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by Cristiano Caffieri

Stefan Rani was a tall, good-looking guy, with really blonde hair and Windex-blue eyes. Unlike a lot of handsome dudes, he wasn’t full of himself and didn’t consider himself God’s gift to women as some in his situation might do.

At 27 he took a job with a software company owned by a man who had many business enterprises and tended to lose interest in them after a while. In this case, he handed over the reins to his 20-year-old daughter Krista, who didn’t have a clue what she was doing. In hiring Stefan she hoped to be able to stop the decline in the company’s fortunes and save face with her dad.

Stefan liked a challenge and this seemed as though it was going to be a real big one. Most of the 12 employees were friends of Krista who had the same level of competence. As the chief engineer the only people he believed he could rely on were Jorn Kressel, an aging but absent-minded genius and Sarah Passy, a young but very bright young woman who’d somehow managed to get a job there in spite of the fact that she had no former connection with the boss.

Krista and most of her friends were glamorous, long-legged gazelle-like creatures who wore the latest fashions and flaunted their sexuality. Stefan figured he could get laid every night of the week if he desired but for the time being, he wanted to tweak the company’s products and build a reputation for them in the marketplace.

Although Krista was impressed by his resume she was determined that none of her friends would get him into bed before she did. Every time she called him into her office for a meeting she would sit away from her desk so that he had a clear view up her short skirt.

Stefan had a real problem concentrating on the business at hand with such distractions and he told her so. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing but took it as a compliment and closed her legs. However, Stefan couldn’t really take his eyes off those beautiful long smooth appendages or her tits that showed quite plainly through her sheer top.

As he had a cast iron contract for at least one year he thought he could afford to take a risk and so he asked her outright if he could fuck her.

“If we could get rid of our frustrations,” he told her, “It would make it a lot easier to concentrate on business.”

Krista did open her mouth as if she was a little shocked but she regained her composure rather quickly and on the intercom, she instructed her secretary that they were not to be disturbed for a least a couple of hours. She then slipped sensually out of her chair and informed him that she was going to take a shower first.

“I want you to be a voyeur,” she said, “I’ll leave the door open a little – OK?”

“Sure,” he replied, “If that’s what floats your boat.”

She looked at him disdainfully as if she thought he was making fun of her but as she was passing on the way to the door he grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto his lap. Their lips met in a frenzy of kisses and his hands crept all over her upper body.

Her tits felt so soft and natural and he rubbed the now erect nipples with the tips of his fingers as her hand attempted to grope his hardened cock. Her tongue, which glided in and out of his mouth, stopped suddenly and she broke his grip and stood up.

“Don’t let’s rush things we have two hours to fill,” she said and made for the bathroom door once more.

Stefan got up and followed her and stood by the door which she had left slightly ajar. Krista stood in front of the vanity mirror and began by letting her long hair down and shaking it free. She then unbuttoned her top, one button at a time quite and then slowly slipped it off revealing a beautiful pair of tits that he couldn’t wait to get his lips around.

Next, she shimmied out of her short skirt, revealing a tiny red thong and as she slipped it down her long shapely legs he caught the first glimpse of her shaved flower. Krista pretended that she was not aware of anyone spying on her and proceeded to vigorously rub her tits in the mirror. Stefan was feeling incredibly horny and would loved to have burst in on her, hoisted her up onto the vanity and rammed his dick into her cunt there and then, but as she was the boss, he thought he’d better wait for her next move.

He had to re-position himself slightly when she got into the shower so that he could see her nubile silhouette through the glass door. As she soaped herself he felt his dick pressing against his pants, anxious to get out and get on with the job, but she took her time.

After Krista had dried herself off she waltzed out of the bathroom still naked. He tried to put his arm around her but she responded by slapping his face quite hard, and then she ran across the office and dodged behind the desk. To Stefan, it looked like a case of “catch me – and you fuck me,”

Skilfully avoiding his grasp she ran from one piece of furniture to another with her tits jiggling and a look of defiance on her face. Frustrated by all the running around he decided to shed his clothes and get serious. When he kicked free of his pants Krista said “Wow” to his dick but then took off again. It was several minutes before he managed to pin her against the wall by the door to the outer office.
She struggled at first but after a while she let him suck her tits and groaned as he bit them gently. After he’d licked them, sucked them and rubbed his face all over them, Krista reached up towards two coat pegs either side of her head and grabbing them she raised up her legs to put her wet groove in line with his cock.

Stefan quickly forced his hard drive into her software and started downloading. He rammed it in hard and fast and as she strained to keep her grip on the pegs and her legs elevated. Holding tight onto her ass he kept on driving it home, causing the dividing wall to shake and the chandelier in the middle of the room to swing to and fro.

Both of their bodies were perspiring as the action got faster and faster. Krista opened her mouth as if to scream but nothing came out. Stefan was the verbal one, and as he shot his load and she climaxed at the same time he shouted, “Holy Fuck – Holy Fuck,” at the top of his voice.

Before he could even catch his breath Krista lowered her legs, let go of the clothes pegs and shoved Stefan in the chest with both hands, sending him sprawling backward onto his ass. Then she took off to the bathroom and he heard the lock click. Rubbing his ass he went over to the door and tapped lightly. “Can I come in?”

The lock clicked, and she opened it up a smidgeon.

“What do you want?” she asked in a little girl voice.

“Well – I thought we’d fool around a bit more.”

“Will you do it like a doggie,” she asked using the same annoying squeaky voice.

“If that’s what you want.”

The door opened and Krista leaned over the vanity wiggling her rather beautiful bum and begging him to ram it into her. Stefan grasped her hips, drove his throbbing cock into her hot wet pussy and started to pump away.

It was a bit weird because he could see himself and Krista in the vanity mirror. She was looking directly at him with her eyes wide open and licking her lips as he pounded her ass.

She could tell that he was about to cum by his strained expression and she urged him on, pulling all kinds of faces and giving little gasps every time his thighs collided with her rosy cheeks. It wasn’t long before his joystick began streaming and Krista pressed her face against the mirror and moved her ass backward and forwards as if not wanting it to stop.

The two of them showered together and he soaped her all over, arousing her to the point where she dropped to her knees, dug her nails into the cheeks of his bum and sucked him off in quick time. She worked up and down his shaft with those soft full lips until his head felt as though it was going to explode. When he came she took the whole lot in her mouth and stuck out her tongue to show the contents before swallowing the lot.

When they were both fully dressed, Krista casually took her place behind her desk again and got straight down to business.

“I have great hopes that you can turn this company around Stefan,” she began, “Do what you think is necessary to achieve that goal and we’ll meet like this every Wednesday afternoon – if that’s OK with you?”

As he nodded and moved towards the door she added an afterthought, “Oh – if you fuck any of the other girls in the office I want you to wear a condom – we don’t want to spread any nasty viruses.” THE END

Copyright 2013 Cristiano Caffieri

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