Fucked in a Bean Bag Chair

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Andreas Metzger was a surveillance expert. The police and other government agencies would hire him to surreptitiously install cameras and mics to tap into and record, the conversations of criminal organizations. His work was highly skilled and dangerous, for he had to remove the equipment when it was longer required, which meant he had to illegally enter the location twice.

One morning he got a phone call from the Joe Pernyk, the assistant to the head of the Narcotics Division.

“The chief’s away for a couple of days but he wants you to do a complete audio video bug on…” he paused for a moment, then continued after picking up a note from the chief’s desk, “102 Felder Street, apartment 4.”

He went on to explain that an organized crime syndicate was supposedly using it as a meeting place and they wanted to know what they were up to. When Andreas got inside and was in the process of planting the bugs he felt it looked more like the residence of a rather well to do woman. The dresses, cosmetics, and jewelry certainly gave that indication, even though it could have simply been a cover.

It was usual for him to test the installation for a while to see if it was going to yield any information and then he would simply turn over the discs to the authorities. However, it turned out that his intuition had been correct, it was the apartment of a well to do woman and a beautiful one at that.

It was around eight o’clock in the evening when he looked at the monitor and saw her enter the living room. She took off the bright red coat she was wearing, revealing a tight fitting silk mini-dress that left little to the imagination. He was intrigued.

She poured herself a drink and sat down in a big velvet chair with her legs wide apart. His balls started to stir as he could see the narrow white strip covering her cunt and his breathing became a little strained.

After he’d been watching her just sitting there for ten minutes or so she moved into her bedroom and off came the dress exposing her bare tits and the flimsiest of panties. Throwing herself on the bed she wiggled out of those and then she picked up the remote and switch on her TV.

He presumed that she was watching porn as one hand headed down to her bush and she started to rub her tits with the other. Andreas’s dick started to get hard as she, with her eyes close and an ecstatic look on her face, began to work her fingers up and down her crack.

When he turned the audio up a bit he could hear her whimpering and shouting out “fuck. This got more pronounced when she had, what appeared to be, a pretty satisfying orgasm. She made herself cum a couple of times before switching off the light and going to sleep.

Andreas figured that the authorities he was dealing with must have somehow got the wrong address and after informing Joe he was told to give it a couple of days and then, if nothing of interest turned up, to pull the plug on the operation. To make sure his assessment of the situation was correct, the next day they sent an agent to work with him. She was almost as beautiful as the woman in the apartment.

Her name was Rina. She was a petite blond with a very nice rack and a nice pair of nylon clad gams. His office/studio was not the most comfortable place to spend all day but she seemed to be quite adaptable. There was a small kitchen and so they made copious amounts of coffee and even did a fry up for lunch.

She was planning to go out for some food around six but suddenly the door to the apartment opened and the woman walked in. As the night before she took off her bright red coat but instead of the mini dress underneath she had a skirt and top.

Her routine was almost exactly as the night before, the drink, the undressing and the switching of the TV, however, although she took her panties off she didn’t start to masturbate. Andreas was almost relieved because he knew he was going to feel embarrassed in front of his pretty colleague.

They watched for a few minutes and then her door bell rang. Still, in the nude, she went to open it and greeted a young man with a long lingering kiss.

“I don’t think it’s her brother,” whispered Rina, with a little giggle, and she was probably right.

The man lifted her up- in his arms, kicked the door shut and carried her to the bedroom. He literally flung her on the bed and then proceeded to tear off his clothes. Rina gasped when he turned to face the hidden camera. He had an enormous dick, and within a few seconds the woman had it in her mouth and was sliding up and down as he grunted and groaned and held onto her shoulders.

Andreas developed a prize-sized boner himself as he watched the action and then he felt a delicate little hand stroking it. He turned and Rina smiled at him, then she unzipped his fly and went down on it.

As he watched the woman sucking furiously on the monitor his colleague was doing the same to him. Almost as if it was timed, the man came in the mouth of the woman as he came in hers. It was like sex in stereo.

When the man lay her back onto the bed and started to nuzzle her tits, Rina got up from her knees and moved over to a large beanbag chair, that he used for taking naps during long shifts. She quickly slipped out of her clothes and stood there beckoning him with one finger and a sly grin on her face, he didn’t need a second invitation.

She lay back on the beanbag like as if she was floating in a swimming pool and he quickly got out of his clothes. When his lips made contact with her tits she began to tremble. He kissed them and caressed them, sometimes pinching the nipple between his forefinger and thumb and licking it rapidly with the tip of his tongue. She moaned softly as he continued to pamper her but when he slipped a finger inside her wet crack she called out, “ fuck hell.” When he added a second one and started to work them in and out she began reacted by moving her ass so as to intensify the sensation.

Andreas kept sucking and finger fucking until her body began to shake uncontrollably and she went into an orgasm. When it was all over he kissed her lips and her eyelids as she sighed and reached down to fondle his balls.

She’d hardly had time to cool down from cumming when he slipped back onto his knees, raised her legs in the air and shoved his face between them. Her cunt was cleanly shaven and he flicked it with his tongue a couple of times before he opened it up with his fingers and started to lick up and down the inside of the lips. She gasped and tried to reach his shoulders with her long finger nails but gave up when the intensity just got too much for her and she just gripped on the sides of the bean bag instead.

He rammed his throbbing cock into her fast and furious as he was dying to cum and when he shot his load it seemed to be a never-ending stream flowing into her vagina. Andreas worked out every drop he could and then just lay on top of her naked body as she wrapped her legs around him and hugged him tight.

When they got back to the job of monitoring the apartment the scene had changed. The randy couple was now putting on their clothes and fifteen minutes later the door bell rang and four shady looking characters entered, two men and two women. They all wore subdued clothing and dark glasses and they looked like typical organized crime figures. However, when they began to strip off all their clothes Rina recognized two of them.

“Holy shit,” she cried, “that’s the chief and that woman with the big tits is his secretary Sara.”

The two watched as the naked group sipped on cocktails and then the fun started. They began playing some sort of game like – catch me – fuck me. In the end, contorted bodies were writhing all over the floor as dicks were sucked, ass’s penetrated and tits fondled. There was a high class, high impact orgy in progress.

Andreas was stunned, “What are we going to do?” he asked in a bit of a panic.

“Don’t worry,’’ she replied, “I’ll hand the disc into the chief personally and I think both of us can look forward to a substantial raise in pay. But – in the mean time – why don’t we have our own little orgy and fuck each other’s brains out?” THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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