Eat Me Out

by Cristiano Caffieri

There’s an old Russian folktale about a musician and a Princess who were bathing in a lake when a thief stole their clothes. In the case of Tyler Stives and Miranda Louis, it wasn’t a lake and it wasn’t just one thief who took their clothes but it was still a traumatic experience.

It all started on a very hot day, a very, very hot day. The Dawson house which was one of the biggest in the area was always empty in the summer as the family retreated to a lodge they had in the mountains.

Tyler and Miranda lived on different floors in the same apartment building about a block from the house and they could see that pool from their balconies. Neither thought of sneaking in there for a swim until the aircon in their building broke down then the big beautiful pool with the owners away was too much of a temptation.

They didn’t make plans and take a towel with them or anything, they just sauntered past the place to make sure it was really unoccupied. Miranda arrived first and after ascertaining it was safe she climbed over the wall, stripped off her clothes and slipped into the water. Tyler arrived fifteen minutes later and as he lowered himself into the pool he didn’t see her as she was swimming underwater.

It was a bit of a shock when she popped up, and she screamed when she saw him.
“What are you doing in here?” she yelled, splashing water towards him.

“I could ask you the same question,” he yelled back.

Their conversation went no further as three young kids dropped over the wall grabbed their clothes, which included their money and their cell phones. Laughing like a bunch of banshees the kids climbed back over the wall leaving the pair standing in the water dumbfounded.

“OMG they’ve got our clothes,” she yelled as if he hadn’t witnessed the crime being committed.

“Keep calm,” he advised, although he was feeling in a state of absolute panic.

“How can I keep calm, I’m naked, how can I get back home?”

“Perhaps there’s something in the pool house that we could cover ourselves with,” he said, trying to sound optimistic.

She didn’t seem impressed but she did tell him to go and look. He was not too keen to get out of the water as his dick was shrivelled up and his testicles were as tight as a couple of golf balls. However, he did climb out trying to only show her nothing his bum.

The only thing he could see in the shed was some pool furniture and a pile of cushions. He peered out of the door and saw the top of Miranda’s head as she’d swum to that side of the pool to see what he was up to. Tyler asked her to come and have a look at what he’d found.

Whether he just wanted to see her tits or to seriously discuss how they could cover up she wasn’t certain but after a few moments of thought, she climbed out. He watched her every move and his shrivelled dick began to respond by getting stiffer and stiffer. She was absolutely fucking gorgeous. Miranda had the body of a fashion model and her shaved pussy seemed to be winking at him as she advanced toward the door.

“OK, what have you discovered?”

“There are some big cushions,” he replied.

“That’s great – we’ll look like fucking idiots walking down the street wrapped in those,”

she scowled. It was then she looked down at his dick. “OMG, what are you up to.”

Looking embarrassed he said he couldn’t help it as she was so beautiful.

“You’re a pervert.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Well you’re thinking about sex aren’t you?”

“Of course I’m always thinking about it.”

“Well if you can get us out of this jam I might let you fuck me.”


She looked at him a bit suspiciously before saying “promise.” Tyler intended to fuck her and so he set to work engineering a way to get them back to their building without exposing their interesting parts. He’d found an old knife on a shelf and proceeded to cut the threads on one of the chez lounge cushions and then he took out the foam, cut away enough for the head and arms to protrude at the other end and it was like a big Moo Moo.

Miranda was impressed and soon they were both outfitted in their striped garb and attracting quite a bit of attention as they walked down the street. He wasn’t aware they lived in the same building until they were halfway toward their destination. When they got to the main door she just said, “we can go to my suite if you like.”

Once inside her studio apartment, she wiggled out of her Moo Moo and so did he. They kissed, tongue wrestled for a while and then she lay on the bed and in an almost commanding tone she said, “Eat me out.”

He was eager to obey and even though it tasted a bit like chlorine it didn’t deter him from licking her clit and nibbling on her lips.

“Make me cum Tyler,” she pleaded, as he kept flicking his tongue up and down her crack and stretching his arms to fondle her tits.

She opened her legs wider and threw her arms back as he crushed his mouth tight against her soft velvet labia. Her body soon began to shake as if there was an earthquake.

“Holy fucking fuck,” she yelled as she went into an almost hysterical orgasm. When she’d calmed down she twisted her body around until she could get his cock in her mouth. She held the end between her lips and worked her hand up and down as if she was jerking him off.

Miranda was a bit hard on his balls as she squeezed and pulled on them but he was not going to complain. When he was about to cum he warned her but she just took the whole thing into her mouth and sucked him dry.

In spite of the beating it had taken, his dick was still ready for action. He turned her beautiful slender body over and with her ass in the air he stood at the foot of the bed and rammed his throbbing cock in to it. Soon he was bouncing off her beautiful round bum as her tits were swinging like two pendulums. When he shot his load she screamed and urged him to keep doing it but he withdrew after a few strokes and lay beside her on the bed. Both their bodies were glistening with perspiration and he leaned over and licked some of it off her tits. At that moment the air conditioner came back on.

“Do you realise if that had have been fixed an hour ago we wouldn’t have met at that pool and fucked each other’s brains out,” she smiled.

“Why don’t we go back tomorrow, hide our clothes somewhere and have sex in the pool.”

“But your cum will end up floating on top of the water.”

“Not if we stay attached to each other when we climb out.”

“An interesting thought,” she said,“ why don’t you slip it in me now and we’ll see if we can walk around the room together.”

It was a good idea in theory but it soon went horribly wrong and they both fell over and ended up on the floor. As luck would have it he fell on top of her and it was too good of an opportunity to miss so he rammed it back into her snatch and pounded her cunt until she cried for mercy.

“You’re too much for me to handle,” she said. as she licked the drippings off the end of his dick, “but I guess I’ll get used to it.” THE END

Copyright 2019 Cristiano Caffieri

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