Dying for a Good Fuck

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Derk Van der Broek worked the Canadian oil fields in Northern Alberta. Because of a housing shortage in the area, he was compelled share an apartment. He couldn’t really complain as his roommate happened to be a very attractive girl named Aime. They agreed that their relationship should be purely platonic and boundaries were established. He tried many times to break down her resistance but she just didn’t seem to find him attractive.

He found her to be irresistible, which resulted in him getting a boner every time he looked at her. Aime was quite tall and slim with long shapely legs and a great pair of perky tits that he couldn’t wait to get his mouth around. However, no matter what he tried, in an attempt to win her over, the response was always the same – no interest. This made him really frustrated and although he was not normally a devious kind of guy one day he decided that all was fair in love and war and he hatched a dastardly plan.

One Thursday he didn’t go to work as usually, instead, he spruced himself up and told Aime that he was going for a doctor’s appointment. The following week he did the same thing but said he had an appointment with a specialist. In each case, he made sure that she was aware of what was happening.

The third time, he said it was another doctor’s appointment and he came back looking all sad and dejected. She’d cooked up a really nice meal and offered him some but he shook his head and just flopped in an armchair.

Derk had never mentioned what his ailment was supposed to be and Aime didn’t want to seem curious but after a while, she stopped eating and asked,

“How was the doctor’s appointment?”

“Terrible,” he replied, “Absolutely terrible.”

He looked so sad Aime moved over and sat on the arm of his chair, “Do you want to talk about it?”

Derk gave a big sigh, “He say’s I probably only have three months to live.”

“My God, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s something that I was born with apparently and there’s no known cure – or even any kind of treatment.”

Aime put her arms around his shoulders and hugged him, “I’m so sorry.”

“I wouldn’t mind so much,” said Derk, “But I’m twenty-three and I’ve never had sex with a woman.”

She sat back a little, finding this story hard to believe but his expression was so convincing that she soon put her arms around him again and squeezed him tight.

As she was sitting on the arm leaning down on him he could feel her tits pressing against the side of his face and his dick was beginning to respond accordingly.

“I can’t believe that you’ve never had sex at 23,” she said.

“Women have never been attracted to me that way,” he sniffled, “Now it’s never going to happen – never.”

Aime slipped from the arm on to his lap. “I find you quite attractive,” she smiled, trying to cheer him up.

“You’re just saying that because I’m dying, ”he mumbled, shaking his head like a forlorn puppy.

“I’ll have sex with you to prove it,” said Aime.

Derk wanted to leap out of the chair and shout “Yippee,” but he knew he had to control himself if he wanted to stay believable.

Aime stood up, took his hand and suggested they should go to her bedroom. He followed her, murmuring about what a good person she was and also adding that she would have to show him the ropes as this was his first experience.

Trying to look shy and completely naive he took his clothes off slowly, whereas Aime slipped hers off in a flash. A couple of times he’d caught around the apartment in her underwear but in the flesh, she was even more beautiful. She had an hour glass figure, soft creamy white skin and her pussy was not shaved but just trimmed down a little. It took his breath away.

Aime stood waiting patiently for him to take off his clothes and when he dropped his pants she couldn’t believe how thick his dick was – it was really a thick one.

She blew a little air with her lips thinking she was going to have trouble getting it into her mouth. However, she dropped to her knees and gave it a try. It stretched her lips to the limit but she managed it and thought it tasted rather good.

Derk made a few more noises than usual as he thought she might expect that from a virgin. Then he grasped hold of her hair and began to move in and out of her mouth at the same time.

Aime didn’t want him to come yet and so she stopped, stood up, gave him a long passionate kiss and then pulled him on top of her on the bed. This was the moment he’d been waiting for and opportunity to suck those beautiful erect nipples. It felt great and Aime responded to his sucking with a few noises of her own.

As he sucked he rubbed the underside if her tits and ran his finger ends around the crowns. She loved it, and when he slid down the bed and knelt with his face between her legs she started to tremble with anticipation as if she herself were a virgin.

Derk grasped her long smooth legs and pulled her gently towards him until his tongue was able to flick the lips of her pussy. She began to take deep breaths as he worked up and down her moist groove and then sideways, and then up and down again. Aime was in a state of ecstasy.

As he moved his tongue around he moved one finger up under his chin and inserted it in the silky part of her petals and moved it around. Aime arched her back and started to really groan out loud. Her body was now shaking and he knew she was about to cum, he moved her petals further apart and increased the speed of his tongue until it felt like a Hummingbird’s wing.

To say that Aime had a massive orgasm would be an understatement. She literally went berserk and she began to beg him to shove that thick dick into her.

Derk stood up and pulled her towards him until it penetrated her pussy deep and wide. Aime gasped and threw her arms back across the bed. He started off slowly thrusting it in and then almost pulling it out. She began to cry out “fuck me, Derk – fuck me – please fuck me.”

Now he began to pound it in and out with all the strength he could muster. It felt so good to be inside of her and he desperately wanted to cum. As she urged him on he kept ramming it in and out with ever increasing speed and force. Aime was slapping the surface of the bed with her hands as she felt him shoot his load. Derk kept thrusting it in and out getting rid of every drop and wishing he could stay deep inside of that hot wet pussy for the rest of the night.

Aime seemed unable to believe what had happened and as she lay there catching her breath she was in for yet another surprise. He picked her up off of the bed and carried her across the room and down the hallway to the shower. She couldn’t help giggling as he trotted with his hand up her crotch and her tits rubbing against his back.

Like the perfect gentleman he ran the shower and when it was the right temperature he guided her into the cabinet and with his hands, he washed her body from top to toe. Aime loved the feel of his hands swirling over her skin, it gave her a kind of pins and needles sensation.

She wasn’t going to let him have all the fun though and she proceeded to soap him all over, paying particular attention to that big thick dick. Seemingly obsesses with its massive dimensions, she kept on going up and down it with her soapy hands. He was just afraid he’d cum if she continued and that was not part of his plan.

Derk broke her grasp and grabbed her by the shoulders, he then turned her around bent her over and drove it in from behind. The water was still running as he began to bounce off of her wet ass. His arms went around her to grasp her tits and she shoved back as if she wanted to take advantage of every inch of what he’d got to offer.

As his balls were bouncing against her he felt her body start to shake and he increased the pace so that they could cum at the same time. It was hard to stand up on the wet floor as he shot his load and Aime clawed the wall in front of her as if she was in pain. They both ended up sitting on the floor of the shower and continued to let it rain down on them as they held each other and kissed.

Wiping the water from her brow Aime turned towards him with a quizzical look on her face.

“You’re full of shit,” she said, “You’re not a virgin.”

“Not now he,” grinned.

“Don’t try to snow job me – you weren’t a virgin before we started and you’ve probably not been one for a fucking long time.

Figuring he’d been caught out he hung his head a little and he admitted he’d faked it.

“And I suppose you’re not dying either.”

“No I’m not,” he replied sheepishly.

Aime raised herself up a bit and lowered herself on to his dick, that had also raised up a bit. She wrapped her long legs around him a gave him a big sloppy kiss. “Derk van der Broek,” she said, “I’m going to punish you for deceiving me,” and she began to bounce up and down on it. “I’m going to keep doing this,” she continued breathlessly, “Until you promise not to ever deceive me again.”

Even though he was being subjected to the ultimate torture he refused to capitulate for at least thirty minutes and then he only did it because he needed to pee.


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