Fucked by his Best Friend’s Girl

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Jeff Hoxter was the best friend of Charles Maynes and his girlfriend Patti, and even though he didn’t have a steady girlfriend of his own he still hung out with them. The couple, who were shacked up together at her apartment, would invite him round for supper and watch a movie. It was a very civilized arrangement for two guys who’d been friends since grade school. However, things were about to change when Jeff’s sister Mercedes came home after working overseas for two years.

When she left the States to teach English in Japan she had very little fashion sense, never wore make-up and her hair was usually tied back with rubber bands. She was always friends with Charlie but there wasn’t the slightest suggestion of anything romantic between them.

On arriving back home, with an amazingly trim figure, accented by body clinging mini-dresses, she turned a great many heads and one of them was her brother’s best friend. It wasn’t long before Jeff caught on to what was going on between them and he was horrified.

Three weeks after her triumphant return he got a call from Patti, she was crying as she told him that the love of her life had just packed his things and moved out. It was such a hysterical outburst on the phone he could hardly make out what she was talking about. Thinking he might be able to help he bought some flowers and went around to her place to offer his shoulder. Big mistake!

When he walked into her apartment he was met with a tirade of abuse,

“What the fuck do you want,” she yelled, and grabbing the flowers he held out to her, she began to beat him around the head with them, “I suppose you think that now your fucking little whore of a sister has stolen my boyfriend you can come here and take his place.”

Jeff had always envied his friend having a girl like her and he may have had a few impure thoughts run through his mind from time to time but that’s as far as it went. However, it was obvious that she thought differently.

She kept on blubbering for a while and then just dropped onto the sofa and shook her head.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I’m just so upset – sit down and I’ll make us some coffee.”

Patti was about to get up be he suggested that he should make the coffee and went into the kitchen. When he re-appeared with the tray she sat there staring at what was left of the flowers, mostly stems, and a few leaves.

“Thank you for these,” she smiled, “I’ll put then in some water later.”

Jeff nodded and poured her coffee from the French Press.

“I’m sorry about my sister’s behavior,” he said, “But I obviously don’t have any control over her.”

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?”

“Yes, she is,” he replied, “but so are you.”

“Do you really think so,” she sniffled.

“I always have,” he said, “But it wouldn’t have been proper to have told you when you were my best friend’s girl.”

“Do you think my body is as attractive as Mercedes?”


“Did you ever think you’d like to go to bed with me?”

“A few times.”

“You’re probably just saying that to cheer me up.”

“No really – I’ve tossed and turned in bed thinking about you.”

“Holy shit, I could never have imagined you fancying me,” she said, giving a little smile and then sipping her coffee. “Would you go to bed with me now if I asked you.”

“Like a shot.”

”Holy shit,” she repeated, “I never saw you looking at me as if you’d like to fuck me.”

“Looks can be deceiving.”

“OK – give me your – I’d like to fuck you look,” she sniffled.

It didn’t take much of an effort Patti was a very sexy lady and when she leaned over to put her cup onto the coffee table he could see right down her cleavage and he immediately felt his cock start to stir.

She couldn’t help smiling as he looked at her and gave a big sigh.

Getting up from the sofa she got up, walked over to his chair, bent over and kissed him sweetly on the lips.

“You can take me to bed if you really want to,” she whispered.

Jeff just took a deep breath and dragged her on top of him. Their lips felt as if they’d been made for each other and their tongues seemed anxious to get acquainted.

There was a lot of passionate kissing and groping but then Patti, needing to take it to the next level got to her feet pulling him up with her and led the way to the bedroom. Jeff had never been in there before and he was impressed, it looked almost as though it had been designed for sex. The wallpaper was patterned with naked couples, the bed was big and covered with a white duvet scattered with cushions and when she clicked the remote soft music started to play and the lighting went up and down with the beat.

He couldn’t imagine what his sister could be giving his best friend that could improve on this. It was like paradise – and it got better. When Patti sensuously peeled off her clothes her body was even more beautiful that it looked in her skimpy outfit.

The only way to describe her tits was – perfect, they were not huge but delightfully firm with hardened nipples just waiting to make contact with his lips. Her vajayjay was neatly trimmed and he couldn’t wait to force his throbbing cock deep inside of it. However, she seemed to want to be in charge and when he was completely naked she instructed him to lie flat on the bed while she took some lotion from the dressing table and poured it on her hands.

The next thing he felt was a slightly cool sensation as she worked it all around his balls and up and down his dick. Her hands skillfully worked together like as if she was a professional masseur and his blood pressure was rising and threatening to blow the top of his head off.

After a while, with an angelic smile on her face, she moved up his body allowing her tits to hang just within reach of his mouth. He quickly grasped them in his hands and started to lick around the crowns as she stiffened up her back and made little noises like a purring cat.

The next move she made was when she entwined her fingers in his and hovered her wet crack over him so the tip of his shaft just touched the opening. She then tantalized him by rubbing her warm pink petals against it until, without warning, she sat on it driving it deep inside of her.

Jeff gave a big gasp and squeezed tightly on her fingers and that’s when all hell broke loose. Patti began to move up and down on him in an almost sexual frenzy. As he looked up at her with her eyes closed and her tits swinging from side to side he knew that this was going to be one of the greatest days of his life.

When his balls started to ache and he felt his cum traveling upwards he became very vocal and so did she. As his load blasted inside of her he yelled out, “Holy Fuck,” and she quickly moved off and took it in her mouth to rescue what residue remained.

Jeff was still trying to control his heavy breathing when the phone rang. Patti picked it up, “Oh – it’s you!” she said, with a look of disdain on her face. Then suddenly her countenance changed and she started to smile. “Oh – my God, you’re kidding me – yes, of course I will – see you in half an hour.”

In the meantime, poor Jeff was lying there with his dripping bright red knob gradually becoming floppy and wondering what was happening.

“You’ve got to get dressed and out of here,” she said, “That bitch sister of yours as dumped Charley he’s coming back to me – isn’t that great?”

“That’s great,” he murmured, as he saw this whole new relationship fading before his eyes.

“We’ll just go back to being friends again – OK?” she said, as she kissed him on the cheek.

“Good friends,” he repeated halfheartedly. As he walked towards the stairs he was wondering what he could do to that bitch sister of his for ruining his life. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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