Doing it Yoga Style

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Frank Templemead was 45 year old marriage counsellor who, in spite of his job, was still single. His girlfriend, a 40 year old, rather reserved school teacher, with whom he slept most week-ends, had always sort of satisfied him sexually but he felt there was something lacking.

He didn’t want to be disloyal to his lady friend but when he listened to his clients talking about their sex lives he began to feel quite out of touch with today’s sexuality and decided he needed more experience to be a better lover and more effective counselor. Enter Celestine Camarillo.

Celestine was a 20 year yoga instructor who was having some problems with her own relationship. Whereas most of Frank’s consultations were with both parties in the conflict, she turned up on her own after her live in partner refused to attend.

She was black and she was drop dead gorgeous and as she sat there in her mini skirt and tank top his powers of concentration seemed to be diminished. However, he did grasp enough of her problem to see that in many respects it mirrored his own.

Soon the conversation turned into something you might hear between two people discussing their marriages at the hairdresser. When the clock chimed twelve he invited her for lunch, where they continued their very intimate conversation.

Celestine seemed very taken with Frank in spite of the age difference and asked him if he could come down to her Yoga club that evening and they’d talk more after her sessions ended. Around nine o’clock he arrived as the last of her students were leaving.

“I’ve got to take a shower – I’m so sweaty,” she said, “Come and talk to me in the changing room it won’t take many minutes.”

He was a little apprehensive of going into the ladies locker room in case someone came in but she explained that there was no one there except the two of them, and she locked the outside door just to make him feel comfortable. Frank sat down on a bench chatting away about this and that and when he looked up she was completely naked.

“O” he spluttered, not quite knowing where to turn his head.

“I’m sorry if I gave you a shock,” she laughed, “It’s just that I’m so used to changing with a room full of women I didn’t think.”

Celestine’s body was just about as perfect as you could get. She was slender, long legged and had adorable perky tits. His dick hardened up in no time and she noticed him grimacing as it pressed against his pants.

He looked a little embarrassed as he sat there trying to cover it up and she saw this and so she slipped her ass down beside him.

“Does it feel uncomfortable,” she asked, as if she was talking to a little boy, stroking it gently up and down.

Poor Frank swallowed, “Yes it does a bit.”

“I’d like to help you to get that down but I have a boyfriend, in your professional opinion – would it make me unfaithful if I took out your cock and sucked it dry?”

He smiled, “I think if we could consider this a medical emergency and would be no more that given mouth to mouth resuscitation to a stranger having a heart attack.”

She paused as if she was thinking, “I tend to agree with you Frank, slip you pants off and let the doctor take a look at the problem. He stood up and let his pants and underwear drop to the floor.

Celestine grabbed his bum and turned him around so that his dick was pointing straight at her. “It looks in very good condition,” she said, pulling the foreskin back very gently, “Would you mind if I tasted it to see if it has the right flavor.”

Frank was so tense he could hardly say yes, he was dying for her to put it in her mouth but she was in no hurry. Even when he nodded his agreement she started to probe his balls as if she’d lost interest and then without warning she suddenly plunged it into her mouth. He almost sucked all the air out of the room and then she withdrew it completely and plunged it in all over again. She did this several times and it was frustrating as he had a strong desire to cum, in her mouth if possible, but she just kept playing around.

When she dropped to her knees to get a better position she began to slip up and down his cock squeezing it gently with her fingers as she did so. It really didn’t take long before Frank’s balls went on the boil and he warned her that he was about to cum. He was a little disappointed that she took it out of her mouth but she worked it skillfully with her hand until it shot out all over her face. She laughed as it dripped of the end of her noise and onto her awaiting tongue.

He wanted desperately to suck those cone shaped tits but she stood up, took him by the hand and said, “Let’s take a shower together.”

Casting off the rest of his clothes as he walked behind her they were soon in the cabinet where she took the lead and began to lather him down with a sponge. She washed around his balls, peeled back the skin to make sure his dick was clean and even scoured the crack of his bun. When it was his turn with the sponge he first concentrated on those lovely tits going over them again and again and when she opened up her legs for him he lathered her crack slowly and thoroughly.

Drying off they walked out into the little sitting area where they first paused for a kiss and then she said she was going to do a Yoga move, “It’s sort of a Salamba Sirsasana,” she said and went into a position something like standing on her head, “And now I’m going to open my legs a little so that you can get your face between my thighs.”

Wow – this was really something new and a little kinky – and he loved it. He moved up behind her, bent over and pressed his face between her legs, then he began to explore the folds of her cunt with his tongue. Even though her head was at floor level he could hear her moan faintly and as he started to lick her slit from bottom to top like a well trained lap dog. In response she cried out and spread her legs wider so that he could crush his mouth further into her wet crack.

He sucked and licked with such enthusiasm it was if he’d never tasted lubricated pussy lips before. Soon he could feel her ass starting to tremble and then she yelled at the top of her voice and closed her legs on his head like a vice. At this point Frank lost his balance and they both ended up sprawled across the floor.

Celestine put her arms around him and kissed him, “That was lovely,” she said, “No – it was wonderful – how about fucking me in a yoga position.”
It was all new to him and so he said he’d leave it up to her.

“Perhaps we could try a Karnapidasana,” she said, and then proceeded to contort her body with her ass sticking up in the air. Frank stood with his feet either side of her legs that lay flat on the mat and he lined up his throbbing knob so as not to get the wrong hole and he drove it in, holding onto her raised bum so that she would not be propelled across the floor.

He’d never done anything like this in his life before but it felt fantastic. He kept driving into her love tunnel with forceful strokes until she was crying, “It is so fucking good Frank, so fucking good.”

When his balls began to tingle he knew that he was about to come and when he did shoot his load she screamed out, “O Fuck,” and he let out a loud groan like a rutting stag.

As they sat on the mat together he told her it had been a wonderful experience for him but he told her he had one regret.
“What’s that?” she asked, with a quizzical look on her face.

“I never got the chance to suck your tits,” he said.

“Go on then,” she laughed and she leaned over him and dangled them in his face. He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked, fondling the other breast with his hand. It felt really good and Celestine kept giving out deep sighs as if she wanted him to go on and on but then she moved back and out of his reach,

“You’re making me horny all over again,” she told him, “It’s late – we should be getting home.”

As they were walking out of the door he was feeling a little sad, thinking that this might be the first and last time he would make love to this beautiful young lady. But then she surprised him, “Would you consider being my fuck buddy Frank?” she asked, taking his arm and snuggling up to him.

Instead of saying anything he just stopped right there in the street and kissed her. That’s all she needed – she knew the answer.

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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