For Crying Out Loud

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Meghan Sanders was a vindictive wife and her poor husband Eddie had a lot to cope with. All his friends used to tell him to stand up to her but he never did and he became more and more under her thumb.

His wife fucked good and so she could always hold the promise of a bit of nookie over his head if he dared to stand up to her. She gave great blow jobs and she always swallowed the lot – what more could a man ask for.

Unfortunately, she was a big spender and bills were never paid on time. Eddie did all the overtime he could but it was never enough. In the end, Meghan decided that she’d rent his skills out as a handyman by advertising on a local notice board. She wasn’t the brightest tool in the shed and so the rather ambiguous ad gave Debbie Wagner the wrong impression. It read, “Husband for hire – will look after all your needs for 20 dollars an hour.”

Now Debbie had just lost her husband to a floozy that lived next door and they would make love every night groaning and moaning so she could hear them through the adjoining wall. She thought two could play at that game and so when she saw the ad she gave the number a call. It was arranged for Eddie to come around the next evening.
Meghan took the message but didn’t ask what the client wanted so Eddie thought he’d just pop round have a look at what she needed to be fixed. Debbie was a bit surprised when he arrived in his work clothes but she thought he was frightfully good-looking and that was certainly a plus.

“What do you want me to do exactly,” he asked naively as she ushered him the front room.

“Well I want you to fuck me,” she said, “And I want to make as much noise as possible.”

Eddie stood there with his mouth open for a few seconds before he spoke.

“I usually fix things, he said, “You know – things like toasters and loose doorknobs.”

“Oh my god,” she interjected, “Did you hear that – they’re at it already and that will go on all night – it’s disgusting.”

“Let’s go up stairs and show them that we can make noises just like them – even louder.”

In the bedroom, Debbie literally tore off her clothes revealing a better than average figure with a particularly nice pair of tits. He certainly became aroused but he was not completely comfortable fucking a complete stranger.

“Do we have to fool around,” he asked, “Couldn’t we just make the noises?”

“It wouldn’t sound genuine,” she retorted and proceeded to help her reluctant handyman to get out of his clothes.

As soon as his pants dropped to the floor Debbie dropped to her knees and looked up at him. “I’m going to give you the best blow job you’ve ever had so you`d better do some yelling.”

Before he could comment she went down on him like a presidential intern and with her fingers stroking his solid nut sack she proceeded to suck his dick like a pro. She didn’t have to remind him to groan, the way she plunged it deep into her mouth made him cry out like a wounded Buffalo and when he could feel his cum moving up in the general direction of her mouth he yelled, “I’m cumming at the top of his voice.”

Just like his wife she swallowed the lot and seemed most satisfied with his performance. In fact, the groans had stopped next door as if they were listening to all the activity going on in her bedroom.
Eddie the handyman was well and truly in the mood and he literally threw Debbie on the creaking bed and jumped on her beautiful naked body, he groped her tits, he licked her tits and he sucked them hard. And while he was doing that he was diddling her warm wet crack with two fingers. Her cunt felt so nice and silky he couldn’t wait to stuff his face between her legs.

She was in a state of euphoria and was yelling and screaming with each new move he made. When he stuck his tongue into her pink taco she just about brought the house down.

“What’s you name – what’s your name,” she panted as he licked her hairy cunt from top to bottom.

“It’s Eddie,” he replied, pausing for a brief moment between licks.

“Oh Eddie,” she yelled, at the top of her voice, `You make me feel like a real woman.”

The husband next door started knocking on the wall at this point shouting for them to cut out the noise but before he’d finished Debbie had an orgasm – a massive mind blowing orgasm. She screamed and thrashed around on the bed and then begged for him to ram his cock into her.

Eddie made a hole in one and started to pound her as she clung onto his forearms and moaned like a Buffalo in heat. The bed springs not only creaked like hell the bedhead was beating a steady rhythm on the wall. He was grunting and groaning as he pounded her pussy and when he shot his load he gave and extra loud yell and she screamed even louder.

After a cup of coffee and a nice slice of cherry cake they did it all over again and her ex-husband was knocking so loud on the wall bits of plaster were falling off. Of course Eddie refused to take her money and they came to an agreement that they would get together two or three times a week.

When he arrived home rather late Meghan started to nag and then held out her hand for the money. Eddie just stuck a finger under her nose.

“Holy Fuck – that smells like pussy,” she squawked.

“Yes and that’s the only cent you’re going to get,” he smiled and took off to bed.” THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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