Hunter Farrow in Japan

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by Cristiano Caffieri

My name is Hunter Farrow, that’s not my real Christian name it’s just a nickname because I hunt things down. The people I work for are usually Russian or German and I have a girlfriend in both Moscow and Berlin who have apartments where I crash when I’m in town. And as the things I hunt for range from Oriental art and silk wall coverings to furniture and jewelry, I have a similar arrangement in Tokyo and Shanghai.

Last month I traveled to Tokyo and Natsumi met me at the airport. She is so beautiful, just like a fragile porcelain doll. As we drove to the Shinjuku district where she lives I was nursing a very large boner. Just watching her slender legs working the pedals in a traffic jam and anticipating having my face between them when we arrived at her apartment got me very excited.

Before we arrived at her place she asked if I wanted to stop for something to eat but the only thing I wanted to eat at that time was her hairy muff and I think she knew that. After we’d parked the car we walked the short distance to her two-room pad above a small store that sold perfume. The exotic smells emanating from there occasionally drifts into her bedroom and it seems to make her more horny and adventurous.

As I followed her up the narrow staircase, looking up her short skirt as I did so I caught a whiff of Channel Number Five and I knew from past experience that always got her in the mood. I was not disappointed, as soon as the apartment door was closed she started to rip off her clothes and scatter them on the floor as she made her way to the bedroom. Soon, my gear was nestling on top of hers and by the time I reached the bedroom I was naked and she lay on the bed with just a big smile on her face.

“Welcome home,” she whispered and she began to lift her tiny ass up and down on the bed simulating having sex.

It wasn’t an easy decision but I decided to suck her small beautifully shaped tits first and I crept up the bed slowly walking my fingers up her legs until my lips made contact with her nipples. As my dick pressed up against her thighs I sucked as she arched her back and whimpered.

“You suck so good,” she whispered, and in appreciation she quickly broke my grasp and dived onto my dick, kneading my balls with her beautiful fingers she took it into her mouth and gently slid up and down it.
“That tastes yummy,” she said, as she paused for a few seconds, “are you going to cum in my mouth.”

I hadn’t the heart to refuse such a request and I said that if that’s what she wanted I’d let her suck it dry. Giggling she held it tight in her hand for a moment and the drove it into her mouth almost up to my balls. When I felt my cum getting ready to make a break for it I grabbed onto her tits and squeezed them yelled “Make me cum Natsumi – make me cum.”

As it streamed into her sweet mouth I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. However, even though my body was still shaking it was payback time and I forced my face between those gorgeous legs, opened the lips of her cunt with my fingers, and ran my tongue up and down the full length of her crack. She loved it and started tugging on my hair and moaning as if it was almost too much for her. When she came her ass jumped up and down on the bed and she gripped on to my shoulders urging me to drive my cock into her.

Even though I normally like to do it slowly I responded to her needs and slipped it into her hairy mound in one big powerful thrust. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head.

“Fuck me, Hunter,” she cried, “Fuck me now.”

I started to drive it into her a mile a minute and she let out a little groan every time my balls crashed between her thighs. Soon the sweat was dripping off my brown onto her perfect tits and I could feel my cum working its way up my pipe and into her tight little snatch. Natsumi screamed out loud and moved her petite naked body around like a woman possessed.

“That was so good,” she said as we lay side by side fingering each other’s genitals, “It was so good. I’ve missed you – it’s been three weeks and three days since you were in Tokyo, the batteries in my vibrator have worn out.”

She pulled on my dick and it responded to her touch, “Do you’re batteries ever go flat?”

“Get on your hands and knees and I’ll see if I have any juice left,” I replied.

She obediently turned over with her ass stuck up in the air while I stood at the end of the bed and pulled her toward me. Slipping my hands around to grab onto her tits I managed to line up my cock like a heat-seeking missile and then I rammed it in as far as it would go.

“Can you do it fast?” she gasped, “I like it fast sometimes.”

To tease her I just stood there with it buried deep inside her crevasse and remained motionless.

“Get a move on,” she cried, screwing her ass up against me.

I just gave one stroke and then stopped again. She didn’t say anything this time she just started to move her ass backward and forward with the intention of fucking me. However, like she said it’s nice to go fast sometimes and so, I pulled hard on her tits, and then I began to drive it in and out like a piston rod.
Both of us yelled and screamed as I shot my load and exhausted, we both flopped on to the bed and I just managed to rustle up enough strength to rub my dripping dick over her nipples.

“You like to do that don’t you,” she said.

“It’s like branding you,” I smiled, “so that no other guy will ever suck your tits.”

“I won’t brand your dick until I catch you with some other woman,” she smiled back, “then I’ll do it with a red hot iron.”

I felt the pain just thinking about it! THE END

Copyright 2020 Cristiano Caffieri

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