Head ’till You’re Dead

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Eddie Randall traveled all over the Mid-west selling painting supplies to hardware stores. He was particular fond of dealing with small town people because they so friendly, however when he arrived in Beamsville things didn’t plan out that way. His customers were friendly, the staff at the little hotel were friendly but Casey and Casandra Romero were not. In fact when he was about to open his room door Cassandra came up behind him a gun and Casey pushed him forwards so hard he fell sprawling across the floor.

At first he thought it was a robbery but then Casandra, pointing the gun at his balls informed him that he had made their kid sister pregnant and for the last three years she’d had to bring up little Henry on her own.

“There must be some mistake,” he spluttered, “This is my first trip to Beamsville, it’s new territory for me.

Neither of the women blinked, they just stood there with blank stares and nothing else was said until Casey produced a bunch of handcuffs.
“What are those for?” he asked in a state of panic.

“We’re going to fasten your to the bed and give you head until you’re dead,” she replied, and both of the women laughed as if it were extremely funny.

The two were not fat but they were not fashion models and they obviously had some muscles concealed under their track suits as they quite easily threw Eddie on the bed, tore off his clothes and secured him spread eagle with the cuffs.

He started to shout for help which prompted Casandra to bind his mouth with duct tape. Poor Eddie was struggling like a good fellow to break loose but it was all to no avail.

“Now we’ve been reading on the internet that if you keep on making a guy cum over and over again he’ll die and the autopsy will just show he’d been having a lot of sex – and you’ve sure had lots of that – including with our kid sister.”

As she concluded her little speech she grabbed hold of his balls and squeezed them. There were muffled cries coming from under the duct tape but the women just looked down at him and smiled.

In spite of being terrified, when the two women stripped off and stood there naked he did feel a bit of a reaction down under. They were what you would describe as big girls but they had curves in all the right places. Great tits, even greater asses and hairy holes that looked as if they could suck you in and blow you out in bubbles.

Cassandra was the first to take action, she began by wiping her tits backward and forwards all over his face while Casey moved up slowly between his legs and took his floppy but gradually improving dick into her mouth. Eddie tried to gasp but he couldn’t with the tape on his mouth he just groaned a little as she swallowed it whole and began to suck it with her full lips while running her fingers around his crotch.

He’d thought he might suffocate to death when Cassandra stood up and lowered her hair twat onto his face. It was right over his nose and he had great difficulty in breathing. After a while, she decided that she was missing out on something and removed the tape with one tug and told him if he cried out she kill him.

“Now you lick me out you two timing fucker,” she yelled and lowered her voluptuous petals right onto his mouth. Fearful of his life he licked and sucked for all he was worth. It was wet, warm and stifling but he did his best to keep up the pace as Casey continued to suck on his dick that was now standing up like a lonely fence post.

He was not exactly feeling in a romantic mood but regardless his balls began to tingle and he felt his sperm swimming up his tubes and it soon shot right into Casey’s mouth. As soon as she swallowed it she calmly took over sister’s position and Cassandra engorged his deflated cock in an effort to bring it up once more.

After cumming for a second time and crying out for mercy the two of them diddled his dick, rubbed their tits on it and sucked his balls until it started to rise once more. Casey climbed onboard in a reverse cowboy and started to jump up and down on it as if it was a pogo stick. Being a little on the heavy side she was knocking the wind out of him but once more he was able to cum and the two women seemed delighted.

“Look you’ve got the wrong man,” he protested, “Please let me go I don’t think I can do it anymore.”

He had only just got the words out of his mouth when Casey produced one of those mini vibrators, switch it on, buzzed it around his face a couple of times and as her sister lifted his body up she rammed it into his ass, not part of the way, all of the way. It felt like he had a rattle snake embedded.

As his prostrate went into overload, Cassandra leaned over and started to tease his dick with the end of her tongue, after a few licks Casey took over, and then Casandra again – it was like a relay race. He never thought he had it in him but sure enough, it started to rise to the occasion and Casandra decided to take her turn in the rodeo riding. However, just as she slipped he pussy over his dick there was a knock at the door.

Casey went over to see who it was and when she opened it a little way it was pushed into her face and a very irate kid sister charged into the room.
“What the hell are you too playing at, Daddy told me what you were planning to do – that’s absolutely crazy and could land you both in jail.”

“How can you stand there and protect this scum bag – this is Freddie Randall the man who has caused you endless misery and stole your virginity.”
“This isn’t Freddie,” she snapped.

“My name’s Eddie, Eddie Randall,” he managed to say hoarsely, having swallowed more vaginal fluid that any man should swallow in a life time.

“Eddie Randall,” chorused Casey and Cassandra.

“Well- we’re sure sorry for the mistake mister but at least we gave you a good time.”

The two embarrassed sisters, still naked, picked up their togs and left the room rather quickly.

Caitlin, the younger sister, who was drop dead attractive, picked up the key from the bedside table and was just about to unlock the cuffs when she caught sight of his gallant cock struggling to come up once more. She paused,

“You know – I’ve haven’t had a piece of tail since little Henry was born, would you mind?” she asked, slipping off her panties and lowering herself on it. She even took off her top so that he could see her tits bounce.

Poor Eddie was soaked in sweat and breathing quite heavily when it was all over. Caitlin thanked him, unlocked his cuffs and wrote her number on a piece of paper so that he could give her a ring when he was in town again.

When she’d gone Eddie chewed the piece of paper, hastily packed his bags and he was just about to check out when a man, dressed like a lumberjack with three days of growth, approached him menacingly at the desk,

“Are you Freddie Randall?” he asked, grabbing the poor salesman by the collar and lifting him four inches off the floor,

Before poor Eddie could choke out a reply – the man paused, “What the hell’s that buzzing sound?”

“It’s my pace maker, it’s gone haywire and I have to rush to the hospital before my heart stops.”

The man, who only wanted to rough “Freddie” up a bit for violating his virgin sister, let him go.

As Eddie tore out of the place and ran to his car the man turned to the desk clerk,

“He sure moves pretty good for a guy with a heart condition.” THE END

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Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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