Fucked-up Reservations

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Jenny Richmond and Ian Bateman both worked for the same company and for the same boss David Thorpe. He wasn’t a bad guy to work for but he had a very distorted sense of humor and he couldn’t help playing pranks. Not little stuff – big stuff.

For example, he once went to all the trouble to hire a bunch of professional actors to play the part of rich Middle Eastern businessmen to con his sales department into believing that they were going to place an enormous order. In the process, they insulted the sales staff, went into temper tantrums and threw things around and one of them pissed in the sales managers Rubber Plant pot.

Of course, the staff didn’t want to jeopardize what looked like a big sale and so they tolerated it all. Then David entered the office and started to slap the potential clients around much to the horror of the sales reps who stood there with their mouths open.

His plan to prank Jenny and Ian was much more ambitious. They were both single and they didn’t seem to like each other. In what he claimed afterward was simply an effort to promote teamwork he sent them both to a seminar at a small resort but only booked them one room between them. To ensure they couldn’t just pay for another room themselves he told the management that he would reserve and pay for any vacant rooms they had.

The two tried to get along on the trip and that involved not talking to each other most of the time. When they pulled up to the resort, in separate cabs, and walked up to the desk things really started to hop.

“I am not sharing a room with you,” she stormed, “I rather sleep outside.”

“I wouldn’t advise that madam,” said the desk clerk, “ We have quite a lot of Rattlesnakes in this part of the country.

“Then you should stay outside,” she yelled at Ian, “If you were a gentleman you give that room to me.”

“It does have two double beds madam,” the desk clerk interjected.

“Why don’t you fuck off and stay out of our business.”

In spite of them never seeming to get along Ian thought she was very attractive and when she was angry it made him feel a little bit horny as if he’d like to take her in his arms and fuck her brains out. However, he just shook his head thinking that the hot Arizona sun had affected his brain.

“Look if there’s no chance of another room I’ll give mine to you and I’ll sleep in the lobby or something.”

“What do you mean exactly – I’ll give you MY room – it’s in both our names – I know somebody fucked it up but it’s still OUR room not YOUR room.”

“OK – I’ll give you OUR room.”

“There’s no need for that,” she said, seemingly softening up a bit, “As long as you behave yourself I guess we could share.”

“You don’t have to worry about me behaving – I’m not attracted to you either physically or anything else,” he lied.

“That makes two of us,” she retorted, picked up her case and heading for the elevator.

Once in the room, he gave her the choice of beds and they both started to unpack. She shielded her flimsy underwear from his gaze as she placed them in the drawer and he, smiling to himself, did the same with his boxer shorts.

“So you’ve never found me attractive,” murmured Jenny, placing her case in the closet.

“Well I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think you were beautiful – any fool can see that. It’s just that we have always been at each other’s throats and it sort of kills any physical attraction that one might have had.”

“So you’re saying when you first met me you were attracted?”

“I suppose I was.”

“That’s interesting because I felt the same about you.”

“I guess things began to go sour over the Parshawe account,” he recalled.

“Yes but that was David’s fault really – he created the problem with all his crazy pranks – he’s always prating around.”

“Do you know something – I bet this is one of his crazy pranks,” he growled, shaking his head.

“You mean booking us both into one room?”

“Exactly – he’s expecting us to fight for the entire three days then when we get back and start complaining about each other he’ll probably be in his element.”

“Huh – I bet you’re right – he has such a twisted mind – I don’t know how the company has survived this long.”

“Well,” said Ian, holding out his hand, “I think we should have a truce – be nice to each other.”

She took his hand, it felt warm and delicate and it gave him a bit of a tingly feeling.

“Do you know what we should do,” she grinned, “We should do the opposite -tell him that we made passionate love for the whole three days.”

“Oh my god, that would total confuse him,”

She smiled and nodded as she looked in the mirror trying to unzip her dress.

“Would you mind helping me with this?” she asked.

His fingers trembled as he struggled with the zip and she could sense it. She turned so that she was facing him, “You’d probably like to spend the next three days making passionate love wouldn’t you?”

Ian didn’t answer, he slipped his arms around her narrow waist and kissed her, she responded by placing her arms around his neck and their tongues began to play tag with each other. He moved his hands stealthily up her back and started to work on the zip again. She knew what he was up to and she let her dress drop to the floor leaving her wearing just a flimsy bra and briefs.

The bra soon joined the dress on the carpet and he moved his hands over her soft warm tits giving him a first class erection that she could feel pressing against her. Now it was her turn to unzip something and as his pants went down around his ankles she went with them. The moment her knees touched the floor her lips slipped down his dick all the way to his balls.

Ian gasped, “Oh my god that feels incredible.” After that, all he could do was swallow hard and breath heavy as she went up and down his it, using her forefinger and thumb of one hand encircling it and the other to juggle his plums.

He really didn’t expect Jenny, the woman who had never had a kind word for him for two years, to take his cum in her mouth but she did and she didn’t even bother to spit it out. Ian, still a little shaky from been sucked so intensely, was still able to lift her up and carry her to the bed.

Her tits, that he’d always fantasized over, felt just as good in his mouth as he had imagined. He sucked and licked her nipples as she ran her fingers through his hair and whispered, “I love it, I love it, I love it.” And when he moved down and placed his face between her legs she started to go ballistic.

“Oh fuck – that feels so good,” she yelled as his tongue explored the pink folds of her pussy and when he began to establish a rhythm – licking all the way from her ass to her clitoris she started to tremble violently and yelled “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” and she tightened her thighs almost crushing his head.

When Ian broke loose he turned her over so that he could pound her cunt from behind. She knelt down obediently as he grabbed onto her hip bones and thrust it into her crack. There was a slapping sound has he collided with her ass and once again she became vocal begging him for him to go faster and harder.

It wasn’t long before his cum started to work its way up his stem and he cried out as he felt it oozing into her. “That was so fucking good Ian, where have you been all my life,” she said, almost weeping with joy.

“I think I’ve been waiting for you,” he replied turning her towards him and kissing her passionately.

Three days later they walked into David’s office and announced that they were going to tie the knot and would he be the best man.

“We’re going to get married in Jamaica, she said, “We want somewhere tropical and romantic,” David said he loved Jamaica and he looked forward to it.

They did get married but in New Orleans, not Jamaica, and they forgot to tell David about their change of plans. THE END

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