Having it Off in the Ball Pit

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Woody Dalgleish worked at a children’s play venue along with a very pretty girl called Nancy Coe. He’d never tried to date his colleague because he had seen her several times with her boyfriend so he didn’t think there was much point but he did fancy her.

Nancy was really quite beautiful. She was slender, due in part to a strict exercise regimen, she had long brown hair and the biggest blue eyes he’d ever seen. Her short skirts and revealing tops that she wore for work made him so horny he sometimes had to spend a little extra time in the bathroom.

One day the owners of The Play Place, Mr. and Mrs. Scheeman, asked their two employees if they could close up shop for them as they had an important social engagement. They intended to leave at 4 p.m. and the business didn’t close until 5.30.

It was relatively quiet for that hour and a half. The pair sat around chatting for most of the time and he discovered, much to his delight, that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend who had been cheating on her with an older woman.

“I can’t imagine anyone cheating on someone as beautiful as you,” he said.

She blushed and shrugged her shoulders, “Obviously Brian doesn’t share your opinion.”

At that point, they started to tidy up the place including picking up stray balls from a large pit containing thousands of them. Children loved wallowing around in the multicolored mass and suddenly the idea seemed to appeal to Nancy. She took a little run, spread out her arms as if she was about to fly and did a big belly flop right in the center. Balls shot up everywhere and she turned over on her back laughing and invited Woody to join her.

He didn’t intend to land on top of her but he almost did and he found himself just a hair’s breadth away from her lips. She stopped laughing, looked at him with those big blue eyes and then kissed him.

It was quite shock but one that he was willing to cope with. He slipped his arms around her narrow waist and with their lips and tongues engaged they rolled over and over, sometimes almost disappearing under the surface.

He was a little nervous about taking their frolic up a notch but Nancy wasn’t. She moved her hand slowly down his belly and stopped when she felt his cock. Horny as a three peckered toad he quickly slipped his hands up her top and found himself grasping a warm soft tit with an erect nipple just ready for his lips.

Turning her onto her back he quickly pulled up her shirt and revealed, what he would describe as, the world’s most perfect pair. Soon he sucking and licking for all he was worth, as Nancy clung on to his hair and sighed really big sighs. These developed into moans and groans when he slipped his finger inside her panties and into her wet crack. He gently probed amongst her pink folds and then all the way into her tight quivering orifice. Poking it in and out as if he was fucking her, he squeezed in a second finger; she gasped and attempted to wiggle out of her panties to give him better access.

He paused, moved back, and pulling them off for her, he opened her legs wider and buried his face between them. When his tongue found its way into her bush she flung out her arms as if doing the backstroke, sending balls shooting into the air. It was a struggle at times to cope with those colorful little spheres getting in the way but he pressed on, licking up the side of her vajayjay with steady strokes from the bottom of her slit to the top.

Nancy got so very excited she moved her ass all over the place – so he had to grab her thighs to hold on to her. When she came, she came with a scream and once again flayed her arms around causing a virtual tidal wave. As soon as she’d got control of her body, and she’d stopped shaking, she sat up and started to undress Woody. It was quite a struggle in the circumstances but soon he was naked and when he lay on his back he virtually disappeared amongst the balls with his dick sticking through like a periscope.

Although his foreskin was forced well back she took her hand and pulled it further, then she lowered her head until her lips were just touching the tip. Woody held his breath anticipating that she was going to plunge into her mouth. In spite of being prepared for it, the thrill was so great when she did, he let out a loud cry and she stopped for a second thinking that she’d hurt him.

When she began to work up and down his shaft he just drifted off into a world of ecstasy, dying to cum but wanting it to last as long as possible. Gently fingering his balls she sucked and sucked on his dick until he felt his body tighten up and he held his breath as he shot his load. Nancy took it in her mouth as they couldn’t very well contaminate the plastic balls with his sperm.

Even though her blowjob had taken his breath away Woody was still erect enough to drive it into her. Nancy’s pussy was wet and slippery but it still gripped onto his cock like a velvet vice.

Those big blue eyes looked up at him almost pleading for him to fuck her and he didn’t want to disappoint her. Ramming it into her like a heat-seeking missile he held that position for a moment and then started to go in and out like a giant piston rod. Her tits swayed from side to side as his thighs crashed against hers, sending shock waves through her entire body.

When he made that final brutal thrust he shot his load and then quickened up his pace so as to discharge every drop. She was making strange murmuring sounds and rubbing her tits as her body trembled all over, then she opened up her eyes and smiled,

“That was out of this world.”

“Yes, it was,” he agreed, then looking thoughtful he said, “I wonder how much these plastic balls cost – I have a spare room in my apartment and I think I’d like to cover the floor a couple of feet deep.”

“Will you invite me over?”

“I won’t go into that room with anyone but you,” he said.

She kissed him, “I’ll be there whenever you need me – that’s a promise.” THE END

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Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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