Eating Out in Asia

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Dick Kruger was traveling through South East Asia taking photographs for a book he’d been commissioned to do by a New York publisher. He wasn’t taking pictures of tourist spots but of little villages that were off the beaten track, their inhabitants and their way of life. In most cases, the only way to get to these places was on foot and after a couple of weeks negotiating some really tough terrain he was getting a little worn. At that point, he decided he should rest for a couple of days.

Stopping in a cute little community called Soo Khamai. It was made up mostly of bamboo houses and he asked around to see if there was some place to stay. In the end, someone who had a smidgen of English directed him to an establishment run by two young sisters.

Like the other buildings it was made of bamboo with a thatched roof, but what distinguished was a faded sign written in some script he couldn’t decipher and a sort of desk and a register outside the front door. Flicking through the pages it seemed the last guest had passed through about two years ago and so he received a very warm welcome from the two pretty proprietors.

Unfortunately, they had no English at all and just seemed to repeat everything he said. He did manage to indicate his desire for food by using hand signs and they certainly knew how to cook. Even though he was not quite sure what it was he was eating.

His room was clean with a foam rubber mattress for a bed and that was it. After his long journey, he was anxious to have a shower but he couldn’t imagine there being any actual plumbing in such a primitive building. However, when he said shower and rubbed himself all over, they both giggled and said “shower,” in unison and took him to a small hut out back.

Inside there were certainly no plumbing fixtures except for a pale hanging from the ceiling with holes in the bottom. While he was looking around to see how that was going to work out the two girls began to take off his clothes. He protested and tried to shoo them away but they just giggled and repeated his words.

Being so slender and not that tall he was afraid to push them away in case he caused them some injury and he didn’t want to insult them if this was a local custom. Consequently, he soon stood there bollock naked with the girls looking him up and down admiringly.

They signaled for him to step under the pale with holes in and then they both went outside to pick up a couple of containers of water. When they returned, displaying their small but beautiful tits and hairy muffs, he was afraid of embarrassing himself by developing a boner. He quickly covered his nether regions with his hands as one of them climbed up the steps and tipped water into the pale. Without warning the other took some soap and began to soap him all over, brushing his hands out of the way so that she could wash his cock and balls.

Naturally, with a cute naked Asian woman thoroughly washing his scrotum it was bound to get harder and harder, in spite of the water being cold. This seemed to entertain his hosts to no end.

After being rubbed down with a towel that had seen better days he picked up his clothes and return to the main building and his room. He had no idea what their names were but he decided to call them Mona and Rona, it was the best he could come up with.

It was early evening and by the light of an oil lamp he cleaned up his camera equipment and took out his satellite phone to let his publisher know where he was. After that, he was planning to sleep, and as it was hot he decided to remain in the nude. He stretched out on the mattress just as the door opened and the two girls came in all smiles and sat down beside him.

It seemed it was massage time as they were carrying two bottles of some kind of exotic oil. Rona began sliding her delicate hands over his chest and shoulders, while Mona started on the calves of his legs and worked her way up slowly. The oils had an intoxicating effect on him, it was almost as if he was in a dream.

It was TIME TO WAKE UP! when Mona’s hands reached his balls, she fondled them gently and then took his knob in hand and pulled the foreskin all the way back. Then when he thought it couldn’t possibly get any better – IT GOT BETTER!

She eased herself up, and with a beautiful, almost innocent, smile on her face she lowered herself down on it. Not to be outdone her sister turned around and sat on his face with her tight hairy crack right over his mouth.

It only seemed polite to lick it and so he set his pussy fluffer to work while reaching up and fondling her tits. Meanwhile, Mona pressed down on his hip bones with her hands and moved slowly up and down on his throbbing cock.

Dick was dying to cum and tried gyrating his ass to speed up the process but then suddenly she tapped her sister on the shoulder and they both changed places like a tag team. Frustrated as hell, his penis was twitching like the end of a Rabbit’s nose until Rona lowered her tight warm wet crack onto it. His body jerked up and down for a few moments and then as Mona lowered her muff over his mouth and he was back in a state of complete ecstasy.

Everything got more INTENSE as Rona’s cunt slid up and down his shaft. He could feel her getting more and more EXCITED and what started out as a steady pace got faster and faster. Feeling himself about to cum he grabbed on to Mona’s thighs and crushed his lips tighter and tighter to her quivering quim. His tongue was zipping up and down like a thirsty puppy and she was beginning to yell and so was her sister. When he shot his load Rona screamed and kept working it out of his pipe while Mona fell forward, her body vibrating like someone possessed. They all lay there on the floor for some time before the girls got up, both kissed him gently on the lips and waved goodnight.

The next morning he was awakened by the sun streaming through the gaps in the bamboo walls and the sound of Roosters crowing. He lay there daydreaming for a while but quickly snapped back when the door opened and he saw the two girls trying to squeeze another woman through it. She looked a bit reluctant to enter but a little extra push propelled her into the room. Precariously balancing his breakfast tray, she took a few seconds to regain her composure, and then she bowed and placed it before him.

She was a slightly older than his two hosts and had a bit more meat on her, although she was by no means fat. He was quick to notice that her tits, though covered, looked quite large, and she also had a very shapely pair of legs.

He expected her to leave right away but she squatted on the floor and watched every mouthful he took. When he’d finished she started to rub her crotch and smile, then she pointed to her tongue and then at him. From this, and a number of other signals he figured she wanted him to lick her out. It seems that news of his oral skills had spread through the community.

When he shrugged as if to say OK she dropped her sarong, lay on the floor and opened her legs. It was hardly romantic.

Although Dick had no problem with eating her out, as it seemed the polite thing to do, he first wanted to suck on her gorgeous tits. The nipples were firm and erect and when he took one into his mouth she began to whimper and squirm around. While he sucked on one he rubbed the palm of his hand on the other and she seemed to enjoy that, and when he dropped his hand down and poked one finger into her wet crack she let out a loud moan. There was giggling outside of the door and so he assumed they were being watched.

When he dropped down and put his face between her soft brown thighs she began to shake and when his fingers pried open the lips of her flower and he gave it a little poke with his tongue, she almost went ballistic. Getting himself into a comfortable position he proceeded to lick from the bottom of her crack to her clitoris. He did it slowly to tantalize her and several times she reached for his hair and pulled on it hard.

Nothing she did made him change his pace. She was groaning and moving her ass all over the place as his tongue slurped along her crevice, over and over again. When she came she screamed and flapped her arms and legs around in the most bizarre fashion.

Dick had a big hard on and he was ready to slip it into her cunt but when he tried she moved out of reach but then rolled over and took it into her mouth. With her long fingers probing his balls and his cock halfway down her throat his body felt like a firecracker, ready to go off at any time.

She worked up and down his pole slowly, tantalizing him as he had done to her. He was dying to cum but she refused to increase the pace. When he began to contort his face and grip tight on the rubber mattress, Lona, as he’d decided to call her, withdrew and rolled over on her back. Gasping for breath he quickly rammed his cock into her and pounded her pussy as the audience peering through the bamboo got excited and started to finger themselves.

When he filled her love canal up to the brim he just lay there breathing heavy. Lona bowed and left the room, leaving him hoping that he wouldn’t have to service the entire female population before nightfall. As it turned out he only had to fuck Rona and Mona several times.

The following morning he was to continue on his trip but before he could start out he was once again served breakfast in bed. This time it was the village chief who entered, carrying a tray in one hand and a machete in the other. Dick didn’t know whether he was in danger of being circumcised or severely fucked.

After putting the tray down the chief, who spoke some English, thanked him for fucking his three daughters.

“We long way from other villages,” he said, “Everybody marries cousins – that no good – you bring new blood.” The chief went on to promise that if he managed to get his daughters pregnant, they would re-name village after him.

Now thinking of it as a humanitarian mission, and quite prepared to help with the support of any offsprings, he did stay on for a few weeks of fucking and sucking – just to make sure his fish had swum the course.

Now if you look carefully on a map of South East Asia, high in the jungle covered mountains, you see a tiny village of Soo Khamai Dick. THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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