French Miss

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By Cristiano Caffieri

When Don’s wife suggested hiring a live-in baby sitter he wasn’t sure he was comfortable with that but when he saw the young woman his wife wanted to hire he changed his mind. She was French and needed the job so that she could improve her English.

Gabrielle was tall, had an hour glass figure and a mass of auburn hair. Her legs seem to go on forever and her breasts could only be described as “perfect.” He was amazed that his wife would let such a creature enter the house until she informed him that she was a Lesbian. He was devastated.

Quite often he didn’t go to work until the afternoon while his wife, who owned a little boutique, was out of the house at 8 a.m. Consequently, Gabbi, as she liked to be called, would sit and have breakfast with him. The sensual way she used to look at him across the table created a little doubt in his mind in regard to her sexuality.

Gabbi often licked her lips, quite slowly and quite seductively and he began to imagine his dick, which was hardening up under the table, slipping between them and into her mouth. She also had another habit that was quite provocative, when she didn’t like the taste of something she would shudder until her tits almost jumped out of her low cut top. Lesbian or no Lesbian he would love to have nuzzled his face between them.

One morning when his cock was already throbbing under the table, she licked those luscious lips like Marilyn Monroe, shook her voluptuous tits and told him that she thought he was very handsome. He was flattered and thought it only polite to return the compliment.

“And you’re very beautiful,” he said.

No sooner were the words out of his mouth that she moved around the table and sat very close to him.

“Are you faithful to your wife?” she asked, her finger running up and down his bare arm.

“Of course,” he stammered, being a little confused by what was going on.

“Oh that’s a pity,” she pouted, “I thought you might help me with my schoolwork.”

“What kind of schoolwork?”

“Well,” she began licking her lips again, “I’m studying to be a sex therapist in France and I need to work with real people – you can’t learn everything from books can you?”

Don swallowed so hard his Adam’s apple moved his tie up and down,

“How can I help you?” he asked.

“Well I’m writing my thesis on sexual positions and I’ve only had the opportunity to try out a few – what about you.”

“Just a few,” he replied hoarsely, swallowing hard once more.

“Have you and your wife ever done it on the kitchen table?”

“No – I think we missed out on that one.”

Gabbi, who was just wearing shorts and a halter top slipped out of them and stood before him stark naked. Her tits were bigger and better than he had imagined and her hairy bush looked so inviting he was tempted to stick his finger in it.

“Would you be prepared to try it out with me – to help me with my thesis?”

“I certainly wouldn’t want you to get a poor mark,” he stammered, “But what about the baby?” he asked, referring to his daughter that she’d been hired to look after.

“Oh – she’ll sleep for another hour or so – you don’t have to worry. Just slip out of those clothes,” she said, “And let the lesson begin.”

With Gabbi’s amazing tits almost poking him the eye and enough wood in his pants to build a bridge over the River Kwai, he literally tore off his clothes. Gabbi cleared the dishes to one side and sat on the edge of the table.

“If you kneel down do you think you can eat me out from there?”

Don nodded his head furiously to indicate the affirmative and fell to his knees, navigated her bush with his tongue and proceeded to move it up and down her grove. She put her shapely legs over his shoulders to facilitate his action and in response, he stuck his tongue further into her flower and moved it around and around.

Gabbi got quite excited but she didn’t want to cum suddenly and make the whole learning process too short. With this in mind, she asked him to change places with her.

As he sat on the edge of the table dreaming of what was about to come (or cum), she reached over to the sideboard and grabbed the jam dish. She then proceeded to smear his dick with it.

“It’s not that penis doesn’t taste good.” she assured him, “But I just love raspberry jam.” With this, she began to slowly lick it off. Don was in absolute ecstasy and it got even better when she climbed onto the table standing with her legs apart and gradually lowered herself down with her legs around him until her flower absorbed him right up to his balls. Then, with him not knowing what to expect next, she hung onto his shoulders and proceeded to bounce on his cock in a steady rhythm.

She then leaned forward and put her tongue in his mouth and moved it in and out in time with her hip movements. Don, his legs still dangling over the end of the table, was dying to increase the speed but she kept up the same slow pace until he blew his load. When he did, she seemed to cum at the same time and with her fingers entwined in his, she closed her eyes and just kept milking it out of him.

He wasn’t sure if it was part of the curriculum but he lay back and pulled her over the top of him. As her tits dangled like ripe fruit over his mouth he started to suck and fondle them. He then slipped his knee between her legs and began to move it across her hairy bush. Gabbi was moaning and groaning and gyrated her ass as if she was working up to another orgasm.

Things were getting more and more intense as she started to take quick short sharp breaths and then screamed out loud and just flopped on the top of him.

“Oh my god, that was so good,” she panted, “That was so very good,”

When they managed to pry themselves off the table, he went over to the stove to make the coffee as she looked too exhausted. For a few minutes, they sat their sipping their brew and then he ventured to bring up the subject of her being a Lesbian.

“I expect your wife told you that.”

He nodded

“I tell all the women that,” she laughed, “It makes them feel more secure.” She took another sip of her coffee and then put her head to one side. “In my thesis, I’m explaining the benefits of twenty different coital positions,” she said, “Would you be willing to help me to test the other nineteen?

He hesitated for 9/16th of a second, then just like the cat that got the cream he grinned and nodded his head up and down like the village idiot. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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