Honeymoaning in Rio

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Justina Morgan won a luxury honeymoon when she and her fiancé entered a newspaper competition but then, just before the wedding, he chickened out and the dream of that wonderful vacation in Rio seemed as though it was drifting away too. Fortunately, it was she that had filled in the entry forms and so it seemed as though she could take someone else along in her ex-fiance’s place but it would obviously have to be a young man. Enter her mailman Seth Bailey.

Seth was a 23-year-old who was adored in her neighborhood for his cheerful manner and kind deeds. Being an account executive in an advertising agency she would never have considered him as a boyfriend but for a purely platonic friend to accompany her to the beach he seemed ideal. When she approached him he was speechless however it didn’t take him long to make up his mind and say – “Yes!”

He’d often thought of asking Justina out but then he saw her dropped off by her boyfriend in his posh car and figured she was way out of his league. Seth still lived with his mother, drove a six-year-old Toyota and was not suave by any stretch of the imagination.

It took a bit of re-arranging to get his name on the airline tickets but she managed it and off they flew first class to Rio. There was only one unforeseen snag, a reporter for the newspaper turned up and began to take pictures of the happy couple. It meant that they had to do a lot of kissing and cuddling to convince her that they were indeed on their honeymoon. Seth co-operated and responded to her every request with enthusiasm.

Justina tried not to look worried but she was, their photos and names were going to appear on the pages of a popular daily newspaper and she was not sure how she was going to explain it to everyone. However, the deed was done and she decided she was going to pretend that Seth was her husband for the next week even though she was not going to extend any conjugal benefits to him.

The reporter had been instructed not to make herself obvious and to just take photos when the couple was least expecting it. Consequently, the pair had to play the romantic couple every time they were out in public, which Justina found a little bit embarrassing, while Seth relished every minute of it and couldn’t do enough for her. Back the airport he carried all of her luggage, went off to get her coffee and even helped her off the escalator.

Justina’s ex fiance’s manners left a lot to be desired, whereas Seth went out of his way not only to be nice to her but to everyone around them. He actually seemed to create an atmosphere and because he was pleasant to people they always seemed pleasant to him. When the plane was touching down in Rio Justina had nodded off and woke up to find herself snuggled on his shoulder. Although it was not that comfortable for him he sat there with a happy smile on his face. For Seth this whole experience was unbelievable, here he was sitting next to a very beautiful woman who he was about to spend a whole week within a tropical paradise.

The hotel suite was quite luxurious but having been designed specifically for honeymooners it only had one bed. It was an enormous circular one with silk sheets and it looked very inviting. There was also several vases of beautiful flowers, a bottle of free champagne and even a cute little box covered in hearts that contained a dozen colored condoms.

Seth said he would sleep on the huge sofa that occupied one end of the suite and although she felt a little guilty forcing him to do this she didn’t think they could occupy the same bed without something developing. Being late when they arrived, dinner was delivered to their room with a bottle of wine, and by the time they’d finished that both of them were feeling a little bit tipsy.

After taking a (cold) shower Seth walked around in the short robe provided by the hotel and Justina though he looked quite attractive. When she emerged from the bathroom similarly attired he just ended up with a big hard-on.

They settled down for the night leaving one small light on and she tossed and turned in bed unable to get to sleep while he lay looking up at the ceiling wondering what it would be like to slip his dick into her gorgeous body. He was soon to find out as the exasperated and frustrated Justina called out, “Seth – come and share my bed will you – please?”

He leaped off of the sofa and under the covers in three seconds flat. Putting his arms around her narrow waist he held on to her tight letting one hand stray to fondle her breast. She hugged him back and feeling his hardened dick poking into her she was under no illusions as to what was going to happen next.

Seth treated her so tenderly she was quite surprised; certainly, her ex-fiance had never treated her that way. He gently kissed her nipples, ran his tongue over her breasts and when he touched her flower with his finger it sent sparks flying through her whole body.

Justina was now feeling as horny as hell and would have liked to have had him bouncing on top of her but at the same time, she wanted this delicate treatment he was giving her to continue. She wasn’t sure where he had honed up his skills but he sure knew how to use his tongue, it found every sensitive nook and cranny on her body. When his lips finally made contact with her secret garden and his tongue flicked across her wet crevice she almost lost consciousness. It was that good.

As he continued to lick the petals of her vibrating pussy he fondled her tits with the palms of his hands. She began to take short sharp breaths and it wasn’t long before she started to moan and squirm and then just like an ecstasy bomb had exploded inside of her she began to scream and shake violently.

Poor Seth didn’t get any foreplay at this point as she was so anxious to feel his dick inside of her she pulled him on the top of her perspiring body and urged him to stick it in. When it slid into her very well lubricated pussy she gave a little shout and then grasping hold of his buttocks she pulled on them forcing it in even further.

He was dying to cum and so he began to slide it in and out at a steady pace only speeding up when Justina called out,” Faster – please – faster.” Now the gentle Seth turned into to a rampaging sex machine. He rammed it into her hard and fast as she dug her nails deep into his back. When he felt himself cumming he began to call out “Fuck” and this seemed to excite her and she moved her ass up and down causing Seth to blow his load and just scream out obscenities.

Justina was still cumming when he rolled off of her exhausted. It was a blue ribbon first night for any honeymoon couple as they continued to suck and fuck into the early hours.

The next morning they clung on to each other far more like two young honeymooners and the reporter got some great shots. It even got better in the afternoon when Seth managed to get a special license to get officially wed and invited the confused newspaper photographer to the ceremony.

Later that day a telegram arrived from Justina’s ex-fiance saying that he was sorry and would she have him back – she simply replied “Get lost dickhead,” and stripping off her clothes she leaped into bed with Seth and plunged his cock into her mouth. THE END

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