File Under Fornication

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Jeff Swanick was a man of ambition. His little advertising company had branches in three US cities, two Canadian and three Australian. He probably would have been better off concentrating on just developing one decent business but he dreamed of becoming an empire builder, that was just his personality.

His sidekick at the main office in New York was Woody Schulman. He was a young impressionable guy who was at the beck and call of his boss 24 hours a day, all based on the promise that one day when the company hit Fortune 500 status, he would be a vice president.

It was a challenging job and he enjoyed his work to which he applied himself diligently while his boss, playing the part of a big shot, flew off to the far reaches of his empire spending most of the profits. One day after a trip to his Australian branches he arrived back with a secretary who had been working at the Melbourne office. Leah had such big tits they covered half of her desk and Woody felt sure that he had not brought her back to the States for her computer skills.

She was a Marilyn Monroe type, every thing she said moved her ass around to accompany it. “Yes Mr. Swanick,” she say in that sultry voice, “I’m coming Mr. Swanick,” and then hardly being able to walk in her tight mini, she’d waddle into his office and would be there longer than was perhaps necessary.

To add insult to injury the boss started to relay messages to him through her as if she’d suddenly been appointed executive secretary or something. One day she informed him that the boss wanted him to run over to his house in Scarsdale to pick up a file he needed for a mid afternoon meeting. He almost told her fuck off but as it was a fine summer’s day so he thought it would be nice just to get out of the office.

On the drive out there he started to realize that he was just a lackey and unless he suddenly developed a big set of tits he’d always be one. Woody decided, there and then, that when he got back to the office he’d quit and look for something a bit more fulfilling.

It was a good thirty-minute drive to Swanick’s suburban home and when he arrived it was lunch time. This fact was not lost on Wendy, the boss’s wife, who kindly offered him coffee and rustled up some sandwiches.

The file in question was not on the coffee table, as Miss Fucking Leah had indicated, neither was it in his den.

“He’s got a stack of stuff piled up in the bedroom,” she said, “Let’s go and look in there.”

It was a very sexy bedroom, almost all white, and the only things that spoiled it was a pile of old files in one corner.

“What is the file suppose to look like?” she asked, bending down so that he could see her unrestrained tits swing from side to side.

“Should be a green cover,” he replied, beginning to perspire.

She dug down in the pile for the only green one there, “Maybe this is it,” she said, opening it up to examine the contents. This was followed by a look of horror on her face as she got up from the floor and sat down on the bed with a thump.

“What’s wrong Mrs. Swanick?” he asked, as she sat there browsing through the file and shaking her head in apparent disbelief. She handed him the file that turned out to be full of photographs, better described as intimate selfies. There he was fucking Dina from the Toronto office, Serafina from Atlanta and a host of others he didn’t even recognize.

“This is too much,” she sniffled, “I knew he wasn’t perfect but this is disgusting. What human being would take photos of himself fucking other women and then have the nerve to keep them in the bedroom he shares with his wife. This is the end Woody –this is really the end.”

Just then the phone rang and she picked it up, “Oh Jeff how nice of you to call – yes we have found a file, a file of you ramming your dick into other women and do you know what I’m doing at the moment – I’m fucking your assistant and I’m going to photograph it and file it under fornication.”

She slammed down the phone and looked over at Woody who had a stunned look on his face.

“I’m sorry Woody, my mouth was working faster that my brain, I’ll phone him back, I don’t want you to lose your job.”

“Don’t worry about it – let him suffer – I’d decided to quit anyway.”

“Well I know you’re much younger than me, “she said, “And I’m perhaps not very attractive in your eyes but…”

Before she could continue he interrupted her to tell he thought she was very attractive, “I’ve always thought you had a beautiful figure and,” he paused to clear his throat, “and incredible legs.”

“Thank youpetiteWoody, at this moment in my life I needed that. Now to continue with what I was saying – as you are probably losing your job, due in some part to an imaginary fuck – if you want to turn it into reality – I`m OK with that.”

“You mean ?”

“I mean let`s get our clothes off and get down to it.”

The phone kept ringing while they were tearing off their clothes and she just disconnected it.

“Fuck him,” she yelled, “I don’t want to speak to him ever again.”

Woody took a deep breath as she slipped off her panties, the last item of clothing, and there she stood naked and incredibly beautiful. She moved over to him and slipped her arms around his neck, her bare tits were pressed up against his chest and his boner was digging into her thigh. She kissed him sweetly on the lips and then her tongue bobbed in and out of his mouth playfully.

He was breathing heavy but it got much heavier when she slipped down to the floor and just lightly flicked the end of his dick with her tongue. She kept doing that and he was tempted to try and slip it into her mouth but there was no need. Wendy just opened up her lips and then very slowly, looking up at him with her big blue eyes, slid down his entire shaft.

“O my god,” he cried out and she, knowing that she was pleasing him, went up and down, up and down, slipping her fingers around his balls at the same time. Woody’s nut sack felt as if there was something trapped inside trying to break out and when he shot his load it kept cumming and cumming, in what seemed like a never-ending stream. She didn’t back off until he gave a sigh and had obviously filled up her mouth to capacity.

Now he was anxious to return the favor and so he lifted her up by the shoulders, literally threw her on the bed then made a dive for her delicious looking nipples.

“Suck them hard for me Woody,” she called out, rubbing her hand all over his muscular shoulders. “Suck them hard.”

He didn’t need much encouragement and he licked them enthusiastically caressing them with his hands as he did so. As she moaned and groaned he let his fingers do the walking and slipped one of them gently into her wet crack. Her body went tense and she took a sharp breath and arched her back as he continued to suck and finger her at the same time.

When he slid down the bed to place his face between those beautiful legs, that he had always admired she began to tremble. But when he pulled back her lips and flicked his tongue up and down, her ass began to squirm like a Rattlesnake in heat.

Woody forced his mouth against her cunt and began to lap her pink silky folds like a big friendly dog and she responded by letting out a string of “Oh my god,” followed with “I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming.” Wendy’s petit body shook so violently her tits looked like two delicious bowls of vibrating jello. Woody couldn’t resist sucking them again and then he turned her over onto her side and slipped his dick into her from an angle while holding on to them.

“Give it to me Woody,” she called out as he began to ram it into her with considerable force. With her urging him on and talking dirty it drove him into a virtual frenzy.

Soon his balls were on the boil and he could feel his goo racing up his pipe and into her well-lubricated cavity. He yelled out loud as he gave that final thrust and she screamed and held onto him tight.

“That was so good,” she said, as they lay side by side, still breathing heavy. “I loved it, Jeff never made love to me like that.”

When the two of them had calmed down, they slipped their clothes back on and she suggested they go to the kitchen for a glass of white wine. As they sat there sipping and exchanging endearments, the door burst open and the boss came in.

“What the fuck is going on,” he cried, “Why aren’t you answering the phone.”

“That’s what’s going on,” she yelled, throwing the green file at him.

He browsed through the photos and then looked at her with a dazed expression, “What’s my brother Tom’s deplorable behavior got to do with me?”

“Your brother Tom?”

“Of course – I don’t have an ass that big.”

She took a second look and realized the man’s face was never showing, just the woman’s. It looked like Jeff’s hair, and then there was the mole on his right shoulder, so it was a natural mistake.

“This is why I fired Tom, he was fucking the entire staff and during office hours.”

“O I’m so sorry Jeff – I really am.”

He looked completely frustrated and had to sit down, “Please don’t tell me that you two have been fucking each other.”

“No we haven’ t Jeff, but as a woman who thought she’d been betrayed I was about to try and persuade your assistant here to give me a little comfort – but you were just in time,” she smiled, lifting her bare foot under the table and playfully probing Woody’s groin .

“What do you mean my assistant,” cried the much-relieved husband,

“You’re talking about my new Vice President of Marketing.”


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