Having it Off with a Stranger

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by Cristiano Caffieri

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Gina Fox’s way of dealing with her unhappy marriage was to throw herself wholeheartedly into community theater. During any one season she might produce, direct and act in one production or another and she loved every minute of it.

Occasionally the group produced a play written by a relatively new writer and it was while casting for one of these called the “The Cherry Hill Affair,” that she was to do something she’d never done before. And it all began with auditioning for the leading roles.

She had sent out a news release calling for interested people to come for auditions on a Wednesday evening at the theater but one young man phoned her saying he couldn’t make it for that night and could she arrange something for him. He had recently moved into town and she was anxious to see a new face and so she invited him to come around to her house on the following Thursday afternoon.

When Thomas Kingsley arrived at her door she was immediately impressed. He was tall, good looking and had a beautiful smile. The young wannabe actor was equally impressed with Gina, after all, you don’t expect to find a gorgeous woman in her late twenties producing a play. It often turns out to be someone closer to middle-aged.

“This is rather a steamy production,” said Gina, handing him a script, “Are you comfortable with that.”

“No problem – particularly if the female lead is as good looking as you.”

She blushed a little before telling him that Linda Adams, who she felt should play the part, won the town’s beauty queen title two years in a row.

“I’ve not made up my mind absolutely,” she said, “But if you prove to be a good Chad Barker, that’s the name of the protagonist, you and Linda would look perfect together.

For the audition, Gina decided to run through one of the steamier scenes with Thomas and she got more than she bargained for. He was not shy, and when the script called for him to kiss her he took her in his arms and crushed his lips against hers and she didn’t want it to stop. It was unlike her to do what she did next but she couldn’t help herself, she actually stuck her tongue in his mouth. Although it was a bit of a surprise, he pretended it was all part of the play and he reciprocated in kind.

As the necking continued his script fell to the floor as he had better things to do with his hands. He stroked the cheeks of her shapely bum, brought them up to her slim waistline and then cupped her tits with both hands. Gina gasped as little sparks seemed to be flying up and down her body.

Even though the drapes were not drawn and the sun was pouring in through the window she didn’t seem to care. It was just as if all the moral values she’d adhered were no longer important. She didn’t resist at all when this total stranger began to unbutton her top and grope her soft warm breasts. Although his hands were large his touch was surprisingly gentle and she wanted it to go on forever.

However, Thomas was impatient for his lips to make contact with her erect nipples and lifted her up in his powerful arms and sat her on a small bar in the corner of the room. Then, as she threw her head back and closed her eyes, he sucked them and stroked them sending her into a state of euphoria.

She was slightly afraid when his hand began to explore between her thighs as if perhaps it was all going a bit too far. However, when his finger moved aside her thong and probed the entrance to her pussy she threw caution to the wind and assisted him when he struggled to rid her of her underwear altogether.

Gina’s eyes opened wide when he rolled back her short skirt and started to gently kiss her flower. She began to tremble violently as his fingers parted the lips and his tongue explored deep inside of her. Now with his face embedded between her legs, he licked her wet slit from bottom to top – over and over again. She was moaning and breathing quite heavy and showing signs of going into orgasm when he suddenly changed his tactic and flicked his tongue furiously up and down one side. The sensation that this created sent her over the top and her body shook so much it vibrated the glasses at the back of the bar.

Gina was hyperventilating but never-the-less anxious to see what Thomas had got to offer under his T-shirt and jeans – it turned out to be what every woman wants. His body showed definite signs of working out and his dick, which was standing almost vertical, was long and thick and surrounded by short curly blonde hair.

When she took his cock between her generous lips it felt so good she couldn’t wait to plunge it all the way in. He held on to the top of her head while she, almost in frenzy, sucked it as though she couldn’t wait for him to cum into her mouth. When he did, she dug her nails into the cheeks of his bum and wouldn’t let him withdraw it until she milked every single drop.

Even though he was in fine physical shape he needed a few minutes to catch his breath before he moved to the next level. It was Gina who took the initiative as she, placing her hands on the bar, stuck out her ass so that he could fuck her from behind. Thomas leaned over her and she trembled as he took her tits into his hands and shoved his dick deep into her wet groove.

She was gasping every time he drove it in and you could hear his groin slapping against the cheeks of her ass. When he felt that he was about to cum he increased the pace and she began to yell “Fuuuuuck” anticipating that final thrust when his load would be shooting deep inside of her.

Thomas was quite vocal himself when his hot goo started to flow he grabbed her ass and kept ramming it in quite forcefully. Gina was just exhaling and sighing as if she’d had the most wonderful fuck that any woman had ever had.

After all the groaning, sweating and flesh pounding was over, still naked, they sat on the sofa to enjoy a well-deserved drink.
“Well – do you think I could play the role of Chad Barker.” he asked, looking at her over his glass.

“I think you’d be perfect,” she smiled, “You were made for the part.”

“Well I’m glad – I’ve always wanted to play a role in one of my own plays.”

Gina put her drink down on the side table and just stared at him, “Holy shit – you’re Tom King – aren’t you.”

“Yes I just write under a shortened version of my real name”

“This will really help our box office,” she said, “And you and I will have to work together very closely.”

“Closer the better,” he smiled, “Closer the better.” THE END

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