Fucked-up Planet

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Our Planet, referred to as X 14 by our friends on Earth, paid a heavy price for welcoming a delegation from there. It was 2173 when four men and four women arrived and stayed for 6 weeks. Unfortunately, one of the delegates was infected with the Haak virus which is easily spread from one person to another.

It only effects the males of the species and in the case of Earth 95% of those infected recovered with basic medicines and rest. This did not apply to our situation and within 3 years the entire male population had become impotent. Well except for me.

Of course reading the news outlets and hearing people talk scared the hell out of me but every morning I woke up with wood, and that made me even more scared. I was afraid if anyone found out I’d be rushed to some medical center and be virtually dissected while I was alive. This was serious shit, and who knows what crazy thing could happen in such circumstances.

Many men had been reduced to Eunuchs in every sense of the word. They had no ambition anymore, some turned to substance abuse, quite a number committed suicide and those who managed to hang on to a little bit of dignity ended up in menial jobs while women ruled the roost.

I just kept attending college studying architecture but there were just three other men in my course. Sitting there every day with short-skirted young women, many of them showing more than adequate cleavage was enough to drive me crazy. The only way I could prevent my bulge from showing was to wear large loose shirts.

I managed to keep my dick undercover for over a year and then I had to have my compulsory annual medical. Knowing it would be a lady doctor did frighten me a little but she’d given me medicals before and I’d managed to control it.

When I walked into her office that day I was in for a shock. A much younger and very attractive doctor was now filling the post. However, I did manage to keep it down, but in spite of this, it obviously showed a bit more blood content than she was used to seeing. She looked at me quizzically for a moment and then reached forward and started to fondle my balls. My cock shot up like a ship’s mast.

“Hmm,” was all she could say for the moment, and then she sat back in her chair and eyed it thoughtfully before telling me to get dressed and ringing for some hot beverages.

“How many people know about this?” she asked.

“Nobody knows,” I mumbled, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

“You know that your body might contain the answer to combating the Haak virus don’t you?”

I shook my head,

“Well it could, and if you were agreeable I could do some experiments in private and if successful you and I could be celebrities, maybe rich ones.”

“What kind of experiments?”

“Just blood tests, maybe I can discover what it is in your DNA that makes you resistant to the virus and then I could have it artificially reproduced and we could have all the men on the planet fucking like deranged Hoopers,” she laughed, referring to a native animal that breeds with enormous enthusiasm.

I wasn’t sure where this whole thing was going but I decided that being experimented on by her looked a better option that being probed by some government scientists in some secure facility.

“If I agree – what’s the next step?” I asked.

“I’ll take some time off from my position here and you and I can go and stay at my place in the country. I have few neighbors and so we can do whatever we have to do without being disturbed.”

Iidri, as she asked me to call her, left the office for a few minutes and came back saying everything was arranged. We then headed out to her vehicle and skimmed across the countryside until we came to a very attractive house set among the trees.

She asked me if I wanted to contact anyone but I said no. My parents were away for months on the Kurik Islands and as I had my own room in the college complex, I assured her that no one would miss me.

I had suggested packing a few things but she said she didn’t want to take the risk of waiting for me outside the college, with the risk we might arouse suspicions. So I was totally at her mercy – nobody on this whole planet knew my whereabouts, or what clandestine work I was involved in.

Once inside the house she quickly showed me around, including taking me into a little lab she had set up.

“It’s not much,” she smiled, “but it will do adequately for what we want to do.”

Before we left the room she took four vials of blood and a few measurements and then suggested we should get some supper ready. As we worked in the kitchen together I was getting an almighty hard on. Every time she bent over a cabinet I could see right up her short skirt and when she bent over the other way I could see two tits swinging freely, it was blowing my mind.

After supper, we sat for a while and watched some video transmissions and then she told me that she would need a sperm sample.

“You can jerk yourself off and catch it in a cup or you can fuck me with a condom,” she said, quite professionally.

It didn’t take me more than a split second to say, “I would like to fuck you.”

She smiled, “And I’d like you to fuck me, I haven’t had the pleasure for over two years so let’s get to it.”

She stood up, threw her clothes up in the air and there she was naked. My god, she was so beautiful, I struggled to get out of my clothes and although she’d seen my equipment before, she still had a look of surprised admiration.

“We shouldn’t just do it,” she cried, dancing up and down as if she’d gone crazy, “We should have foreplay,” and she lunged towards me, forced me down on the carpet and grabbed hold of my cock. Using it as if it was a microphone she announced, “I am going to suck you good,” and with that, she plunged it into her mouth and started to make yum, yum sounds.

She wiggled her fingers around my balls as she kept engorging my whole cock into her mouth. I hate to admit it but this was the first time I’d been fucked by a real woman, having restricted myself to fucking a sex doll.  However, I have watched a lot of porn and I felt confident when my turn came I could give her the foreplay of a lifetime.

As her soft velvet lips continued to slip up and down my dick my balls started to ache as if they were about to explode.
“I think I’m cumming,” I yelled.

She kept on making those moans as she plunged it in and out and then all hell broke loose and I shot a mega load of cum into her mouth. Iidri sat back and laughed, “That was great, we should do it again and again.”

I didn’t let her say anymore I just sat up, threw my arms around her and started sucking those tits, I sucked and I sucked, I just couldn’t get enough of them. But then she took my hand and slipped it between her legs. Her cunt was hairy and so I had to fiddle around a bit before I was able to slide my finger into her wet crack.

For those who are not used to our X 14 female physiology, the cervix, called the Xakau, meaning snake, is like a tongue and is capable of moving around in a licking motion. When my finger was in deep enough to make contact it curled around my finger and the prospect of having that done to my dick excited me.

After a little more sucking and diddling she came big time and threw herself back on the carpet moving her ass up and down as if she couldn’t wait for the next stage in the game. I lay on my belly and moved up between her warm shapely thighs, licking them as I maneuvered my face into her bush.

When my tongue began to lick furiously at her pink petals she arched her back, pulled on my hair and started to moan quite loudly. It didn’t take long for her to have a second orgasm and as her body shook like a vibrating body sock, she pulled harder and harder on my hair.

“Fuck me, fuck me now”, she cried, and both she and I forgot about the condom.

I pulled her legs towards me and I rammed it in right up to the hilt. I could feel her Xakau moving in circles around my cock and it drove me completely off my head and just went at it like a maniac. With her eyes closed, and her tits bouncing around like jellied sabuya, she kept calling out for me to go faster.

With my ass going up and down at a frantic pace I shot a stream of hot goo deep into her and I kept thrusting it in and out as she held onto me tight, and her Xakau continued to whirl around my dick.

“We forgot the condom,” I said, breathlessly.

“O that’s OK – we can catch some a little later on.

She wasn’t kidding, we seemed to fuck half the night away. Regardless she was up early the next morning working on the samples. The blood tests and the fucking carried on for over two months but she wasn’t making much progress.

One morning she gave me a bit of a shock, she said she had a younger sister Kana, who hadn’t had a fuck for so long she was desperate, and would I mind doing it with her. I really didn’t know what to say but when she looked at me with those big green eyes I couldn’t refuse.

Iidri had to return to work, although she continued to do tests in the evenings, and Kana moved in to look after things, and I had to look after her. I suppose you’re expecting me to say she was gorgeous – well she was. She was a little taller that her sister and with slightly bigger tits, and she had what they call a protruding Xakau. In other words, it emerged a little way out of her vagina when she was aroused so when I went down on her I found myself tongue wrestling with it.

Kana loved me to fuck her from behind and once I was fucking her lovely ass over the back of the sofa when Iidri walked in. She got excited right away and sat down on a nearby chair, took off all of her clothes and started to rub her tits with one hand and her cunt with the other.

Holy shit it was pandemonium, I was yelling as I drove it into Kana, she was yelling for me to grab onto her tits and Iidri was yelling as she began to cum. I really wanted to go to bed early that night but the two of them kept me UP, literally until after midnight.

Just when I was getting used to two women the good doctor invited another friend over for supper. She was a chubby, bubbly young woman whose husband had been one of those who had jumped from a building rather than admit his impotence. I did feel sorry for her, and I liked her but I didn’t know that I was intended to fuck her in a foursome.

It started off with me taking her to the bedroom and it was quite romantic. Candles had been lit and soft music was playing and in spite of her being a little chubby she actually turned me on. She was really into lotions and she covered her tits with a very fragrant one so that I could titty fuck her. As she lay there with  big blobs of goo all over her tits she started to giggle. It was sort of infectious and I started to laugh too.

We continued this joviality as we rolled around the bed clinging on to each other and I struggled to get my dick into her crack. When I did she went all tense and she grabbed my face and gave me the biggest, hardest and longest kiss I’d ever had and then she proceeded to roll me over and fucked me. Her big tits swung to and fro over my face as she pounded her ass up and down on my cock. I loved it and when I came I thought that every drop of cum in my balls seemed to be flowing up and into her. Later we were joined by the other two and we sucked, licked, fondled and fucked each other all night.

For almost six months I studied using my college’s video link, made excuses to my friends for not contacting them regularly and gave pints of blood and kilos of sperm, then quite suddenly something surprising started to happen. Like on the Earth, but with a much greater delay, men started to recover and regain their potency. It looked as though with time everything would be back to normal. There were major celebrations and the whole planet went absolutely mad.

I was worried, not because I lost my chance of fame and fortune but I’d fallen for Iidri in a big way. I was in love. She didn’t ask me to move out or anything like that so I just lingered on and then one morning when I was working up enough courage to ask her to marry me she cornered me making a beverage in the kitchen.

“I’ve something important to tell you Yaraf,” she said, with head her on one side. I held my breath as she sat down on a chair as if she needed to compose herself, then she blurted it out, “I’m pregnant,” she said, “now the law says you have to marry me but there is a way out if you don’t want to.”

“Don’t want to,” I cried, “Of course I want to, I love you and I was going to ask you to marry me anyway,” I paused, “Will you?”

I took both her hands and raised her from the chair, she leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips, “Of course I will – but there is something else I have to tell you,” she said, kissing me on the lips again, “My sister Kana is pregnant too.” THE END

Copyright 2016 Cristiano Caffieri

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