Horsing Around in the Stable

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horsing around

by Cristiano Caffieri

Charlotte Peterson’s father was very rich and very controlling. In an effort to keep his daughter from getting in with the wrong man he got her interested in horses at an early age. With six show horses to look after and events to attend (escorted by her Aunt Priscilla), she had no time for cavorting around with undesirables.

Simon Peterson felt that one day a suitable, well-educated, well-heeled man would turn up. In fact, he had Charlotte’s second cousin Cedric in mind. He was plain as a hedge fence and rather stupid but had inherited a considerable fortune from his grandfather, along with a large property adjoining theirs.

Charlotte wasn’t interested in Cedric and with all the work she had to do in the stables she didn’t even have time to talk to him when he visited. It was her increasing workload that eventually brought Jeremy Lowe to the estate.

She had been badgering her father about getting some help and so eventually he gave in and put an advertisement in the newspaper, hoping for a young woman to apply but none did. Of the men, three were too good looking, two were completely without experience and another turned out to have a long police record. This only left Jeremy. He had a slight limp from a riding accident, a slightly bent nose resulting from his being on the receiving end of a polo mallet and on the day of the interview he wore an eye patch as he was recovering from an infection.

However, on the day he arrived to take up his position with the patch removed he wasn’t a bad looking guy. He had a wonderful smile, not flashed during his interview with old man Peterson, and Charlotte found him rather attractive. She was completely starved of affection and so it didn’t take long for her to fall under Jeremy’s spell.

When he wasn’t flying to some city or other on business her father paid frequent visits to the stables to keep an eye on things and when he was away her Aunt Priscilla would be invited to stay at the house. However, one afternoon, with daddy away and the aunt taking one of her frequent naps, a window of opportunity opened up.

It wasn’t Jeremy who got things moving it was Charlotte. Being an avid reader of romance novels and an occasional visitor to online porn sites, she was anxious to savor some of that sexual excitement.

She wasn’t a virgin, that had been taken away from her when she was young by a rather aggressive relative named Bud, who visited the estate one summer. She found that experience rather painfully but felt sure with the gate already open it would be better the next time.

Charlotte wanted to play a classic love scene and so she got Jeremy to help her in the hay barn. It was a hot summer’s day and beams of sunlight streamed through the tiny windows of the barn and danced around on the hay.

After moving some bales from one area to make room for more, Charlotte pretended to be exhausted and threw herself down on a pile of loose hay with a big sigh. With the sunlight casting delicate shadows on her lovely face and her long hair spread around like threads of gold, she made a perfect picture and Jeremy felt quite intoxicated by it.

“You must be tired too,” she said, patting the hay beside her, “Have a rest for a few minutes and then we’ll get back to work.”

Jeremy could see she had a certain look in her eye and in fear of losing his job he was a bit hesitant to fuck the bosses daughter but the urge got the better of him. He lay himself down by her side and Charlotte didn’t waste a moment. Her hand went immediately to the bulge that had appeared in his pants and she began to stroke his dick.

Jeremy turned towards her, put his arms around her and their lips met in a fury of passion that ended up with them rolling over and over until they stopped with Charlotte on the top. She could feel his dick pressing against her pussy and she was as anxious as hell to feel it sliding into that damp crack.

Pushing him aside she grabbed a horse blanket and spread it on the hay to prevent her getting her bum pricked and she started to strip off. Jeremy was too dazed to do anything for a while and lay there looking up at her as she peeled off one garment after another.

Probably due to the hard work she did in the stable her body was firm and her curves were in all the right places. Her tits didn’t look that big under the work clothes she wore for the stables, but when she slipped off her bra they were large and solid.

Jeremy got up and quickly took off his clothes, then walked over to her and slipped his arms around her slim waist. As he held her tight her tits pressed against his hairy chest and Charlotte was beginning to tremble and lowered herself onto the blanket. He followed her down, kneeling over her he began to suck on her hardened nipples.

Charlotte arched her back and started to whimper as he worked magic with his tongue, licking the sides of her tits and then taking the nipples between his lips again.

“It feels so good,” she whispered as his tongue made its way down her body, pausing at her navel for a few moments, and then down to her shaved flower. When he began to probe the pink folds she almost went into shock, her body tensed up and she flung her arms back and grabbed big handfuls of hay.

He took his time to gently lick up and down her moist groove as she closed her eyes and seemed to drift off, as if in some magical dream time. But then her body began to shake violently and her eyes opened wide as if in a state of shock.

“My god,” she cried out, “My god, it feels like fireworks are going off all over my body.”

When she’d composed herself she sat up and urged him to stand so that she could take his throbbing cock into her mouth. Jeremy was breathing heavy as she slid her sweet lips down his rod and manipulated his balls with her fingers. It was so intense his face was all screwed up as if he was in pain.

He called out that he was about to cum but that didn’t phase Charlotte, she kept on pumping away until he was completely drained. Dragging himself away from her grasp he lay down beside her, his head spinning like a top.

As they lay there she played with his dick moving the foreskin backward and forwards very gently until it was hard as a rock once more. It was now time for Charlotte to show off her equestrian skills and she mounted him, letting his dick slip into her cunt as if to secure her to the saddle.

She held on to his raised hands entwining her fingers in his and started off at the trot, gradually breaking into a canter and then full gallop. Her ass kept crashing down on him ramming his dick deep inside of her.

Jeremy knew that she was about to cum again and he could feel his own load getting ready to make a break for it. As Charlotte was making a final sprint to the finish his goo spurted up inside of her cunt in a continuous stream. Their fingers tightened up on each other as they mutually exploded.

Charlotte was breathing heavy but she stayed on her mount for a while. When she did relax her grip she flopped sideways onto the blanket and just lay there rubbing her tits with a big smile on her face. Then she got up and walked into the tack room re-emerging with a red ribbon. Jeremy was a bit nervous that she might be going to pin it to his balls but she just gently laid it there.

He picked it up and looked what was written in the center of the rosette, it said, “Western Pleasure,” which is a competitive equestrian event. She smiled down at him,

“Next time I’m going to try side-saddle !” THE END

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