Cum on the Water

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by Cristiano Caffieri

There’s an old Russian folktale about a musician and a Princess who were bathing in a lake when a thief stole their clothes. In the case of Tyler Stives and Miranda Louis, it wasn’t a lake and it wasn’t just one thief who took their clothes but it was still a traumatic experience.

It all started on a very hot day, a very, very hot day. The Dawson house which was one of the biggest in the area was always empty in the summer as the family retreated to a lodge they had in the mountains.

Tyler and Miranda lived on different floors in the same apartment building about a block from the house and they could see that pool from their balconies. Neither thought of sneaking in there for a swim until the air-conditioning in their building broke down then the big beautiful pool with the owners away was too much of a temptation.

They didn’t make plans and take a towel with them or anything, they just sauntered past the place to make sure it was really unoccupied. Miranda arrived first and after ascertaining it was safe she climbed over the wall, stripped off her clothes and slipped into the water. Tyler arrived fifteen minutes later and as he lowered himself into the pool he didn’t see her as she was swimming underwater.

It was a bit of a shock when she popped up, and she screamed when she saw him.

“What are you doing in here?” she yelled, splashing water towards him.
“I could ask you the same question,” he yelled back.

Their conversation went no further as three young kids dropped over the wall grabbed their clothes, which included their money and their cell phones.
Laughing like a bunch of banshees climbed back over the wall leaving the pair standing in the water dumbfounded.

“OMG they’ve got our clothes,” she yelled as if he hadn’t witnessed the crime being committed.

“Keep calm,” he advised, although he was feeling in a state of absolute panic.

“How can I keep calm, I’m naked, how can I get back home?”

“Perhaps there’s something in the pool house that we could cover ourselves with,” he said, trying to sound optimistic.

She didn’t seem impressed but she did tell him to go and look. He was not too keen to get out of the water as his dick was shrivelled up and his testicles were as tight as a couple of golf balls. However, he did climb out trying to only show her nothing but his bum.

The only thing he could see in the shed was some pool furniture and a pile of cushions. He peered out of the door and saw the top of Miranda’s head as she’d swum to that side of the pool to see what he was up to. Tyler asked her to come and have a look at what he’d found.

Whether he just wanted to see her tits or to seriously discuss how they could cover up she wasn’t certain but after a few moments of thought, she climbed out. He watched her every move and his shrivelled dick began to respond by getting stiffer and stiffer. She was absolutely fucking gorgeous. Miranda had a body to die for and her shaved pussy seemed to be winking at him as she advanced toward the door.

“OK, what have you discovered?”

“There are some big cushions,” he replied.

“That’s great – we’ll look like fucking idiots walking down the street wrapped in those,” she scowled.

“We could wait until it gets dark.”

“And I suppose the city council will switch the street lightening off for us.”
“Come on – the lightening is fucking terrible on Fallingbrook.”

She thought for a minute and decided the cushions might be their only way out. They were large and if they pretended they were just carrying them and stayed close to each other passerby might imagine they were wearing bathing suits.
“OK,” she sighed, but what do we do for the next couple of hours?”

“It’s still hot, we could go back in the pool.”

“We could but I’m not going to climb back in while you’ve got a hard on.”

“Don’t worry about that – when it hits the water it will shrivel up again and become completely harmless.”

I’d feel safer swimming with a big white shark,” she said.

“Look, I’m going to ask you a question, it’s a bit personal and I hope you won’t be offended.”

She sat down on one of the piles of cushions and told him to go ahead.

“Have you had sex with a man?” he inquired, pretending to be embarrassed by asking the question.

“Of course.”

“Was he any better looking than me?”

“Much better,” she replied and then she began to giggle at the expression on his face, “OK let’s say you are better looking than my last boyfriend.”

“Then why don’t we fuck each other and get it over with then we can go back in the pool and enjoy ourselves.”

“You’re completely crazy – you do know that don’t you?”

“I know that,” he said, reaching out to touch her long shiny wet hair. She didn’t move and when he knelt down between her knees she didn’t panic.

Very gently he reached forward and kissed one tit and then the other. In response she ran her fingers across his broad shoulders, and then jerked them away as his lips latched onto a nipple and started sucking.

“I don’t know if we should be doing this.” she gasped.

He responded by stopping and looking into her eyes almost pleadingly. Miranda started to finger his shoulders again, then swallowed and said, “Keep sucking.”
There was a little taste of chlorine but he didn’t mind that one bit as he continued to suck, flick them gently with his tongue and trace the crowns with his finger tip. When his hand made its way up her thigh she started to tremble a little and when he started to explore her tight little crack she grabbed onto his head and kissed him passionately.

Tyler lay her back, opened up her thighs and crushed his mouth against the lips of her pussy. Once again she started to tremble and when he began to give her a tongue lashing, groping onto her tits at the same time. She just when berserk and breathlessly called out,

“O my god, I’m cumming,” and her ass bounced up and down on the cushion rubbing her pink folds against his face.

His dick was now so hard it was painful and he quickly re-positioned her and drove into her as far as it would go. He paused and looked down at her lovely face, as she whispered “fuck me Tyler, please, fuck me.”

He wanted it to last but he was desperate to cum and so he rammed it into her petite body with powerful thrusts. When he felt his batter moving up his pipe he went faster and faster until he shot his load. With her slender legs wrapped around him his back he rolled around on the cushion kissing her and squeezing that last drop into her hole.

“Wow, that was something else,” she gasped, “I’m not sure I can go back in the pool because I’m holding a load of your cum. I don’t want it to start floating on the surface,”

“Don’t worry about that,” he said, “I’m going to let you give me a blow job under water and some of that bound to surface.”

“I’ve never done that before – I’m not sure it can be done.”

“Well we should at least give it a try.”

They both ran and jumped into the water. Grabbing onto his dick she tried to suck it but it was difficult and so he had to float on his back while she positioned herself between his legs and took almost all of it into her mouth. Not wanting to mess up the pool, when he came she swallowed the lot.

Eventually, carrying a big cushion either side of them they tried to be as inconspicuous as possible as they walked back to their building. By the time they entered the vestibule she was giggling uncontrollably. He joined in for a few moments but then he suddenly went serious,

“Holy shit – those kids got my key – I can’t get into my apartment,” he yelled, “those little bastards.”

“Don’t worry, you can sleep with me tonight I have a key hidden in a secret place.

“I guess those kids weren’t really so bad after all,” he smiled.

He never did tell her he had a key hidden too it could have spoilt the mood. THE END

Copyright 2019 Cristiano Caffieri

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