He Waltzed Up Her Dress and Left a Mess

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Warren Weybdridge was a keen ballroom dancer. He and his wife and waltzing partner, Octavia, had won numerous awards. Even though they were perfectly in sync on the dance floor, they did not always get along in the boudoir. It was a complicated and strained relationship. They didn’t officially live together but they did have sex. Well, they did have the odd roll in the hay when Octavia felt like it but the last time that actually happened she owned a flip-open phone. To make matters worse, her sister Saskia, who was a considerably younger owned the body of an angel, had offered to fill the void by allowing him in to her void. Warren valiantly fought all temptation that came his way but that didn’t stop Octavia from accusing him of indulging in the very act she wasn’t prepared to perform for him herself.

One evening during a competition, the complicated couple had a huge argument and in between dances they sat at separate tables. Warren purposefully didn’t pay any attention to her. He was far more interested in five well dressed middle-aged women gazing over at him from the opposite side of the room. Every time Warren sneakily looked over in their direction, he discovered they were still staring at him.  And they were rich! The well healed assembly had a common manservant. He fetched them drinks, lit their cigarettes and smelled their breath to see if they needed another Altoid.

At one point, this dapper gentleman walked over to Warren’s table. He introduced himself very formally as Mister Maines, and confirmed that he was indeed in the employ of the five ladies. He was a polite, soft spoken fellow in his early sixties who had been a foot model for Dr. Scholl’s when he possessed a young man’s feet. Apparently, his five lady bosses owned a competing dance hall and they were interested in hiring him to come work for them. They would require his services twice a week and were willing to pay him a thousand dollars per session.

Even though he knew nothing about the job, Warren was swept away by such a generous offer.  He said he would drop by the club the following day. For the rest of the evening the five ladies, smiled and nodded every time he passed. He returned the favor by gracing them with his best thousand dollar smile.

Mister Maines, who described himself as the steward of the club, showed Warren around the following afternoon. It turned out to be a very impressive place. There was a reasonably sized dance floor but the facility also contained gym equipment and a section of the main room was occupied by judo mats. To the rear, there was a kitchen and dining room, where some of the country’s top chef’s were hired to cater for their celebrated gourmet nights.

Mister Maines informed him that his debut session would be at seven that evening and to wear casual attire. No problem at all. Warren arrived fifteen minutes early and raring to go for his first thousand-buck booking. He was offered a one-olive martini and informed that the ladies were in the dressing room and would be out presently. Stylish music played over the sound system as he at one of the tables and waited for the festivities to start. And boy, did they ever!

When the dressing room door opened, the five well preserved middle-aged ladies pranced out completely naked. Each denuded damsel was the proud owner of a firm pair of tits, possibly siliconed in place or surgically lifted. Lower down, two of the birthday-suited babes had sizable bushes, while the other three were as bald as William Shatner under his wig.

Warren’s jaw dropped but his lower body part rose. He was at a total loss for what to say or do as they calmly took their places at his table.

“We’re naturists,” Jenny explained, “I hope that doesn’t shock you.”

As he was making a grand for being there so he insouciantly smiled and shook his head. When they asked him to take his clothes off, Warren’s smile somewhat souciance what somewhat challenged. Before he could find the approximate words to summon an actual response, Millie and Molly had begun to unbotton his shirt. Meanwhile, Delia had crept under the table and was removing his slacks. Within a blink of Arthur Murray’s eye, he was down to a sock and a band-aid on his left elbow.

Delia informed the other ladies, from her excellent vantage point, that Warren was the owner of an enormous lap truncheon and she was intended to suck on it. Not wanting to be left out of the carnal carnival, Millie and Molly grabbed hold of his trembling hands and guided them into their wet and welcoming slits, encouraging him take bold finger forays into the deepest crevices of their modesty.

Jenny and Frederika, tore into each other’s flesh with sapphic gusto, ending up 69ing each other on the club carpet. At this juncture, Warren wasn’t sure that he’d been hired to do any dancing at all but on the other hand, this was a pretty enjoyable way to make a thousand dollars.

Alas, before Delia had popped Warren’s cork, Jenny dragged him onto the dance floor for a naked foxtrot. As she expertly whirled him ‘round the trendy nightspot, he could feel his saliva drenched shaft pressing against her taut belly and her magnificent, top of the line, tits poking him in the chest. And they weren’t the sole copulatory contingent. Three of the other women had formed an oral daisy chain next to the bandstand and Mister Maines was doing his part by sodomizing Millie by the margarita machine.

Molly, used her height to a distinct advantage. She was able to slip Warren’s erection up into her hoo-haw and dance him around the dance floor like their were conjoined twins. But this short and fading moment of terspsichore was to be an aberration to his evening’s dirty dance card.

Seconds later he was dragged over to the mats and laid out spread eagle. Fredrika held onto his wrists while Delia pinned his ankles to the floor. Jenny then straddled his helpless body and slowly lowered her steaming wet crack down onto his throbbing boner. After a minute or so of moderate riding atop his cervix slammer, she was replaced sur la knob by Molly who quickly raised the pelvic pace to a gallop. Millie however, upon mounting his man meat, immediately put stuck the spurs in. Squeezed hard by her tight little twat, his fiercely fucked-upon phallus felt like it was on the verge of snapping off. She demonically and deafeningly commanded her venereal victim to come inside her. 

Warren was given very little choice but to acquiesce to her demand. He thought his balls were going to explode as a massive magazine of molten cum bullets began to shoot up into the very epicenter of Molly’s welcoming womb. At this point, an unseen hand grabbed hold of his frenzied nutsack and pumped it for every last particle of penis potion.

Warren lay there truly spent. The very definition of flaccid and placid. Perhaps he might be allowed to take an extended nap behind the drum-set before opening time, he optimistically conjectured.

No such luck.

He had just closed his weary eyes when Delias talented tongue once again began to call call his beaver basher back to duty. Fredrika had bent herself over one of the sturdier tables and called upon her embattled employee to hie on over and fuck her up the ass. As he was guided to his new port of entry, Millie and Molly pulled apart Freddie’s ass cheeks to provide unimpeded access to her awaiting pucker hole. Delia simultaneously KY’d the head of Warren’s minge-mauler and lining it up for it’s anal assault. And up he went, high into the lower intestine of his new employer. Jenny sat under the table and massaged his balls while Delia violated his sphincter repeatedly with the tip of her tongue.

Even though he was a tiny bit weary, the poor bastard went absolutely bonkers for her tight booty. He grabbed onto Frederika’s soft, ripe tits and threw is raging cock into her analicious love-hole until she erupted with the biggest ass-gasm she’d ever had in her loaf-larder. Even when he withdrew his dick from her undulating mudpie, she forced to lean over the table, being jerked backwards and forwards by powerful, leg-shaking colon contractions.

Warren was grateful to the point of tears when the five indefatigable women turned their gamic gaze towards Mr. Maines. The horny herd cranked up the club music before transforming him into the creamy filling of a flesh donut they formed around him. Molly came up behind, pressing her pert warm tits against his back. Delia did the jerking, Fredrika the licking and Jenny got down on her knees and hungrily opened her mouth. When he began to bellow “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” Jenny stuck out her tongue to receive the thick, salty servings of his syrupy semen. The other four women lined up to extract their share of Maines’ mung from Jennifer’s jism tray and then the “session” was finally officially finished.

When Warren got home to his apartment building, he was so shagged out he barely had the strength to hold the wad of hundred dollar bills in his palm. All he could think about was getting to his room and falling into bed. Alas, when he swung open the door, he discovered his beloved mattress was occupied by Octavia and her sister Saskia.

“Get your clothes off and join us,” Saskia giggled, giving him a major shot of her gravity-defying tits. Octavia proceeded to explain that perhaps she’d been a little unfair and she and her sister were more than prepared to make it up to him.

“I hope you’re well rested sweetie, because we’re going to fuck your brains out tonight,” she announced.

Warren tried to smile – but he simply didn’t have the strength.

The End

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