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by Cristiano Caffieri

Martin Lowe had his eye on a girl named Anthea in the mailroom but he was just afraid of asking her out in case she turned him down. If she did reject him he figured the news would travel around the office in no time and he didn’t want that. He already felt a bit of a loser as all of the other men told endless tales of their conquests and all he could do was nod and smile.

His Uncle Jeffrey had been exactly opposite, he always had beautiful women hanging on his arm and they were mostly much younger. His relatives, including Martin’s mother and father, considered him a letch and an oversexed fornicator. They were so disgusted with his behavior that no one from the family visited him when he was admitted to the hospital except for Martin. It was plain to see he was dying but he’d lived life to the full and so he didn’t seem to care a fuck.

There was no doubt that he appreciated his nephew coming to see him in his last moments on earth and with great effort, he felt in his bedside draw and pulled out a strange looking pendant and pressed it into his hand.

“I want you to have this.” he whispered, “it’s a mojo,” And with this, he took and deep breath and he was gone.

Martin did know what the hell a mojo was but he planned to treasure it in memory of his uncle. However, when he looked it up on the internet he found that it meant a talisman or spell.

“Wow,” he thought to himself, “What if this is how Uncle Jeffry attracted all those women.”

He didn’t actually take it seriously because he was not the superstitious kind but on the following work day, he decided to wear it. When he wandered into the office he was immediately aware of several of the long legged women in the PR department giving him the eye. It was a nice feeling but it felt a bit spooky and he was beginning to believe that perhaps the pendant had some magical powers.

This became more evident when he went into the stationery room to grab some copy paper. Amanda Thiesen, who would not normally give him the time of day, followed him in, bolted the door from the inside side and came onto him.

The next thing he knew she’d unbuttoned his shirt and was rubbing her hands all over his chest and back. Martin was quite overwhelmed and didn’t quite know what to do so he just stood there with his mouth open as Amanda unzipped his flies, whipped out his dick and started to play with it.

As it got harder and harder, and she continued to caress it with her long painted fingers, he warned her he was about to cum. In response, she dropped to her knees, plunged his cock into her mouth and sucked.

He was shocked beyond belief and grabbing her head in both hands he faced fucked her until he blew his load. After he’d expelled all his goo into her lovely mouth, she just got up, did a big swallow, smiled and made her exit.

For the rest of the afternoon, he was showered with compliments, had his ass groped several times and then his boss, Ms. Worsley, asked him if he’d help her to take some files home after work. It turned out that there were only four file folders and so he was under no allusion why he was going to her apartment.

When they arrived he would like to have just dumped the files and left, afraid that Anthea might find out about what was going on. However, Ms. Worsley, who now insisted that he called her Frankie, persuaded him to have a glass of wine.

“I’ve always admired you,” she said, putting her hand on his thigh, “You have a certain mystery about you. Not many people would see that but I’m very perceptive and I have a feeling that you are a Tiger between the sheets.”

“Not really,” he spluttered nervously as she leaned forward exposing a cleavage that any sane man would like to have slipped his cock between, “More like a kitten – I think.”

She laughed, “Would kitty like to see my pussy and make friends.”

Before he could come up with some intelligent answer she’d grabbed hold of his lapels and dragged his lips towards hers. She kissed him so hard his eyes nearly popped out of his head and then she began to almost tear his clothes off leaving him sitting naked, except for his shoes, socks and his mojo. Frankie didn’t ask him to undress her, she did it herself and she did it like a professional stripper until she was down to a narrow red thong.

In spite of him feeling guilty about Anthea, based on the possibility of a future relationship, his dick had become as hard as a rock. His boss was one hell of a good looking lady with tits that just screamed out suck me! suck me! And he didn’t disappoint them.

Martin wrestled her to the floor and began to fondle, suck and lick those tits like a titular maniac. She was just moaning as if she was having multiple orgasms. Of course when he forced his head between her thighs, pulled that narrow strip to one side and began to poke his tongue in she had a big one!.

When it was her turn to do some sucking, and she took his dick deep into her mouth, he started to squirm as the ecstasy almost got too much to bear. In the end, he squirmed himself out of the pendant, which fell onto the floor. Frankie stopped in an instant, looked up at him with his dick still in her mouth and then withdrew and screamed,

“What the fuck is going on here?”

He didn’t know what to say as her face was contorted with anger and he felt she was about to call the cops or at the very least knock his teeth out. Grabbing the pendant he quickly lopped it back around his neck, and Frankie, who looked quite dazed, just said she was sorry and dropped back onto her knees.

After he’d cum once and she’d cum twice it was time to ram his hard dick into her wet crack. She screamed as he drove it in and it made him wonder what she was going to do when he got down to the short strokes.

Martin was feeling as horny as fuck by now and so was she. For the next few minutes, he pounded her pussy until his balls hurt and the lips of her cunt were tingling like as if there was an electric current running through them. When he shot his load her scream could be heard for three blocks and she held onto him for a good five minutes after the fact before she’d let him take it out.

The following morning he didn’t wear the mojo, and although he got strangely embarrassed looks from Amanda and Frankie it seemed that he’d lost his fatal attraction. That very day he asked Anthea out and she accepted. He was tempted to wear the pendant on their date as he was dying to get her into bed but he didn’t have to, apparently, she’d had the hots for him for quite some time.

There were no family members at Jeffrey’s funeral just 23 veiled women who sobbed softly as he was lowered into his grave. Although they glanced longingly at Martin who was wearing the mojo they resisted the temptation to leap over the deceased and give him a communal blow job. After they all thrown their tear soaked roses onto the casket he tossed in the pendant. Martin enjoyed a good fuck as much as the next man but he just didn’t fancy dying at 38 like his Uncle. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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