First Fuck in Three Years

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Since his wife took off with his best friend Brett Langer had lived alone in his country house some five miles from the city where he worked. The only inhabitants in the whole area, apart from a couple of farmers, were women at a nearby correctional facility. Unlike male inmates, they rarely made a break for it and when they did nobody worried too much.

One escape that took place did raise a bit of a scare for some folk because she had murdered her husband with her bare hands. Brett didn’t really blame her – she caught him bed with her best friend and being a Martial Arts instructor she knew how to deal with the situation. She killed her fornicating husband with a quick chop to the throat but simply slapped the woman around a bit.

It was a hot summer evening when Erica Allen made it over the wall and the local radio and TV stations kept blaring out the warnings all night. It was about 10 p.m. when Brett switched off the box and decided to have a quiet nightcap before retiring. He’d only started to tip the brandy bottle when there was a knock at the door.

He was a bit surprised that anyone would be calling on him so late but the idea that the notorious Erica would be standing there when he opened it never entered his mind. But she was! And in a very quick move she had his arm twisted up his back and propelled down the hallway unceremoniously.

When they got to the kitchen she literally threw him into a chair and then she gave him a stern warning,

“I’m Erica Allen, I’m sure you’ve heard of my escape?”

“Yes,” Brett stammered, “It’s all over the radio and TV.”

“So you know what I’m capable of?”


“So don’t try any funny stuff,” she snarled, “Or you’ll end up like my ex.”

She looked around furtively before asking if there was anyone else in the house. He told her there wasn’t and then offered to cook her some food. Erica looked at him if he was an alien or something wondering why the hell he being so nice to her. She was hungry and so she readily accepted but did warn him once again not to try any funny stuff.

As he was rustling up some eggs and bacon he looked over at her sitting at the table and thought she was quite attractive, a little bit like Sandra Bullock in fact. The way that she’d been portrayed on the news gave the impression she looked more like Ma Barker.

When he put the plate before her and poured her some coffee she gave him a short curt thanks and then tucked in. He sat across from her and sipped a coffee.

“I guess you’d like to get out of that prison garb,” he said.

“What are you getting at,” she snapped.

“Nothing – it’s just that my wife left me recently and there’s a ton of her clothes still here.”

“You seem like a nice guy,” she mused, “But I still don’t trust you, the first opportunity you get you’ll be calling the cops.”

“Not really, I’m on your side,”

“Huh- I bet,”

“Seriously, I caught my wife in bed with my best friend so I know how it feels.”

Erica softened up a bit, “OK when I’ve finished here I’ll try on some of the clothes – see if they fit.”

“They should fit – she had a nice figure just like you.”

She didn’t reply but eyed him suspiciously. After she’d thoroughly cleaned up the plate he led the way upstairs and opened up his wife’s closet. He could tell that she was impressed. One by one she took the hangers off the rack and examined the garments. When she saw something she really liked she decided to try it on but there was a dilemma, she couldn’t go into another room for privacy because she really didn’t feel she could take the risk of leaving him alone.

In the end, she stripped down to her prison issue bra and panties as he sat there on the bed admiring her great body. She’d thought of telling him to close his eyes but being in the rather opulent and sexy bedroom with the first man she’d had contact with for three years she was beginning to feel a little horny.

Brett said the dress suited her and then she took it off and began to sort through the underwear drawers. When she found something she liked she peeled off her prison issue with the intention of trying on something more silky and frilly. However, by this point, her unshaven pussy and perky tits was beginning to get to her host hot under the collar. She could see that he was becoming a little uncomfortable by the fact that his dick was bulging out through his pants.

“How long is it since you had a good fuck,” she asked, dangling a particularly sexy bra in front of him.

“Three months,” he relied, “Since my wife left me.”

“It’s been three years for me,” she said, throwing down the underwear and sashaying towards him, “I’m not sure whether I can trust you or I would give you a fuck to remember.”

“Oh you can trust me,” he stammered, nodding his head up and down like one of those dogs you see in car rear windows, “You can trust me,” and as he said it she bent over him and rubbed her delicious looking tits all over his face.

Brett grabbed on to her waist and lying back on the bed he pulled her on the top of him. Her nipples were erect and just waiting for his lips and he didn’t disappoint them. He sucked and he licked and he moved his fingers up and down her soft warm skin.

Erica groaned and moaned and felt she might cum without him ever touching her quivering pussy but that was his next destination and he pulled her up over his body until he could reach it with his mouth. Holding onto her thighs he ran his pussy fluffer up and down her crack as she became more and more vocal. It wasn’t long before her whole body began to shake and she pressed her pussy tighter and tighter against his lips as she came.

When she broke free of his grasp she called out, “Oh my God,” several times and kept inhaling and exhaling gobs of air. It took a little while for her to calm down and then she sat up on the bed and told him to take off all of his clothes. One doesn’t argue with a marshal arts expert and he didn’t want to anyway. As he stood naked at the end of the bed with his dick standing ready for action she slithered across the covers like a snake and took it right into her mouth.

Brett wondered when it was going to stop as it seemed to be so deep down her throat, then she withdrew it completely, looked at him with a roguish smile and plunged it back in.

“Holy fuck,” he cried out and held on to her hair as she glided up and down his throbbing shaft. Just before he was about to cum she reached forward with one hand and began to finger his balls. His nerve endings felt as if they were about to explode and with another, ”Oh fuck,” yelled out at the top of his voice he shot his load.

Erica swallowed the lot and kept licking the end of his dick as though she couldn’t get enough of it.

“How was that,” she asked, running her fingernails up and down his chest.

“Fucking marvelous,” he replied, still a little short of breath.

“Let’s get it up really hard again,” she said, stroking his dick and his balls at the same time, “I’ve not had one of these things inside my crack for three years – so I want it to be good.”

Brett didn’t intend to let her down and it wasn’t long before he was as hard as a rock. Erica just threw herself back on the bed, opened her legs and then signaled him with her finger to “Come hither.”

He crept up the bed and raising himself up over her he looked down at her beautiful body and perky tits. His dick was in a direct line with her pussy and giving her a little smile he thrust it in as far as it would go. She gasped and clung on to his arms as he rammed it in and out of her warm and very wet love tunnel.

The escaped con who tried to act tough was now at his mercy as he rammed it in, and rammed it in hard. Erica seemed desperate to cum again and she squeezed his arms urging him to increase the pace. As he went faster and faster she started to build up for a scream and when his goo spurted deep inside of her she let it go until it vibrated the windows in the room.

The two of them sat with the backs leaned up against the pillows to recuperate and she actually took his hand and affectionately held onto it. Brett smiled,

“I should have married some one like you.”

“What – just because I fuck good?”

“No I sense there is something special about you.”

“OK – I’ll tell you what,” she said, not expecting to solicit a positive reply, “I have contacts all through the martial arts community that are willing to help me to go to Europe, there are still countries that don’t have extradition treaties with the US you know – so why don’t you come with me.”

Brett hesitated for a moment – just long enough to realize that his present life was a pile of shit.

“OK – just give me an hour to pack some things and you just tell me which direction to drive in and off we go.”

“You’re a crazy bastard,” she laughed, “You’d really go with me?”

“Why not – I need a change,”

“What about your house?”

“It’s mortgaged to the hilt – so my wife can have it.”

“Well – let’s get packed, ” she said, grabbing one of the suitcases he took out from the closet, “What do you do for a living by the way.”

“I’m a cop,” he replied. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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