Good Golly, I Fucked Molly

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By Lauren McAllister

My husband and I were out celebrating our tenth anniversary. That’s the “Tin” or “Aluminum” anniversary. Not terribly exciting but, then again, neither really was the marriage. Oh, Don is a fine father and husband but our time in the sack and the intensity of his hump and dump had been declining for a number of years. What had started out as all-night fuckfests had now dwindled down to a pleasant few minutes before we went back to trying to solve Wordle.

As I sat there, munching my salmon almandine and sipping a medium priced cabernet, I really felt I needed a serious change. Something completely outside my comfort zone, to help push me out of the life-mud I was stuck in. And that’s when I spied them. Over Donny’s shoulder were these two girls having a romantic night out. They were just so fucking cute I wanted to go over and squeeze their cheeks. Unlike Mr. and Mrs. Married, they laughed and held hands and leaned over to kiss each other. They were just soooo into each other, I wanted to cry. Why couldn’t I be laughing and holding hands and dying to get back to the house so we could fuck like rabbits? I think it was at that precise and highly inappropriate moment, that I decided I was going to have an affair. An affair with another woman.

Just that inner knowledge and resolve brightened my mood. I even started to pay more attention to Donny as he yammered on but I always kept those two love birds in my peripheral view. When we got back into the car, I unzipped Don’s pants and started playing with his cock. He was pretty surprised because the last time I’d… well, I don’t think I’d ever played with his cock in the car while he was driving. It was actually fun! When we got home, I sucked his dick in the kitchen (the kids were at grandma’s) and then let him bend me over the couch and fuck me up the ass while he watched a Bukake video. I have no idea why he likes those things – I mean, Yuck!! It didn’t matter though because I just closed my eyes and thought about those two girls and me in a threesome while he banged one out into my colon.
The next day he bought me roses, so I know I had made Mr. Man a happy boy on his anniversary.  It was nice, but I’m glad it only comes once a year. I mean, Ow!

With my marital duties concluded, it was now on to this affair I decided to have. If only I knew how to go about it! All I could think about were women. All day and night. I even started to have weeknight sex with Donny because I was just so turned on all the time.

Every woman I saw, I’d check out her hair, her face, he boobs, her ass. I was turning into a guy. In reality, I’d had one small fling with a girl in college – mostly because I didn’t want to just masturbate for four straight long years and I was petrified of getting pregnant. Since then, it hadn’t really even crossed my mind. But now girlie sex wouldn’t leave the damn thing alone!

I liked to hang out in grocery stores and when an attractive lady went over to one of the vegetable bins, I’d move in right up next to her. I’d inhale her smell and look at her beautiful slender hands. Sometimes, I’d have our forearms touch… by accident, of course. That would to send yum shivers charging up my hoo-haw. Then I’d go out into the parking lot and have a wank. In my car, of course. And then I’d go home and fuck Donny.

Something had to give or I was going to spontaneously combust!

One day, after a long morning of women ogling and sniffing, I thought I’d head to the mall and get a cup of coffee.  As I was strolling past the bank, I saw a woman turn away from the ATM. The wallet had fallen out of her purse. I rushed over to pick it up but by the time I’d grabbed it, the woman had vanished. Shit. I spent the next 25 minutes scouring stores and boutiques but no luck. Eventually, I grabbed my coffee and headed out to the parking lot. And there, sitting on the hood of a car was the woman I was trying to find, balling her eyes out.

“Excuse me,” I said, as I approached, “I’ve been searching for you everywhere.”

She looked up suspiciously.

I took the wallet out of my purse and handed it to her.

“You dropped this in the mall and disappeared before I could give it back to you.”

“Oh My God!!” She swallowed me up in a big sobby hug. “This wallet has every dime I own in it. It’s got two months rent in there and the money I need to buy furniture. Thank you so, so much.”

It was as she pulled away from me that I got my first real eyeful of her. Molly was drop dead gorgeous. Her eyes – you could have spent an hour French necking with them. I know that sounds disgusting and not at all sexy but, shit, they were. And what a face! And the body underneath it made me want to instantly grow a cock. Unspeakably wonderful breasts. A tight stomach. Legs that… Well, I wanted to just stick my head up her skirt and live there. I was totally in love, lust, loony stalker-level-obsessed-with, a girl I’d know 5 ½ seconds.

“Oh you poor thing. Let me buy you a coffee,” I sympathized.

She’d started to calm down by now and even smiled. Oh God, that fucking smile! Luckily, I held myself together and didn’t make any highly crass and ill-advised advances on her personage during our time together. We laughed about the whole scary episode and at the end of our little mellow-out, I managed to wangle her number.

The strength it took not to call her that night. Or the next morning at 5:30 when I woke up thinking about her. I forced myself, with a strength of will I, hither to, did not know I possessed, to not call her ‘til the late afternoon of the second day.

“Hey, how are you? It’s me, Sandra. The woman with your wallet?”

She was super nice on the phone. Did I say anything about her voice? She had an angel in her throat. It gave me goosebumps. And also… I just might have been slowly circling my clitoris with my ring finger while I was talking to her. Just to calm my nerves, you understand.

Shit, it was like I was a teenage boy phoning up a girl to ask her to the dance. I was that nervous and this “girl” didn’t even know that’s why I was calling.

I managed to get her to agree to meet me for brunch on Saturday. How was I going to live until then??? I sucked and fucked Donny blind, trying to keep from dry-humping strangers on the street, while I waited for the weekend to roll around.

“It was so nice of you to meet me,” I shamelessly gushed.

“Hey, you saved my life. I can’t tell you how grateful I am?”

Gosh, I sure hoped that was true. We talked about this and that and laughed about the whole incident again. It was a fun time. And then I just casually threw an important question into the conversation. “You’ve got such beautiful skin. How old are you?”

“Twenty,” she replied.

“Oh fuck,” I let blurt out without thinking, “I’m 35.” It must have been the morning wine.

“Why is that a problem?” asked my confused dining companion.

I suddenly realized that I’d let half the cat out of the bag. Her stunning, faultless face stared at me, awaiting an answer. Unlike every man I’ve ever known, I decided to tell her the truth. At least then I could start recovering from the soul crushing agony of rejection sooner.

“So, I’ve done nothing but think about you since our last meeting.”

“Oh my God, are you trying to hook up with me?”

I paused before jumping into the lion’s den. “Sort of, but it doesn’t have to be hooking right away. That was probably a poor choice of words. It can be just hanging out. Holding hands maybe? Whatever you say it is, as long as it isn’t ‘fuck off’ is fine by me.”

“I’m… ah… straight.”

“So am I. I’m married for Christ Sake.”
”Wow, you sure know how to seduce a girl.”

“Like I said, it’s whatever you want it to be. I’m just the victim of a massive, unexpected girl crush here. It’s kind of your fault for bewitching me like this.`”

I could see that she didn’t quite know what to say. I was practically peeing myself under the table with hope and dread.

“I guess I could let you buy me a drink. I mean it is Saturday night.”

“Name the bar and I will line up the crantinis,” I smiled, having no idea how I was going to stick my husband with the kids while I spent the evening trying to get into bed with a woman almost half my age.

The crazy thing is, I didn’t even have to lie to Donny – well mostly. I told him I’d found this wallet and given it back to the woman and she wanted to buy me a drink to say thank you. Then I shot out of the driveway like Mario Andretti on the way to make a booty call.

When I got to the establishment Molly was already sitting at the bar. She had on this tight little red number that made my heart pump so hard, my tit almost slapped me in the face. Moll had her hair done up and… I almost peed myself again. I couldn’t go too dolled up because I was just going to meet a stranger for a “thank you” drink. Molly looked so drop dead gorgeous; she made me feel like Ethel Mertz, as I stood in the doorway.

What was I going to say to this goddess? And how was I going to say it? My lips turned to radial tires as I walked up to her. It felt like I had a big gas-station bathroom-key fob in my mouth instead of a tongue. I couldn’t remember her name. I couldn’t remember my name.

“Hey,” she practically sang like the first lark of spring. “Are you okay? Your face is a little flushed?”

“It’s going through red wine withdrawal. Luckily, there’s a cure. Bartender!” I called out.

This amused her. While we were having our drinks poured, Molly looked me straight in the eyes. “Okay, I’ve given this a lot of thought and come up with some rules.”

“I like rules. I love rules. You can spank me with a rule if you’d like.”

“Slowdown girlfriend. This is a first ‘date,’ so we can hold hands and you can give me a medium sized kiss – some tongue but not a lot – at the end of the evening. No boob touching. Deal?”

“Is there a particular hand I’m allowed to hold or are they both up for grabs?”

Molly put her left hand on mine. A mini orgasm bounced around my lap like a recently flipped pinball. And lordy, did we have a wonderful time. At the end of the evening, we found a quiet spot to say our goodbyes.  

“I really enjoyed tonight.”

“Me too.”

There was an awkward silence.
”Well, one of us has to do it.”

“Do what?”

She leaned in and pushed her lips against mine. I opened my mouth to her and in danced her tongue. They swirled around each other in a magical, lingual embrace. Her face. Her perfume. I was completely lost in her and the moment. When Molly finally separated from me, it was like watching a puppy float out to sea. I was absolutely heartbroken but I had to be brave. A deal was a deal.

“Please say you’ll see me again,” I practically begged. Well, no, I was absolutely begging.

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “Hey, if you can kiss like that, I don’t think I have much choice.”

I went home and sucked my husband off in the hall closet.

On our next date, I got boob! Not under the blouse but a moderate amount of feeling her up as we kissed. And then another puppy floated out to sea. But I got another date!

I was so deliriously happy, I went home and let Donny fuck me in the ass while watching Bukake. Ow!

The third date is the big one, right? That’s the one where you bookie the nookie! Molly invited me over for dinner at her place. On the way, I dropped into the bus station bathroom so I could change into my ‘fuck me” dress and shoes. Well, I couldn’t leave the house with them on. Donny’s very trusting, but he ain’t blind!

“You look good enough to eat,” Molly cheekily greeted me at the door.
”Gosh, I sure hope so,” I single-entendre replied.

We didn’t really get around to the food. I immediately grabbed her and we French-necked all the way into the bedroom. So far, I’d only had one quick grab of her boob in a restaurant parking lot. Now, our hands were all over each other. Her ass was so tight it made me want to dash home and do a quick few thousand glute bridges.
All of a sudden her skirt was unzipped. Oh my gosh, I wonder how that happened. Feeling her breast in my hand and knowing I didn’t have to soon let go and head home made me dizzy with excitement. Somehow, Molly popped open my bra. For a straight girl, she had some smooth moves! Within seconds every thread of clothing was on the floor.

“I’m not sure I know what to do,” she said.

“Weewll figuw i ou,” I replied with a mouth full of her tit.

We flumped down onto the bed, our naked skin begging to be plundered. I had a hold of Molly’s ass cheeks as we liberally shared our tongues. Her hand was now down between my legs and our nipples danced around each other’s areolas.

I was so wet, at this point, I was sure I was making Molly’s fingertips pucker. It wouldn’t be polite for me to be the first to cum. I was the guest after all. But something had to be done quickly, or my clit was going to burst open like a Walmart light bulb.

I began to my way down her taut tummy, kissing as I went. Pausing for a moment, I lightly nibbled on her pubic bone, savoring the sweet agony of having to wait to claim my prize. And then of course, I tongue-dived the length of her glorious outer lips, tasting and burrowing into the soft, silky flesh as I went. My face was now pressed up against her pussy as my tongue took long, slow licks of her sugar pot. Her moans and involuntary pelvic motions had my head spinning with lust. I could feel her inner thighs press against my cheeks and ears as I dragged my tongue over every particle of her warm, wet womanhood. Moving slightly upward, I started to circle her girlie pearl while inserting my ring finger into her fuckcave. I had trimmed my beautiful nails just for this occasion and I was determined to get the most out of it. Her hips and stomach and quim began to undulate with every lick and thrust of my fingers. I bathed myself in her pussy nectar as Molly began to writhe and squirm from my lingual assault. She grabbed her gyrating hip bones as the moment of madness approached. The moans became more pronounced. Molly suddenly clutched the back of my head and pulled me hard into her volcanic vagina just as it erupted. Her honey-hole opened and closed around the base of my tongue as she thrashed about the bed in orgasmic fits. Molly’s legs were now wrapped tight around my head, with her heels resting on the small of my back. Again and again, she folded in two from massive contractions as I repeatedly pressed my upper lip against her clit. When she finally calmed, I softly kissed her swollen, still twitching pussy and inner legs as she gently stroked the side of my head with her hand. This was the best sex I’d ever, ever had and it was only half done!

Molly pulled me up on top of her and we kissed on a level deeper than I could ever describe. I was so in love; my brain felt like it was going to explode. Her perfect breasts merged with mine, creating a puffy, tingly sea of sexuality swirling around our chests.

She rolled me over onto my back and I parted my legs for someone other than my husband for the first time in 12 years!

“I hope this works,” she smiled down at me, holding my wrists down against the sheets. “I’ve been studying videos on Xhamster and practicing on a couch pillow all week.”

With that surprise announcement, she pressed her pussy against mine and started to hump me like a man (only sooo much better). As she as she let go of my wrists to play with my tits, I reached down and kneaded her ass cheeks. She began to grind her swollen mound against my sopping labia. Succulent, sensual sensations started to wash over me. There was a carnal carnival playing out between my legs. I quickly wrapped my legs around hers because I knew I had seconds before I was going to pop my cork. Oh My God, what a gut-buster of a climax. I saw stars, galaxies and my old childhood dog as blistering, eye-popping orgasmic blasts threaten to blow the top of my skull off.

I can certainly testify that whatever she watched on the internet did indeed work. Motherfucker, what a cum!

For the following hour, we kissed and fondled each other shamelessly. Then we got goofy. I licked her butthole for about 20 minutes. It was just so pink and puckery, I could have tongue-fucked it all night. Molly’s ass was just to die for and having my face buried inside her choirboy cheeks was heaven on Earth. Then Moll went to town on my sphincter. Wow, it felt completely nummy – and that was before she slipped his finger up into my colon.

To my shame, I phoned Donny, made up some stupid story and spent the night with my dear, precious Molly wrapped up in my arms.

Since that evening, we two straight girls have taken a serious orientation turn. We went from bi-curious to bi-loving-it! We’ve 69’d in my marital bed. We’ve gone down on each other in bathroom stalls. We spent an entire weekend trying to perfect scissoring. Still have a ways to go on that one, I’m afraid. It’s as fun as hell but one of us invariably falls off the bed.

Molly has even been over to have the odd meal with my family and Dan hangs out with the two of us all the time. Having an affair with Molly is the greatest thing I’ve ever done. Number one: the sex is utterly fantastic. Number Two: My husband has even driven me over to her apartment so I can fuck her. And he isn’t even the slightest bit suspicious.

And… when I get home, Donny gets to fuck me in the ass while watching Bukake on the flat screen. It’s a win, win, ow!

The end.

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