How About a Blow Joe?

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Abby, Dina, and Francesca all worked for Joe Hopkins in a small packaging company near Duluth. It wasn’t the greatest job on earth but the girls had formed a kind of bond and that made it bearable.

The worse part was Joe himself – he was a letch of the first order. He knew better that to touch any of them but he was always passing lewd remarks and in turn, he invited all three girls to his cabin by the lake. Even went as far as to say he could take on all three at once.

Joe wasn’t a bad looking guy, he was about forty and he was a bit of a fitness freak so he was in good shape. It was just his attitude that offended everybody but they had learned to ignore him. Of course, that didn’t put him off, he felt sure that one day, one of his bevy of beauties would give in and he’d give her the time of her life. When the news got around about just how good he was in bed he was convinced that the others wouldn’t be able to wait to drop their panties for him.

The girls had agreed that they would not look for other jobs unless they could all move together. Their real hope for a change came every week when they entered a lottery with a five million dollar prize.

Abby, who been there the longest, said she would not only quit her job if she won but then she’d have to take some kind of revenge out on Joe. Just telling him to stick his job would not nearly enough to satisfy her. Of course they never really expected it to happen, it was really just a dream but one day, Dina, who always checked the ticket, just came over faint and when the other two managed to get her to speak she told them they had all seven numbers.

The girls all wanted to scream but they didn’t want Joe to know and so they tried to keep doing their jobs as if nothing had happened, although they couldn’t stop giggling. Joe didn’t know what to make of his staff that day but decided that a good hard fuck from a real man was probably what they really needed.

After work, the three of them got together at a local watering hole to discuss their future. Dina had discovered that it would be a couple of weeks before they got the cash and that could have their names kept private and away from the newspapers if they wished. The plan they hatch out that night was diabolical and when they had the cash in hand they were ready to strike.

“Joe,” said Francesca,” On the Friday they intended to put their plan into operation, “You’re always boasting about your sexual prowess – do you really think that you could take on three women at once?”

He took the bait, hook, line and sinker. “Of course I could,” he smirked, “If I took you three ladies to my cabin for the weekend – you wouldn’t be able to wipe the smile off your face for months.”

“We were talking about it last night,” piped up Dina, “And we don’t believe you have the stamina.”

Joe looked at them suspiciously, “Are you trying to call my bluff?”

“Is it a bluff,” asked Abby.

“Of course not – I could copulate for the State of Minnesota,” he grinned.

“OK – why don’t we all go to your cabin for the weekend and let you prove it,” Abby said, with a smile on her face.

Joe was still suspicious, “I know you girls – you’re just putting me on – I’ll go out there with a lot of food and booze and you won’t show.”

“If we don’t show you can fire us.” suggested Dina.

He began to get excited at the thoughts of chasing three beautiful naked girls around his cabin. “OK – you’ve got a deal – but don’t say I didn’t warn you – I’m dynamite with my clothes off.”

“We have something to look forward to then,” said Dina.

“You sure have,” chuckled Joe, and with his pants bulging at the front he retired to his office where he fantasized for the rest of the day.
The cottage turned out to be a great place. It was miles from anywhere but it had a great view over the lake and the inside was very comfortable bordering on luxurious. As promised, Joe brought a pile of food and drink that included several bottles of champagne.

In true Joe Hopkins style, he met them at the door completely naked and in spite of them despising him they all agreed he had a great body and a whopper of a dick on him. Of course, he wanted them to strip down right away but they said they wanted to settle in first.

After consuming a very acceptable Friday night supper the three ladies agreed to clear the dishes while Joe was given leave to relax. Nursing a huge boner, he sat and watched the ladies in their short skirts bending at the dishwasher and he looked so desperate they thought any minute he might jerk himself off.

When the dishes were loaded into the dishwasher the girls retired to their bedroom and reappeared a few moments later completely naked and carrying a few sex toys.

When Joe saw them walking towards him the veins in his neck bulged as though they were going to burst. There was Dina tall and slender with small cone shaped breasts and a shaved flower; Abby pleasantly plump with a great rack and a bushy pussy and then there was Francesca with her brown skin and long black hair flowing down to her waist. She normally wore contacts but she switched to rather thick horn-rimmed glasses for this occasion.

“We’ve brought along a few sex toys,” smiled Dina, “Your bedroom or ours?”

“Mine,” spluttered Joe, “It has a king sized bed.”

“That sounds great,” said, Abby, “Lead the way.”

Joe almost sprinted up the stairs and led them to a large bedroom with an enormous bed.

“Lie on the bed,” Francesca commanded, “We’re going to pamper you.”

Joe flung himself on the bed and lay there with his boner sticking up like the mast of a ship. They could see he was very nervous when they began to apply handcuffs to his to his wrists and feet but the macho in him prevented him from showing any signs of panic.

Once he was secured Dina went to the bathroom and came back with a wet sponge and a towel. She proceeded to thoroughly wash his dick and balls much to the delight of the unsuspecting victim. When it was all clean Abby knelt between his legs and began to suck his dick, while Dina put her hand under his thigh and gently tickled his balls.

As Abby skilfully applied her tongue his body began to twitch and contort and it wasn’t long before he shot his load yelling obscenities as he did so. Abby spit it out onto the towel and Francesca took over.

Although his dick was a little limp it began to rise very quickly when her full moist lips teased the end of it. And then when she engorged the whole thing Joe started to take deep breaths as though it might be too much for him. The girls glanced at each other from time to time as if they thought he might be having a heart attack.

Suddenly Francesca decided to do things a little differently. She repositioned herself straddling his body with her flower towards his face. He didn’t try to lick it as she thought he might he just lay there with his eyes bulging, probably wondering if he should have agreed to this little orgy. He wasn’t used to being dominated like this.

When it got to Dina’s turn it wouldn’t really come up again – a least not to its full size. She sucked it until she became exhausted. Determined to make him cum the other two pitched in until he made it. However, it didn’t seem to give him the thrill normally associated with deep throat copulation, he just seemed relieved to get it over with. Very red in the face and gasping for breath Joe pleaded to be released from bondage.

“But you said you could take on all three of us,” taunted Dina.

“Yes,” he groaned, “But I meant if I fucked you one at a time.”

“Don’t you like us to suck it for you?”

“Of course I like it but not too much of it.” He started to tug at his bonds, “I want to get up and have a drink.”

“I don’t think you should be drinking,” said Francesca, “You need to keep a clear head.”

“Well I need a pee,” he growled.

Dina produced a plastic bottle and slipped it over his dick and told him to go ahead. At this point Joe began to fume and call them fucking shitheads and that they were all fired – and then when they broke the news to him about the lottery ticket he became strangely silent.

The three girls went downstairs for a while and drank champagne. After a few glasses of bubbly and a lot of laughs, they proceeded to gather up all of Joe’s clothes and put them in garbage bags to be hidden in the woods until Sunday evening. His car keys and cell phone were also confiscated.

While they busied themselves with these tasks poor Joe was screaming his head off. At ten that night they released him and he immediately started to look for some clothes, which he didn’t find, not even a necktie. Naked he went outside intending to get his spare ignition key from under the car floor mat – but it was gone. The girls had thought of everything.

Eventually, they all went to bed with Joe still swearing and calling them a bunch of fucking vicious whores. Once in their room, the three made plans for the next morning. Dina said all that fooling around had made her horny and she wouldn’t mind a good fuck. The others agreed that they would pin him down and fuck his brains out.

When they awoke the sun was shining through the window, the birds were singing their little hearts out but Joe – he was nowhere to be found. His car was still there and it was most unlikely that he would try to hike three miles through the woods naked, so they decided he must be concealed somewhere in the house.

They had lots of fun searching for him and eventually found him cowering in a broom closet. They coaxed him out with the promise of eggs and bacon for breakfast and still naked they sat around the table and ate in relative silence. That was until Joe spoke up.

“Why don’t we call this whole thing off and I’ll give you a thousand bucks a piece and we can forget the whole thing.”

The three all shook their heads together. “We don’t need the money, Joe, we’re rich,” said Abby, “It’s your body we’re interested in.”

Joe’s eyes went into panic mode and he tried to make a bolt for it but Dina stuck her leg out and sent him sprawling across the floor.

While the other two held him down, Francesca diddled his dick until it started to come up. He was writhing all over the floor but she still managed to straddle him and lower herself onto it. When it penetrated her flower she gave a grunt of satisfaction, then she started to bounce around on it. Joe decided to grin and bear it and remained still. He didn’t move much again until he’d cum – and Francesca, who had a massive orgasm rolled off of him and lay on the floor mumbling about how good it felt.

Dina tried to take her place but Joe not only resisted, it was quite a job to get his dick up again. To solve this Abby put the end of her tongue into the eye of it and poked it gently. As soon as it was erect she jumped on it and once engorged inside of her it rose to the occasion. Then it was ride ’em cowboy with her voluptuous breasts swinging in his face as she did so. When she came it sent such shocks through her whole body she screamed her head off. It seemed this feeling of having complete control increased the level of excitement.

Dina decided to let Joe have a little rest before she tried and so they handcuffed him to the kitchen door until the were ready for him. Later when they started to prepare lunch Dina said she thought it was time to bring out the sex toys.

After cleaning up the protesting Joe, they bent him over the table and attached his arms with a set of cable cuffs to the table legs on the other side. Dina then produced a cock ring, switched it on and held it to his slightly battered schlong. Francesca put on a strap on and after greasing it up she drove it into his ass.

Poor Joes screamed, threatened to call the police, and struggled so much he managed to break free, sending Francesca flying across the floor and Dina sprawled under the table. Abby was the only one unscathed and she helped her friends to their feet. In spite of both of them taking a tumble, they were both laughing their heads off.

“He looks completely knackered – I think we should call and end to it,” Francesca suggested.

“Before we quit why don’t we have a contest,” laughed Dina, “Let’s blindfold him and let him lick all our cunts and see if he can recognize two out of three, then we’ll go home and leave him alone.”

Laughing they all agreed and when they managed to find Joe they put the proposition to him. It didn’t take long to locate him in the furnace room where armed with a broom handle he warned them not come near him. However, when the proposition was made he shrugged and agreed to the terms as he thought he would recognize them by the amount of hair covering their cracks.

One by one the girls lay on the bed in their room and Joe, well blindfolded, started to lick them. Of course, he was told that they had to cum or the bet was off.

Joe gave it all he had and one by one the girls started to tremble and go into orgasm. By the time he got to Abby his jaw was aching but with his release from any more sexual activity imminent he made a valiant effort. His tongue flicked the edges of her flower and then he chewed gently at her pink petals until every nerve in her body felt as though it might explode.

“That was perfect,” she said, patting Joe on the head like a little puppy.

Of course, he won the contest – they knew he would. They gave him back his clothes and other belongings and packed their things ready to go.
“We’ll have to do it again sometime,” laughed Abby as they were making their exit.

Joe, macho to the end said, “anytime ladies – it’s been a blast.” He then locked and bolted the door behind them just in case they changed their minds about leaving.

As they walked towards the car Dina asked Francesca if she thought she had some decent footage. She took off her camera glasses and smiled, “Lots of it,” she said, and it will be available on the internet tonight! THE END

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Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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