Go Fuck Yourself Alana

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Caleb Hatherway was not a party goer. He hated all the noise, people acting stupid when they’d been drinking. And he didn’t like the girls who, after a few drinks, would put their arms around you, acting as though they would like to fuck you but had no intention of doing so. He found it all quite nauseating.

The only reason that he accepted an invitation to Alana Andrews party was the fact that he fancied her, and the reason she invited him was because he didn’t drink and so he could always be called upon to drive some of her puking friends home. His chance of having a good time was probably zero. That was until he met Nancy Sobanski.

It turned out that the skinny bespectacled Nancy was in an almost identical situation to himself. She had a thing for the dashing brother of Alana and like Caleb, she didn’t drink.

He thought what a pathetic pair they were as they sat to one side of the room watching the other guests chug back bottles of beer and make complete fools of themselves. Gradually the noise got louder and louder as the evening wore on. The screaming and the rap music assailed the eardrums like a thousand fingernails scratching on a blackboard and Nancy was beginning to feel a little dizzy.

He suggested that they should go outside and take some fresh air. It was quite hot outside and other couples had decided to take a tonic as well, unfortunately, several of them were fucking each other’s brains out on the lawn and Nancy and Caleb had to stride over them.

After some pretty embarrassing encounters with girls with skirts over their heads rutting like rabbits, he suggested they should go to his van that was parked a little way down the drive.

“We can sit there and roll the windows down,” he said.

She nodded her agreement and began to walk towards it, passing other vehicles on the way that were shaking up and down with muffled cries of ecstasy emanating from them. Just as they were about to climb into his camper Nancy noticed some action taking place in the red car parked next to them. It was Alana’s brother Royce and a redhead eating each other’s faces off and in the process of disrobing.

The poor girl was devastated, because Royce and implied that he really fancied her, once again to ensure they had another designated driver. When she took her seat beside Caleb she was actually weeping and he put his arm around her to give her a little comfort.

He’d seen Nancy around before but he hadn’t really paid her much attention to her. He was looking for a well stacked Barbie Doll type, like Alana, but at that moment it felt rather nice to have her cheek against his, and he held onto her a little tighter.

“I know you’ll think I’m foolish,” she whispered, ” But I had a bit of a thing for Royce, but I can see now – he was only using me. As Caleb glanced over to the car he saw the redhead’s legs up in the air and Royce was fucking the ass off of her.

“Have you ever been to bed with him?” he asked.

She nodded, “Once or twice, and look at him now,” she sobbed, “he’s doing the same thing with Heidi Pfizer.”

“You know the girl?”

“She’s my best friend,” she sniffled, “I introduced her to him.”

As Caleb gave her a little more comforting he accidentally put his hand on her breast, he didn’t remove it right away and she didn’t seem to mind, so he began to gently massage it. He was taken by surprised when she suddenly put her hand around his neck and started to kiss him. She ran her tongue across his lips and then darted it in and out of his mouth. He began to feel terribly horny.

Slipping his hand inside her top he managed to lift up her bra to feel her soft warm tits. He gently rubbed his palm across them and she responded by putting one hand on his thigh searching for his dick.
Caleb took a deep breath and said they might be more comfortable in the back of the van. He often used the vehicle for camping and there were a couple of foam rubber mattresses and lots of other junk in there. With an award winning boner bulging in his pants he climbed over the seat and tried to tidy up and make it more comfortable.
When Nancy joined him he’d made a temporary bed by laying the two mattresses side by side on the floor. Then he switched on a little camping lamp to make it a little more romantic. Nancy seemed quite nervous but she lay down beside and soon they were kissing and undressing each other.

Completely naked and feeling the heat of each other’s bodies he began to get very, very excited, but then she suddenly pushed him away.

“I’m not sure I should be doing this,” she said, “I’m not a promiscuous person.”

In spite of his dick telling him to shut up, Caleb said he didn’t think she was, and if she would rather not do anything with him – that was OK. He must have shown real disappointment in his face as Nancy shook her head sympathetically and then without warning dived down and took his dick deep, deep into her mouth.

Caleb took such a big breath he almost sucked all of the oxygen out of the van. While she was pulling his foreskin back with her hand and engorging it with her pretty mouth, he tried to play with her small pointy breasts but she swept his hands aside as if she wanted to concentrate on the job at hand.

Nancy didn’t come up for air, she just kept sucking and sucking until he could feel his balls beginning to tingle and he knew that any minute he was going to cum. He thought that he should warn her, as some girls don’t like you to shoot your goo in their mouths, but she carried on as though she needed to taste him.

When he came he wanted to yell out loud but he managed to control it. She worked every drop out of him using her mouth and then her hand. Now it was his turn to do a little diving and he quickly positioned his face between her thighs and started to probe her bush with his tongue. Once he’d made contact with her wet crack he quickly changed position. Straddling her body with his ass pointing towards her face, he lifted up her legs and then began to lick up and down her groove, while she fingered his balls.

As he moved his pussy fluffer between her soft pink folds, she became very vocal and started to caress his balls with both hands. Her fondling became more intense as she felt herself cumming and it was long before her whole body was trembling and her ass started to bounce up and down as she came with a vengeance. She was gasping for breath but she managed to say,

“Holy fuck, that was great Caleb – that was great.”

He didn’t give her the chance to say much more as he was anxious to drive his dick into her love canal and fuck her with everything he’d got. Nancy lifted her legs in the air and she let out a little cry as he rammed it into her.

Caleb held onto her tits as he started to fuck her and she gripped onto his forearms urging him on. Every so often his feet would send some piece of junk flying across the van as he moved in and out at a furious pace.

By the time he was cumming Nancy was going wild and writhing around so much it was hard to keep his dick in. When he came she held on to him tight and shoved her pussy hard against him as if she couldn’t get enough of it.

They lay there for a while just diddling each other and then Nancy asked him a very direct question, “If I get pregnant will you marry me?”

Caleb, being a gentleman, said that he would.

“Do you promise?”

“Of course I promise.”

“Well I’m pregnant,” she said.

“How do you know that?” he laughed, “Just because we’ve done it together doesn’t mean you’re pregnant.”

She then delivered the bombshell, “I’m pregnant with Royce’s baby.”

“You tricked me,” he said, “That’s not very nice.”

“That’s OK,” she sighed, “I don’t expect you to be seriously interested in me.”

“Well I am interested in you,” he replied, “In fact, I was thinking of asking you move in with me I don’t like living alone – it’s…?”

“Lonely?” she laughed.


Nancy looked serious for a moment, “You don’t live in this van do you?”

“No I have an apartment.”

“I’m not sure I want to move in with you – you’re only suggesting it because you feel sorry for me.”

“No you’re wrong, I feel sorry for myself.”

“How come?”

“Because I have no one to talk to or share my problems with. Would you believe that I sometimes have conversations with myself in the mirror?”

She laughed, “I think you’re giving me a load of crap but I’ll give cohabiting a try if you really want me to.”

Still naked they climbed over into the front seats and Caleb began to pull out of the parking area. At that very moment, Alana came running towards them obviously wanting him to drop off some of her vomiting friends.

“Will you roll down the window and give her a message – I think you know what to say,” he smiled.

She wound it down and the overgrown Barbie Doll screwed up her face in disgust when she saw that they were both naked. Nancy leaned out, showing her small but shapely tits, and in a very polite voice, told the completely shocked Alana, to go and fuck herself.

“And while you’re at it – fuck that snake of yours brother too,” she cried, and with that, the van pulled out of the parking lot and disappeared into the night. THE END

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