Fucked in a Dark Room

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Valentino Battisti was a sort of professional gigolo. For the most part, his clientele were middle-aged women, but he was beginning to attract some younger customers. The details of his boudoir brilliance had spread around the city by word of mouth and caught the attention of college student Maria Sansa.

To put it kindly, she wasn’t the most beautiful girl around town and young men didn’t seem that interested in her. The unique thing about Valentino`s service was that it was discrete and it all took place in the dark.

First, Maria telephoned the number that had been passed on to her. The voice at the other end of the line was deep, sensual and re-assuring. A time and date were set and at the appointed time, with butterflies in her stomach, she walked down the dimly lit cobbled street to the Villa di Amore. When she rang the bell, the same sexy voice answered her. The door opened with a faint buzz and she stepped into a dimly lit corridor.

The mysterious but friendly voice told her to go to the door on the left. This turned out to be the disrobing room. Here, Maria was instructed to take off all of her clothes, and once completely naked, to open the next door.

“Come in, come in senorita, come over here and sit beside Valentino,” the sexy voice beckoned.

For a few moments, Maria’s heart seemed to stop beating and she would have loved to have turned around and hightailed home. She probably would have but she was naked – it was little too late to change her mind. She’d only taken two cautious steps into the pitch black room when a hand reached out and took hers.

“You’ll soon get used to the darkness,” he whispered. “Just feel with your other hand until you touch the bed.”

The hugely nervous student did as he suggested and sure enough, soon made contact with the soft silk sheets. Valentino slowly guided her down onto the mattress until she was lying beside him and could feel his warm breath on her neck. Maria let out a little gasp as his fingers began to gently explore the contours of her face. Her body was beginning to tremble all over and she felt terribly hot.

“You are very beautiful,” he said.

“Oh no – I’m not beautiful senor – I’m very plain.”

“To me, you are very beautiful – that is all that matters at this moment.”

His hand slipped down to her breasts and then all the way to the plump fleshy mound between her legs. It was as if he was familiarizing himself with her whole body. When his lips sought out her hard protruding nipples, a sense of excitement enveloped her. She became very flushed and her heart began to really pound in her chest.

Valentino sucked her tits so gently and beautifully, she thought she might cum at any moment. But when his finger slid deep into her hot wet pussy, she took a deep breath and totally lost it. Screaming loudly, she began to violently spasm, as a raging orgasm ripped through her torso. Her hired lover continued to work his magic between her legs, till she could feel her orgasm throbbing in her teeth. It made her toes curl to the point where they were practically touching the heels of her feet. When she finally landed back on Earth, she felt a little embarrassed. Cumming in front of a stranger! Maria was blushing from tits to toes but really looking forward to what he going to do next.

Although she couldn’t see her gigolo, she could feel his warm body next to hers and she ventured to explore it. When she moved her hand over his belly and then made contact with his rock hard dick, it was his turn to gasp. And Maria, who had never sucked a cock in her life, decided that this would be a golden opportunity to try it out.

Valentino was not used to his clients pampering him – he always thought that it was his duty, not theirs. But when her soft lips nibbled at the end of his cock, he decided to just lay back and enjoy the ride. Maria slowly moved mouth down his shaft until she had almost swallowed his monster rod right up to the hilt. With her fingers gently fondling his balls, she began to gleefully work up and down his boner. Valentino, who normally maintained his cool, was beginning groan and moan. He ran his fingers through her long hair and touched her shoulders lightly as the sensual sensations from her warm, wet knob-sucking got more and more intense.

Taking deep, frequent breaths, he gripped onto her arms and told her he was about to cum but she paid no attention. Soon, his body began to bounce up and down as he shot his creamy load into her mouth. It was hot and salty on her tongue. As there didn’t seem any other recourse, she swallowed it.

Valentino just lay by her side for a few moments, telling her how wonderful she was. Maria soaked up his compliments like they were a second helping of his jism. Then, once recovered and without warning, he grabbed hold of her legs and placed his face between them. She almost screamed, as his tongue began to slide it up and down her wet slit. The feeling of him kneading and massaging her swollen labia was overwhelming. Her clitoris was practically vibrating with desire as he dragged the tip of his tongue over her hood and all the way down to her perineum. When he opened her vagina up even wider, so he could penetrate her with his nimble fingers, she knew she was well on the way to orgasm number two.

As Valentino continued to explore and pleasure every crevice of Maria’s heavenly engorged twat, her body was tingling all over. She scooped up huge handfuls of the silky sheets in her fists as she felt a massive climax erupting within her. It felt like every nerve ending in her body was going to explode. Her clit was going off like a fire alarm. She let out a piercing. “FUCK!!” Her cum ravaged, sopping cunt was set ablaze. The poor girl almost writhed and bucked herself clean off the bed.

Valentino wasted no time in ramming his dick through her pink petals and deep into her tight pussy. She dug her nails into his shoulders as he forcefully drove it into her. His warm damp chest brushed against her tits as he increased his speed. Maria lifted up her pelvis to meet his urgent thrusts. Valentino’s face became red and strained as he neared the sweet release he so desperately sought. With a loud groan and one last mighty heave of his throbbing cock, he filled her delighted fuck-cave with he gooey spunk.

The feel of his semen spurting out of his wad and splashing against her insides was so amazing that she kept arching her back in order to soak every last sperm out of him. When he was finally completely drained of his fluids, Maria sighed, disappointed that it was all over.

“I have to tell you, that was quite spectacular,” he sighed diplomatically, tracing his finger around her tits once more. “Quite spectacular.”

Maria would’ve loved to have had his big stiff cock rammed deep inside her once again but when he sat up and turned on the radio, she realized that it was well and truly over. After saying their goodbyes in the dark, she groped her way to the door and inadvertently hit the light switch with her hand.

Automatically she turned to apologize and gasped. Valentino was not the handsome young man she imagined but had a face that only a mother could love.

Totally embarrassed and afraid that she might spread the news around town, Valentino offered her unlimited sex during the week and every other week-end. Now, the horny student that was spurned, even by men who had a fetish for ugly women, was getting it regularly and in every orifice – but she still insisted on doing it in the dark.


Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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