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by Cristiano Caffieri

Kaari Seppa had the body of a professional dancer; she was gorgeous. She also ran a very successful Miami business, a fitness center, where instructors in yoga, Dancercise, and other fitness regimes put their clients through their paces.

When Byron Taylor landed a trainer job there, bringing his own regimen of martial arts and exercise, he was in heaven. The facilities were excellent and the money was good. Kaari and her black goddess of a partner, April Morley, seemed to be efficient, fair and they paid on time. What could possibly go wrong?

The fact was, Byron went a little overboard when he got the contract, buying a sleek sports car he’d always wanted and moving into a much better, and much more expensive apartment. He felt successful.
His purchases, all on credit, often required him having to get a statement of income from Kaari or April. This was to put him in a very vulnerable position. They were quite aware of the debt he was accumulating.

One night a week the Kaari Seppa Gym was closed for what was termed “a private function.” He thought perhaps that was just another name for a swingers club.

After he’d been there for a few weeks they invited him to join them.
“You’ll have a great time,” said April, “ It’s a very intimate gathering and anything goes. Even group sex,” she laughed.

Now Byron wasn’t dumb, he figured a whole bunch of aging Cougars probably attended these events. He was certainly not inclined to stick his dick into a lot of dry wrinkled-up vaginas, therefore he turned the invitation down.

He was aware that his employers were hard-nosed business women and would probably stop at nothing to further their own ends, but on the following Friday, he received quite a shock. After class, when he went to pick up his check, as usual, he was greeted by the pair, somewhat provocatively dressed, with sinister smiles on their faces. Kaari was the first to speak.

“April and I were just talking about all this debt you’ve gotten into since you started working for us. All this money you’ve been spending that you don’t really have. Now if you were to lose this job, I guess you’d be in serious trouble – financially, that is.”

Byron was taken aback by her remarks and started to get a little nervous about the direction the conversation was going.

“I thought you liked what I was doing here,” he said defensively.

“We do – but you could do more.”

“What could I do?”

“Well, you could accept our invitation to our little Friday gathering — that would certainly guarantee your continued employment here.”

“That sounds like blackmail,” he said grimly.

“Not really – more like gentle persuasion,” said April, starting to take off her clothes. “In fact, we intend to show you exactly what you’re missing by not attending our little soiree,“ and she went over and locked the door.

“Come on,” said Kaari, “Loosen up – we’ll give you the time of your life.”

Now, he was very attracted to this pair of nubile young women, but he didn’t like the idea of being ordered to fuck to save his job. But his erection said otherwise, so he decided he’d go along with their little game, even though he would have preferred a more romantic setting.
The next thing he knew they were unbuckling his belt, struggling to take off his shirt and he was beginning to feel extremely horny. What man wouldn’t? They both had gorgeous figures with perky, firm tits and what looked like little tight little cracks that were yearning to feel his cock slip inside of them.

Soon Kaari went down on her knees massaging his groin and sucking his swollen dick. April put her arms around his waist and began to rub her nipples up and down his back. The reluctance he was feeling at the beginning of this payday orgy began to fade. He had an urgent need to copulate, and because these two women had made him yield to their demands he felt vengeful.

Byron did not typically engage in rough sex but he had been forced into a situation that seemed to warrant a severe response. These bitches were going to regret the day that they thought they could pull one over on him.

Much to Kaari’s amazement he retreated from her lips, leaned forward and, putting his hands under her armpits, he hoisted her up and shoved her towards the sofa, with April in tow. Laying her across it, he grasped her wrists, pried her legs open with his knee and penetrated her with one swift move that made her gasp.

As he made long powerful thrusts into her hot, well-lubricated cunt she looked up at him with her big blue eyes gently biting her lip and giving little whimpering sounds. He increased the pace and she shrieked louder and louder, bordering on hysterics.

April knelt behind him with her nosed presses against the cheek of his bum and began to manipulate his balls with her long slender fingers. This was a completely new sensation for him and his brain felt like it was going to explode at any moment.

As he got more and more excited so did Kaari. Her body began to shake and she kept jolting her ass up and down as she went into orgasm. A few seconds later he shot a stream of hot semen inside of her and after a few final thrusts to make sure she’d got the full load, he was prepared to withdraw. Before he could uncouple his schlong she wrapped her legs around him and continued to hump as though she was expecting seconds.

Eventually, she calmed down and they lay there for a while. April just sat beside them on the sofa, gently running her nails from the crack in his bum to the base of his neck. When he stood up she quickly grabbed him around the buttocks and started to suck his semi soft dick.

“Now it’s her turn,” said Kaari, and grabbing onto his arms she drew him back onto the sofa and held him there. April mounted him like a cowboy. By this time his cock was as hard as a rock again and she bounced her beautiful black body up and down the shaft, producing a mighty suction sound. Holding on to the back of the sofa she groaned as she forced it into her cunt, driving it in right up to his pubic bone.
At one point she signaled to Kaari to let go of his hands and he moved them straight to her gorgeous jiggling tits. He rubbed his palms over her nipples vigorously as she began to grind her ass in a circular motion that almost drove him crazy. Seconds later his cum started to move upwards. As he blew his goo into her love canal she trembled violently and had what can only be described as a massive orgasm. She continued to writhe in ecstasy for some time while Kaari, who’d started to finger her own bush, whimpered in harmony.

He was out of breath when it was all over. The two girls sat on either side of him on the sofa and looked at him quizzically.

“That wasn’t so bad – was it?” said April, stroking his still-tingling nut sack.

What could he say – he had to admit it was mind-blowing even though he really didn’t have a choice in the matter. But then Kaari asked,

“Can we expect you again tomorrow night?”

What could he do? Again there didn’t seem to be a choice. He was in hock up to his balls and he desperately needed the job.

At 7 o’clock Saturday evening he walked into the gym to find it had been converted into a virtual cathouse, with subdued lighting, soft music and exercise mats piled high with cushions, placed in the center of the room. The only thing missing were the cougars.

And then all at once Kaari and April appeared from the catering area, naked and porting bottles of champagne and glasses. And behind them was Lola, the curvaceous resident masseuse, with a box of sex toys.

“Where are the rest of the people?” asked Byron, somewhat confused.

“It’s just us – that’s why we call it a private function,” laughed Kaari, “We’ve got the function if you’ve got the privates. Don’t tell me you want to fuck more than three women at a time?”

“No – three’s just right,” he smiled, slipping off his pants, “in fact, it’s my lucky number. THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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