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by Cristiano Caffieri

Brett Bineforth was a well known erotic author and folk were clamoring for his lascivious offerings. He figured he got writing these stories down pat and he churned them out in frenzied fashion from his little house in the country.

He lived alone because his three ex-wives couldn’t live with a man who was making women cum all over the globe but paying little attention to them. He hit that keyboard while he was still eating breakfast and kept tapping away into the early hours of the morning. Unlike other husbands he didn’t empty the trash, mow the lawn or light the BBQ he was always too busy for such mundane things.

Now alone, he’d managed to develop a way of life that suited him. His meals were mostly taken from the freezer and into the microwave, and the cleaning and laundry were done by a woman who came in twice a week.

One morning at 2 a.m. when he was about to go to bed a strange woman suddenly appeared in the doorway of his bedroom. He’d just taken his pants off and quickly covered himself up with his hands before yelling – “Who the fuck are you?”

“I’m Ashlee de la Roche,” she replied, in a very sexy sultry voice.

“What do you mean – you’re Ashlee de la Roche, that’s one of the characters in my novels.”


“What do you mean exactly,” he stormed, getting a bit impatient with the sexy interloper.

“I am the character from your last three novels and I’m sick of the fact that you haven’t got a clue how to treat a woman sexually, as a writer you’re a fucking disgrace.”

Having his sexual prowess and his creative talent challenged made him forget that she might just be a figment of his imagination and told her in no uncertain terms that he’d fucked more women than he could remember and he’d been married three times.

“And now you’re living alone,” she smirked, “I rest my case.”

Brett was speechless but she continued, “I refuse to be in any of your crappy novels unless you learn how to please a woman sexually.”

“You can’t refuse to be in my books I created you miserable bitch, you’ve been fucked and sucked by some of the greatest lovers in literature.”

“There’s suppose to be a little romance and gentleness in sex,” she said, “Your male characters, who are no doubt based on your own inadequate knowledge of the female species, give cunnilingus like they were gorging on a Big Mac.”

Getting more than a little irritated Brett starts to say, “I’ve eaten out more….”

“Spare me the statistics,” she retorted, “I can tell you unless you improve the technique of the men in your books you can say goodbye to all your female characters because we’re going on strike.”

“OK – OK – if you’re so smart, tell me how you think it should be done.”
Ashlee began to peel off her clothes. Even though he’d created her and had described her naked body a thousand times he was overwhelmed when he saw her in the flesh.

She was tall and slender, had a great set of tits and her legs just seemed to go on forever, joining at an artistically shaved cunt that was now moving towards him. Ashlee put her arms around his neck and kissed him, her tongue explored his mouth for a few seconds and then when he tried to grope one of her tits she smacked his hand and broke away.

“You’ve got no patience have you?” she cried, “Now take your time or I’m going to grab your balls and twist them around 360 degrees.”

Brett winced at the very thought of that and decided that he would just wait for her commands. She gracefully lay on the bed and invited him to kneel between her legs and to lean over and lick her nipples very, very gently. After that, he was to lap his tongue along the side of her gorgeous tits, travel up to the nipples and then suck them with a little bit more gusto.

While he was licking and sucking she requested he place the head of his erect cock so that it just lightly touched the lips of her cunt. Bret was getting all tense inside and when his throbbing knob end felt the moist folds he would love to have driven it in right there and then. However, he managed to control his animal instincts and next, upon instructions, he licked all the way down her belly, moved back so that he could put his head between her thighs, and then ran his tongue up and down her wet crack.

Ashlee responded by arching her back and telling him to finger her ass while he continued to flick the petals of her flower. He found it quite difficult at times to contort his body to comply with her demands but he desperately wanted this Book Bitch to scream for mercy when she went into multiple orgasms. She wouldn’t doubt his carnal qualifications after that.

Now with one finger up her ass, and a finger on the other hand, pulling down on her vaginal orifice, he moved his pussy flicker up and down like a butterfly’s wing. When she came it was like someone had put the thousands volts through her body. Her ass bounced up and down and her tits slapped from side to side.

“OK ram your cock inside of me you bastard and fuck me hard,” she cried, Fuck me hard.”

Brett didn’t need a second invitation he just drove it in and started to pound her like a mad dog. Her legs were high in the air and her arms were outstretched and holding onto the bed rail as he continued the frenzy. When he felt his cum moving up he started to shout, “I’m fucking cumming,” at the top of his voice and she screamed and wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed.

He pumped every drop inside of her and kept ramming it in after it had all gone. Ashlee, who was shaking like an inbred Chihuahua, moved down the bed and took his cock into her mouth and sucked it, just in case there was a tiny drop left. It felt wonderful, he couldn’t believe a character from fiction could give such great sex, and she certainly seemed satisfied with the way he had responded to her desires.

Of course, word gets around in literary circles and soon he was being visited by other characters from his novels and he’s recently had a few nice shags with Jane Eyre, Lady Chatterley, and Becky Sharpe. He`s currently writing a novel featuring Lady Guinevere hoping that he can give her a “Knight” to remember. THE END

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