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by Cristiano Caffieri

When I saw the playwright Raven Woodbury being interviewed on a TV talk show she inspired me. In fact we seemed to have quite a lot in common. Like me she worked as a store clerk and faced rejection after rejection before finally having a play accepted that put her name in lights and changed her life. The main difference between us was that I hadn’t had a play accepted; even the local community theater wasn’t interested.

During the show, this 50 year old beauty said that she was always prepared to help young writers because she knew the heart ache of working so hard and then being turned down by people who probably hadn’t read the entire manuscript. I was sold; I decided to quit my job, draw out my savings and to find out where she lived. It turned out to be on the other side of the country in Connecticut.

With a backpack and my laptop I flew to New York and then bussed and walked the rest of the way to her home that was in the heart of the countryside. It was pissing down with rain when I arrived at her front door and I was soaked to the skin.

The sexy black housekeeper was a little reluctant to let me see her boss but just as she was about to slam the door in my face Raven appeared in the background looking very regal in a flowing silk robe.

“Who is it Erika?”

“Some guy who writes plays,” she said, rolling her eyes as if she’d heard my sob story many times before.

Ms. Woodbury came to the door and eyed me up and down,

“The young man is soaking wet, let him in – and take him to the kitchen for some hot chocolate.”

The housekeeper looked at me, shook her head and then gruffly invited me to follow her. Her boss said she would join us in a few minutes and actually smiled at me.

As I sipped on my mug of hot chocolate Raven came in and sat across from me,

“Now before you tell me why you’re here we have to get you out of those wet clothes. Take him to the bathroom Erika and put his things in the dryer. You can wear a bathrobe until they dry,” she said to me, smiling once more.

I did expect a little privacy when I was changing but my sexy escort insisted on staying in the bathroom until I’d stripped off. Attired in a white bathrobe I was directed to the sitting room where Raven was languishing on a chez lounge.

“Sit down and tell me all about yourself,” she said.

I couldn’t believe that she was really interested in my life as a frustrated writer and I didn’t want to babble on and make a fool of myself. Consequently I cautiously gave her a watered down version of my failed career so far and asked if she would read one of my plays.

“Well – I can’t possibly read anything tonight,” she laughed, “ it’s far too late, but if you’re prepared to stay over, we could run over one of your manuscripts after breakfast.”

Once again I was amazed that someone so famous as Raven Woodbury would invite me to stay in her house. Of course I accepted and Erika showed me to my room and after looking me up and down, gave a little sigh, told me my clothes would be ready in the morning, and closed the door.

Naked I climbed under the Goose down duvet and luxuriated. It was a wonderful feeling.

The next morning, as I stood bare assed, scratching my balls, in walked Erika with my clothes. As I attempted to cover up my morning wood she simply lay them on the bed and said, “good morning” as she made her exit. I also think I heard a little giggle.

Breakfast was taken in the breakfast room with the three of us sitting around a nicely laid out table and Raven, who looked like she had just been to the beauty shop, poured my coffee and even put the cream in for me.

“Perhaps we can look at one of your plays this morning,” she said,” if they have promise I may have a proposition for you.

She smiled at Erika and she smiled back. It all felt a little creepy. However after we’d finished she took me into the living room and we sat on the sofa together and browsed through some material on my lap top. We talked in great length about plots and dialogue until Erika called us for lunch.

Once again the three of us sat down together and there were more sinister nods and smiles between the two women. After a while Raven opened up the conversation.

“James, I have a proposition for you.”

I listened intently.

“I’ve been living here alone since my last husband took off on me,” she paused, “Well not exactly alone, I do have my wonderful housekeeper for companionship and the occasional diddling session.”

At this point I swallowed hard and the look on my face must have been priceless. I think my expression caused her to re-think what she was going to say and she suddenly asked if I was gay. After I assured her that I wasn’t she said neither was she or Erika.

“We just like to fool around, poke each other with plastic cocks and suck each other’s tits just to get rid of our frustrations,” she said, “but that gets a little monotonous, that’s where you come in.”

With my mouth hanging open like the village idiot I listened as she told me that I could continue living there while she helped me to improve my work and added that she could introduce me to some producers in New York. It sounded fascinating but I was anxious to know what I was going to give in return.

When she got around to it I almost fell off my chair.

“Due to a slight medical condition I can’t have sex with men anymore,” she began, “but I still enjoy the sexual experience in other ways. Now if you’re agreeable I’d like you to fuck Erika while I watch, maybe two or three times a week.”

I quickly looked over to the serious faced housekeeper, who I’d presumed didn’t like me very much, but regardless she nodded her approval and even gave me a little smile.

“Is it a deal,” she asked, stretching out her hand.

I took her hand and shook it, even though I was not entirely comfortable with her expectations.

After lunch it was back to the living room. Raven sat in a big chair while I went back to the sofa. There was an eerie silence and I wasn’t quite sure what we were waiting for until Erika appeared stark naked.

She looked incredible. Her tits were firm, but still jiggled a little when she walked, and her legs, they were long, slender and culminated in a plump shaved slit that I was to have the pleasure of penetrating.

After asking me to stand up, she slowly and seductively took off my clothes. I could see Raven over her shoulder stripping down at the same time. And for a woman in her fifties, she had a remarkably well preserved body.

When I was completely naked with my cock sticking out like a barber’s pole, Erika slipped very slowly to her knees and started to examine my family jewels. She gently poked my balls with her fingers, and then handling my shaft as if it was a priceless work of art, she took it between her full lips and slipped it into her mouth slowly. I gasped as she continued to absorb more of it, and then she stopped, and held it there for what seemed like an eternity.

As I started to breathe heavy, waiting in eager anticipation for her next move, I could see Raven unpacking something from a leather case. It looked like a flashlight but when she switched it on it sounded like a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine. She opened her legs wide and began to work it into her cunt as if she was prospecting for gold. It seemed to have a whirling end piece that vibrated her pink folds and tinkled the wind chimes that hung over the window.

My benefactor smiled at me as she kept working it around and around, but I was too tense to smile back, and then Erika began to plunge my cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked and fondled, as if she loved what she was doing, I held onto her shoulders as my legs were already going weak on me.

When I felt my cum boiling up and ready to make a break for it I started to groan and this seemed to excite Raven, who was now revving her sex toy as though she was waiting for the flag to go down at the Indie 500. When I blew my load in Erika’s mouth I yelled out loud as her employer, who had dropped her device, and was fingering herself furiously, started to scream.

I flopped back on the sofa for a few seconds to catch my breath but I knew it was payback time. Standing up I took that beautiful black housekeeper in my arms and slowly lowered her onto the sheepskin rug. She looked up at me with big brown eyes as I bent over and started to wipe my tongue across her protruding nipples, then squeezing one tit in my hand I began to suck the other. Switching every so often, I continued to feast on her gorgeous rack until I sensed she wanted me to run my tongue up and down her pussy lips.

Embedding my face between her warm ebony thighs, I licked my way up to her cunt and opened it gently with my fingers, then I flicked up and down the moist folds as she whimpered and held onto my arms. As I increased the pace she got more and more vocal and then she began to shake violently and dug her nails deep into my flesh.

My throbbing cock was anxious to enter her steaming crack, and hardly able to control my animal instincts, I rammed it in with considerable force. She gasped and entwined her fingers in my hair and then, as I was about to fuck her brains out, I felt Raven crush her tits against my back. I paused as she rubbed them up and down a few times and then she re- positioned herself and began to fondle my scrotum from behind. It drove me fucking crazy and all hell broke loose. I started to drive my dick into Erika like a piston rod as she kept calling out “fuck. fuck, fuck,” and her boss, who was still hanging on to my nut sack, repeated each “fuck,” like it was an echo.

I felt as though I was in a completely new dimension, my body was on fire, my balls were aching, and then I felt my cum moving up and shooting in a continual stream deep inside of her hot lubricated vagina. When all the moaning and groaning had subsided we just lay there groping and kissing each other’s bodies for a while.

As the days went by I grew quite attached to the two women. Erika, who I think had a poor impression of me at first, really warmed to me as I pounded her pussy three to four times a week, and in addition to great sex I was wining and dining like a king. My play, although it was coming along slowly, was at least coming along.

However, one day when Erika was out, and the boss was taking her afternoon nap, I found a cupboard door open that was usually locked. Inside I found a pile of manuscripts under various names, (all male), and on the front of each was Raven’s critique. Her comments, scrawled in red ink, ranged from “mediocre at best” to “absolute trash.” It started to look like this mentoring young talent was just a pretext to satisfy her unusual sexual appetite and when the young men she’d conned realised that, they just packed up and left.

Almost in a daze I went outside and sat on the stoop to think things over. I didn’t really appreciate being made a fool of and thought perhaps it was time for me to go too. My basement apartment in Frisco wasn’t really that bad, apart from the cockroaches, and even though I’d be back on a diet of canned food, at least I’d have my pride.

However, as I was weighing the pros and cons Erika pulled into the driveway, slipped gracefully out of the car and sashayed towards the house. Her ass moved under her cotton dress like two boys fighting under a blanket, her unfettered tits swayed provocatively from side to side, and I knew that this black goddess was heading for the kitchen where, every Thursday, without fail, she prepared poached Salmon with a thick creamy sauce. It was that very moment I decided to stay on at the house, after all – pride is sometimes over rated – isn’t it? THE END

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