlie man! I want to see some cream on that desk. Don’t keep me waiting!” Smack! That one left a big red mark. His face crinkled up like he was going to have a heart attack. I was beginning to regret my decision when all of a sudden a little pool of jizz landed on the oak veneer desktop. Thank God! My wrist felt like it was broken. That little prostate lump ain’t the easiest thing to reach.  I pulled my fingers out of his ass and leaned over him so he couldn’t get up.

“Lick it up,” I heard myself demand.




“Pardon, miss.”

“I said lick it up. Every drop.” And son of a bitch, didn’t he do just that. I was having way, way more fun that I’d ever imagined.

Next, I sat in his office chair, spread my legs and made him get down on all fours to eat me out like a little doggy. I even made him bark a few times, in between tongue fucking my hole. When I came, it was a monster. Way, way bigger than the ones I have with Jim. I almost tore out the hair Normy still had left on his head. After I’d cum, I made him keep his face pressed against my labia for another five minutes as I drew rude words on his bald spot with a ballpoint pen.

When I got up to leave, I made him dress me. He had to stay naked until I was out the door. I also made him text me pics of his cock so I could laugh myself to sleep that night.

Since that bizarre evening, I’ve been meeting him at the office twice a week. After the first month, I purchased a strap-on so I could really fuck him up the ass. God, I say the most awful things to him as I thrust my six-and-a-half-inches of latex into his lower intestine. It doesn’t matter how much abuse I pile on though, he always leaves a little puddle on the desktop that I make him lick up.

Jimmy received a second raise, just last Thursday.

I’ve also started taking his better half out for three martini lunches. Next week I’m going to wave pics of his wife in my bed with her legs spread open in front of his face just before I shove my new 8 inch wang toy straight up his pucker hole!

Who knew getting in the business world could be this much fun!

The End

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