French Kissing

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Alain Seydoux knew that his birth mother’s name was Mylene Moss, she’d put him up for adoption a few weeks after he was born and then, three years later she married an American. When he was 18 he started to look for her but failed to turn anything up for almost ten years. The only memento he had was a picture of her holding him outside of the hospital.

Not able to find a trace of her himself he hired a specialist to do the job and it was only a few weeks before he came up with an address in Clearwater, Florida. For some crazy reason, he decided to just fly over with the idea that he might just wait outside the house and look at her. He thought perhaps she hadn’t told her husband about having a baby when she was just sixteen and he didn’t want to cause her any trouble.

The plan was to see her first and then perhaps to follow her to the supermarket or something and then approach her with “ Excuse me – are you by any chance, Mylene Cormier.” Of course, he intended to say it in French and then their conversation would not be understood by those around them.

He rented a car in Tampa and made his way to the address given to him by the French investigator. After waiting two hours parked outside the house the only person he saw was a woman about his own age who came out to water the plants.

She was quite beautiful, and because of the heat, she was only wearing a pair of very brief shorts and a halter top. He certainly didn’t think his mother would be that well preserved – even though she was only forty-three.

He didn’t have the courage to say anything to the young woman on the first day and so the following morning he waited outside again. This time she got into the car and drove off – he followed.

After a short drive, she pulled into one of those big do-it-yourself hardware stores that sell just about everything. There was even a café where you could have a donut and coffee. Fortunately for him she picked up a drink and sat at one of the tables, he did the same.

After taking a few deep breaths he looked over to her and addressed her in French, she obviously didn’t understand a word of it, she just smiled and shrugged. He knew from this reaction she was definitely not his very well preserved mother.

When he switched to English the woman, who introduced herself as Kacey, came over and sat across from him. Whether it was his accent or his Gallic good looks that fascinated her was hard to say but she gazed into his eyes the whole time he was explaining why he was in Florida.

The former tenants of her house had moved out a few months ago she told him, “But if you’re interested they did leave some stuff behind including some photo albums – I guess they just forgot them. If you want you can come back to the house and browse through them that’s OK by me.” Alain was only too happy to accept her invitation and after she’d shopped for some paint and brushes he followed her back to the house.

“I’m just trying to fix things up,” she said, as they entered the front hallway, this was the only place I could afford after my divorce.”

As she bent to put her supplies down on the floor her halter top revealed a pair of very nice tits swinging from side to side. She must have sensed him staring as she quickly got up and looked a little embarrassed.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this but I think you’re very beautiful,” he said.

“I’d expect a Frenchman to say that whether it was true of not,” she laughed, “You seem to think you’re obligated to pay a woman compliments.”

“That is not true – I only say what I feel and I think your husband must be a very foolish man to let someone like you go.”

Kacey started to tear up, “I’m sorry,” she sniffled, “I get quite depressed when I think about the life I used to have.”

Alain, being French, couldn’t resist putting his arms around her to comfort her. Her breasts pressed against his chest as she sobbed softly and then she slipped her arms around his neck and held him tight.

When she released her grip to wipe her eyes he kissed her gently on the lips and she responded by slipping her arms back around his neck and kissing him passionately. His tongue probed her mouth and hers his and soon things began to really heat up.

Having his arms around her waist he pulled the string on her halter top and it fell to the floor. She didn’t seem to care and when he stooped down to kiss her nipples she just closed her eyes and whimpered like a little-lost puppy.

It wasn’t long before they were both naked and lying on the bed in the adjoining room. He kissed her sad face and tried to make her smile but it was no use. Alain had fucked many women in his day but he didn’t take advantage of those who he considered vulnerable for some reason or another and so he started to back off. That didn’t suit Kacey who grabbed hold of his dick and took it deep into her mouth and then she cocked her leg over him in reverse so that her hairy pussy was right up against his face and within reach of his tongue.

He struggled to get his hands free so that he could part the lips of her cunt with his fingers and then he leaned forward and began to lick her pink folds. This seemed to spur her on and she started to squeeze tight on his balls as she plunged up and down on his throbbing dick.

As he felt himself cumming he flicked his tongue faster and faster along the side of her pussy lips hoping they would cum at the same time. When they did it was like a small nuclear explosion. Her body started to vibrate violently as she took a big load into her mouth and he stuffed his face deep into her wet crack.

There was a lot of moaning and groaning from both of them and Alain lay back while she diddled with his cock, hoping to bring it back to its former glory. It wasn’t long before it was standing up like the duty stallion and he quickly forced her on to her back, opened up her legs and rammed it into her.

Her tits bounced freely as he shoved it in and out with powerful thrusts. She closed her eyes and gripped onto his forearms as his balls crashed against her ass and he pounded her pussy mercilessly.

It wasn’t long before his cum reached boiling point and he filled up her cunt with a massive load. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as tight as she could and they lay in that position for some time.

Dressed and back in the living room she brought him the photo albums and he started to browse through them comparing them with the photograph he had.

“That’s my mother right there,” he said, pointing at one page, “Oh my god, that’s you standing beside her!”

“Yes – she divorced too – we share the house – cuts down on the expenses.”

“But why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because you wouldn’t have fucked me if you thought your mom was going to barge in at any moment.”

“You obviously don’t know French men,” he said, slipping his hand up the leg of her shorts, “We like to take risks.” THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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