Four Girls and a Naked Waiter

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Aileen, Cassidy, Sinead and Katie had been friends their entire lives. They lived in the same small Irish town, attended the same school and sometimes shared boyfriends. When Aileen was offered a job in Dublin they were sorry to lose her but it was even a bigger shock six months later when she wrote and said she’d got married.

They were kind of disappointed because if she’d have waited and married in their home town they would have given her a Hen Night – and it would have been the best darn party in the West of Ireland. It was Cassidy that suggested they could still have a little get together by going to Dublin and treating her to a night she’d never forget.

They rented a self catering apartment, hired a nude caterer from an erotic bridal magazine they found online and off they went. The place turned out to be really nice and when Ethan the caterer turned up it looked even better. He came a couple of hours early so that he could prepare everything and for this he stripped down completely except for a tiny apron that covered his dick. It was quite a job to keep the girls out of the kitchen but eventually they got the message and stayed out of his way.

They all sat in the living area giggling and drinking wine until their friend arrived. Of course, there was a lot of group hugging and story swapping and then out of the kitchen, Ethan appeared with his tiny white apron.

Aileen just burst into laughter and had to be helped to the table.

“Gosh, you girls have gone to a lot of trouble.”

“Nothing’s too good for you,” said Cassidy, “And we’re sharing the benefit ourselves and that’s even better.”

Once seated at the table Ethan brought in the dishes one by one and each time Aileen would smile sweetly and Sinead was beginning to think that it was hardly appropriate for a recently married woman to be flirting the way she was.

When she went to the bathroom they had a little discussion about it, “Gosh it seems that a few months in Dublin can change you completely,” Katie commented. The girls agreed, certainly Aileen would never have behaved like this back home.

“I think she felt his leg once,” whispered Cassidy, “It might even have been his dick. Mind you I can’t say I blame her he’s a fucking dish in my opinion.”

“Shame on you,” Sinead, said indignantly, “And you were once thinking of becoming a nun.”

“Oh don’t give me your pious horseshit,” she snapped back, “Look how you behaved at Paddy Flynn’s graduation.”

“I was drunk.”

“That’s no excuse for giving him a blow job in front of everybody.”

“You promised you weren’t going to mention that again.”

“And so I wouldn’t if you weren’t so high and fucking mighty.”

They all clammed up as Aileen returned to the table, except for Cassidy.

“We were just saying what a dish Ethan is.”

“He’s incredible isn’t he?”

“Fortunately we’re all single,” smiled Cassidy, “We could fuck his brains out with impunity but alas – you’re a married woman.”

“But it’s my party isn’t it?”

“Yes but you’re married,” repeated Sinead, as if she didn’t quite understand the implications.

“Married yes but I’ve changed a lot since I’ve been here – I’ve become more of a free spirit.”

Speaking of free spirit,” Katie piped up, “I think you should go easy on the whiskey Sinead.”

It was too late for as always, when she was drunk, she lost her inhibitions and started to strip of all her clothes, “If Ethan can go around bollock naked – so can I.”

The caterer was a little surprised when he came to serve dessert and Sinead’s tits were resting on the place mat. He put the plate beside her and then playfully removed two cherries from the top and place them on the end of her rather large glands, adjusting then a couple of times make sure they were aesthetically pleasing.

All the girls started to laugh and Cassidy, who also had a few drinks decided that if Sinead could sit in the nude so could she. Unlike her drunken colleague who was a bit plump, she had a really beautiful figure. There wasn’t a man in the West of Ireland who wouldn’t have given up drinking for a day in order to fuck her.

Katie looked a bit disgusted with all the nakedness but then shrugged her shoulders and joined the clan. Only Aileen remained clothed.

“Would you mind taking off your clothes madam,” Ethan asked, as though he were Jeeves the butler, “It sort of spoils the symmetry of the table to have three sets of unfettered tits and one set sequestered as it were. She started to laugh and quickly removed her clothes. It was a tossup between her and Cassidy for who had the perkiest pair of boobs.

By now everyone was giggling uncontrollably but that stopped quite suddenly when Aileen slipped the knot on Ethan’s apron and it fell to the floor revealing a sizable dick. There was a collective gasp from the three friends and then when Aileen slid onto her knees and began to fondle his balls their eyes almost popped out of their heads and they immediately went into synchronized masturbation.

Not satisfied with the ball fondling she began to lick up and down the outside of his cock and then suddenly took it deep into her mouth and went up and down his shaft with her cheeks bulging like a chipmunk. Ethan closed his eyes and groaned as she kept on working it, Sinead had a very noisy orgasm and the other two worked furiously to catch up with her.

Everyone was expecting Aileen, married or not, to take his cum in her mouth but she suddenly changed tactics and withdrew her lips from his throbbing dick. Ethan just picked her up and carried her into the living area and draped her over the arm of the sofa with her long legs sticking up over the edge.

Grasping her behind the knees he pulled her legs upward up, rammed his cock into her and began to pound her pussy. The three girls, who were still slipping their fingers up and down their wet cracks, had followed the pair into the room and now sat around on the carpet as if they were at girl guide camp.

Aileen was beginning to whimper and groan as he frantically rammed it in and out of her love tunnel and then he started to make strange breathing sounds as he could feel himself cumming. When he did shoot his load with a big forceful bang not only did he and Aileen cry out so did the three watching.

After they had wiped off their perspiring bodies, they returned to the table for a glass of chilled white wine. Ethan, now apron-less, served it as if nothing had happened.

“By Jesus,” piped up Cassidy, who was still trying to get her breath back, “Your husband must be an awfully tolerant man if he knows how you behave.”

“Why don’t you ask him,” she replied, pointing to Ethan.

The naked Adonis walked over and shook hands with them.

Ì don`t understand, mumbled Sinead, still well under the influence of several whiskeys.

“Well it’s an amazing coincidence,” said Aileen , “You just happened to see our business advertised and being the cheap bitches you are,” she laughed, “You didn’t opt for the deluxe package which includes the two of us, chef, semi-nude waitress and a sex show thrown in – you took the basic.”

“Holy Mother of God,” chimed up Katie, “I don’t know what Sister Gertrude, would say about such goings on.”

“Oh fuck Sister Gertrude,” snapped Cassidy.

“Funny you should say that,” giggled Sinead, “I once did,” and with that, she slowly fell off of her chair onto the floor. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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